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photo.net Gallery Photo Posting Guidelines

Photo Format and Size

Photographs uploaded to the photo.net Gallery should be JPEG images less than 1024 pixels in the long dimension. You will not be prevented from uploading images larger than this, but be aware that this will result in most of the viewers of the image having to scroll. photo.net will create a small thumbnail for your image, which is not charged against your quota. If your image is large, either in dimensions or in file size, photo.net may create a smaller file and display this by default. This "medium" view will also not be charged against your quota, and viewers will generally be able to request your original file, if it is not displayed by default. If you upload a file that is very large, we reserve the right to serve only the "medium" view and not to make your original available.

Number of Photos You May Upload

Photo.net has established the following quotas on the number of images that you may upload to your Gallery portfolio.

  • For Trial/Guest Members (that is, non-subscribers), photo.net provides free space for Gallery photos, mainly so that you can participate in the Photo Critique Forum. Your free quota is 5 images, plus an "extra" allowance of images based on your participation and how popular your images are. The computation of the number of extra images will be done periodically by photo.net and may fluctuate, up or down, without notice. If you are relying on this "extra" allowance to keep images in your portfolio, you should check from time to time whether your quota has changed in order to avoid being over-quota. We don't disclose the method we use for determining the "extra" allowance.
  • For Subscribers, there is no quota. Subscribers may upload as many photos as they wish.

Over-Quota Images

The quotas are "soft", in that the software will generally allow you to upload somewhat more photos than your quota. You may also find yourself over quota because your photo.net subscription has expired, or your purchased extra quota has expired, or the quotas were instituted or changed after you uploaded your photos. Your photos will not necessarily be deleted. However, if you are over quota, photo.net reserves the right to delete photos in your portfolio until you are within your quota. We will select the photos according to criteria we deem appropriate, and the deleted photos will not necessarily be the most recently-added ones that caused you to go over quota. For example, we might decide to delete your oldest images, or the ones that seem the least popular based on their ratings and other factors. We will attempt to notify you if possible before deleting your photos that are over-quota, but we do not assume any obligation to do so.

Bandwidth Limitations and Availability

The bandwdith limit for subscribers is 20 Gigabytes per month. photo.net reserves the right to alter this limit at any time without notice.

photo.net is generally available 24 hours per day 7 days per week, However, the system is down occasionally for maintenance or due to system or network problems, typically a few hours per month. We do not guarantee that your photos will be available on the Internet at any particular time.

Image Hosting to other Web Sites

Photos uploaded to photo.net are intended to be viewed on photo.net. However, if you are a subscriber, you are permitted to put the URL to your images on photo.net into pages and postings on other web sites, such as blogs, personal sites, other forums, etc. In effect, this means that photo.net will be paying for the bandwidth for serving your images in connection with web sites other than photo.net. So far, we have not imposed any bandwidth limitations on this feature, but we reserve the right to do so. Non-subscribers do not enjoy this feature, and accesses from external sites to their photos is frequently blocked, without notice. A few external sites have especially abused our image hosting in the past, as well as violating the copyright of our members' images, and external access from those sites to images on photo.net, including subscriber images, has been completely blocked.

Loss of Images

Photos uploaded to photo.net are backed up continuously, but we assume no liability for photos that are deleted or lost due to mishap, error, or disaster, whether or not we are at fault. The photo.net Gallery is a photo exhibition service, not an archiving and storage service. Accordingly, you should maintain your own backup copies of all images uploaded to photo.net, and should not rely on photo.net for safe-keeping of images.