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digitri - , November 06, 2003; 06:02 A.M.

Outstanding work!

Very beautiful, special and original portfolio.

I find most of your images perfectly lit, immaculately composed and professionally executed.

J C , November 12, 2003; 08:28 P.M.


Ken, I haven't been to active here lately, got some other stuff going on. But stopped by to see what you have been up to. I must say, your body of work displayed here is top of the line stuff. congrates on getting the "look" everybody strives for. Great stuff Jim Christensen

Ricardo Tavares , November 26, 2003; 09:40 A.M.

Hi Ken. You have some obsession for eggs right? loll (just joking) I love you work. You're a pro. Great Job.

Landrum Kelly , December 08, 2003; 10:54 P.M.

Ken, this is a wonderful portfolio. You manage to make all of your photos so clean and crisp and elegantly simple, as if they had all been done in a studio--but most are not, and that is what makes them all the more astonishing.

Larry Magnes , December 10, 2003; 10:22 A.M.


Mary Watkins , December 28, 2003; 01:59 P.M.

If I commented on each of your photo's individually my reaction is exactly the same; stunning!

kristin morales , January 13, 2004; 07:15 P.M.


Your work stands on its own. Amazing creativity here...would love to have you share your talent with the kids I teach at the Y!

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY , February 01, 2004; 09:42 A.M.

Wonderful portfolio, images are stunning! Nice job!

Hugh Hill , February 10, 2004; 11:50 P.M.

Och' yer a braw brite yin & a big yin tae!


Bente D.-Nielsen , February 11, 2004; 04:33 A.M.

Today is the 11th of February ... some kind of a special day. (-;.... First photo of yours I remember I took notice of was the one with the nailed egg (gosh ... won't tell you here of my first thoughts when I saw that one) but my interest for your photos grew very much. I know you consider having fun and the interacting as very important but you can't hide that you at the same time are very serious when you are working. In some of the photos I see so much love and tenderness ... To use your own words: it is not only in front of the camera something is going on .. it is also behind the camera (special moments)… and I guess something is going on every time you “shoot”. However I miss one special photo here in your portfolio .. and now you can wonder on which one that can be (-; ( one you have removed). To make it short : you are a photographer knowing what you want to present and how to present it. And it is always a pleasure to look at your photos.

Linda Keagle , February 11, 2004; 07:39 A.M.


Black sheep can produce some of the finest work.

Ken, your portfolio reminds me of this quote by Edward Weston...."Anything that excites me for any reason, I will photograph; not searching for unusual subject matter, but making the commonplace unusual." [from The Tao of Photography]

Ken Williams ... , February 11, 2004; 09:24 P.M.

2-11-04 ............. I must appologize - only recently did I even know comments could be left here ....... Thank you all very much for taking the time .... a humbling experience for sure.

W. Roger Keagle Jr. , February 16, 2004; 02:50 P.M.


Funny old world, a fellow from Oz can tell a Texan that he has seen his work, and survived. Never having met but having a kindred spirit, under one banner....photography !

Ken, you truly "Paint with Light" Not by the book or any of that rot, but from your big fat colesteral laden heart. You may have a lone star on your flag, but the true stars are beings like you that make Texas great! From the "Pan Handle" to the Gulf, a Great place to be from eh ? "Shucks Ma'm, you must be the new school marm ? Ken, what the hell IS a marm ?????? I gots ta know Was it five or six, punk......(How much for the whole darn thing, could use them in my folio here in Oz, struth)..Note to your self to print up some more of that funny Yankee Green stuff..*R*

Ken Williams ... , February 16, 2004; 07:55 P.M.

Kind words from a unique soul .............

<a marm is a virgin shelia> ...... (-;

David Cochran , February 16, 2004; 10:48 P.M.


I can only say one thing, Your work truly inspires. I envy your moments while you cojure up these wonderful images, I envy your process in acquiring them and I envy the moment you see them done. Thanks Ken, realy....

Bente D.-Nielsen , February 17, 2004; 03:46 A.M.

K..... your portfolio is completed now................ (-;

W. Roger Keagle Jr. , February 18, 2004; 01:01 A.M.

Ken.........My Wish for You !

May an Oral Fixate Marm fall into your life, if even for a day.....then get back to work, ya mongrel ! *R*

Darko Kordovan , February 21, 2004; 03:57 A.M.

jesus christe,ken.you really have beautifull stuff there.i admire your work.something special and ethernal.wow.

Tim Holte , February 27, 2004; 07:54 P.M.

