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Asahi Pentax Super Takumar 24mm F3.5 screw mount M42

Robert Reiss , Jun 30, 2004; 12:02 a.m.

A mint specimen of an Asahi Pentax Super Takumar 24mm F3.5 screw mount/M42 lens sold today on a well known auction site for $242.50. This amount is about double what I would expect to pay. Am I off base? I was thinking about using it with the appropriate adapter with my eos system, but at that price I would be just as well off buying an eos lens.


Pablo Coronel , Jun 30, 2004; 08:56 a.m.

$242.50 is about 4 times what I'd expect to pay. And I have one of those, still in the box !

Jonathan Stark , Jun 30, 2004; 12:27 p.m.

If you think that's bad, try buying the 20mm/f4.5 Super Takumar! I could see that price for a mint 24mm - I've seen them come near that on eBay before, particularly if they have the shade, caps, case etc. too. A few weeks ago I looked at one at a camera show for $225. I put it back, cause the diaphragm was slow and gummed up - a very common problem with Takumars.

A more common (IMHO) wide for M42 are the 20/2.8 and 20/4.0 Zeiss Jena Flektogons. They tend to run a little less. But I don't know of any extreme wide for M42 that's worth having that comes at bargain prices. Guys like me who still shoot Spotmatics tend to keep the prices up.

www.kevincameras.com has some esoteric stuff (including a 20mm Super Tak for over $300) but no 24mm Takumars at the moment. They're just not that common.

Anthony Oresteen , Jun 30, 2004; 01:39 p.m.

I had an ST 24mm. Compared to the Vivitar 24mm f/2.8 and the Vivitar 24mm f/2, the Vivitar 24mm f/2.8 was the best (I still have it). Light fall off drom the ST didn't go away until f/8; The Vivitar it goes away at f/4 1/2.

I kept the shade fron the 24mm ST as it fits my Vivitar 24mm f/2.8 perfectly.

D Colucci , Jun 30, 2004; 06:21 p.m.

a little OT, but the Canon FDn 24mm 2.8 lens is selling for dirt cheap money on ebay - $ 75-100 and from F5.6 to F16, it is superb ( need to use a hood though ).


Robert Reiss , Jun 30, 2004; 07:25 p.m.

O.K. Pablo, I'll buy yours for $60.63!;)

Ted White , Oct 30, 2004; 09:04 p.m.

I had a 20mm f:4.5 super takumar and it wasn't sharp on the edges, so mostly I used my 28mm. I never could find a 24mm, but the price sounds outrageous. As a comparison to another very good screwmount, I just picked up a beautiful, like new, 135mm f:2.5 on ebay for $25.00 plus six bucks shipping. Go figure.

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