Just because I really like your work and think that you are one funny, talented guy -- it does'nt mean I'm a groupie OK?

Ken Williams ... , February 28, 2004; 11:08 P.M.

k ................... sol

Nicolas Daudin , March 04, 2004; 07:53 P.M.

You have a great talent

Ray Rodenburgh , March 20, 2004; 09:31 A.M.


I love your creative slant as well as your technical abilities. Truly inspiring portfolio!

anne knes , March 21, 2004; 03:53 P.M.

Fantastic works are beautiful for the soul to see your pictures, some really impeccable colors and some surprising B&N, thank you for your gift. kisses anne...

Rachael Jane , March 28, 2004; 03:36 P.M.

Thank you for your rating and helping me to find your portfolio. It is simply amazing!!!!

Christos Stavrou , April 08, 2004; 06:04 A.M.

Very very g00d

it is a great pleasure to look at your photos! i particularly like your b&w folder

Kate Temple-Taylor , April 12, 2004; 07:28 P.M.

I simply can't think of anything original to say that hasn't already been said above so I guess I'll just say that your work is totally brilliant and you have now gone to the top of my favourites

Michael McCloud , June 06, 2004; 07:20 P.M.

When I loose my composure, and frames fall apart, I come here. Very nice portfolio.

Terry Butler , June 14, 2004; 09:29 P.M.

Words fail me...

Well almost! You have a fantastic collection of pictures. Superb work.

Pradeep Raghunathan , June 16, 2004; 01:24 P.M.

eggcellent :)

this is an eggcellent portfolio, looks like u are fascinated by the egg. every single photo is great in this gallery, the only place i think i am better is the shot of the denim ;) my denim shot is better, but other than that, u beat me fair and square, or should i say fair and oval (egg)?? hee hee, cheers and happy shooting!

Simanta Datta , June 25, 2004; 11:37 A.M.

..And Nothing more.

I ain't got much to add to your portfolio comments, cause everything has been told already. PLus, I am not educated enough to comment your work either. I am writing this out just to let you know I am a big fan of each of your photos..You're one of the best I have seen so far..

Bob Kurt , July 12, 2004; 01:21 A.M.

You have an impressive folder

Tuhin Saha , July 24, 2004; 01:50 P.M.

Great portfolio , very...

creative ,best wishes

Ken Williams ... , July 27, 2004; 08:33 P.M.

Thank you all for the kind words and for taking the time ...


Christopher Appoldt , August 11, 2004; 11:17 P.M.

Magnificent portfolio - truly original and breath-taking shots. . . glad to have found my way here.

Jos Van Poederooyen , August 22, 2004; 10:09 P.M.

Wowzer Dowzer...great stuff, I'm thinking I'll mosie on by now and agin' to to do some learnin'. Truly fabulous and visually stimulating portfolio Ken!!!

Umit Altun , August 28, 2004; 02:25 A.M.

Impressive and Unique!!!


Your portfolio is completely wonderful and very impressive!!! Cheers!!! and best regards...

Vu Mai , September 20, 2004; 01:53 A.M.

I find that your photos are some of the finest at this site. The fact that you use film as a media further enhances their values. Your professionalism serves as a great inspiration for an amateur like myself. Thank you for sharing.

Ektor Coughanour , September 21, 2004; 01:31 A.M.


Your portfolios its full of Art!!!...Congratulations!!!

Heather Flaherty , September 22, 2004; 01:54 A.M.

I Love all your work. I Love the warm, muted colors of your "barn" staged photos. But, I am SO INSPIRED by your Landscape photos. I want to move so I can wake up to a world where the opportunity to see those scenes are a regular part of my existence. BREAtHTAKING!!!

Wim Ipenburg , November 03, 2004; 11:00 A.M.

Ken, I follow You sometimes since a vew month. Your portfolio is growing fast but your quality is growing at high speed! You have already a lot of masterpieces here!!!! Wim.

Edwin Mendoza , November 30, 2004; 11:41 P.M.


Ken, Your work is perfect. My interest in your slipper picture continues, remember the offer A new pair for a print.

Philip Turner , December 13, 2004; 08:11 P.M.

Outstanding Portfolio Too

Besides starting that great thread on historical image posting, you really have a fabulous portfolio too! I am quite happy to have stumbled on to you (slight pun intended)! I'd like to add you to my "noteworthy photographic" (interesting people) people on my own workspace. I feel like I might miss another great thread or "happening" if I don't keep in touch!

Ken Williams ... , December 14, 2004; 05:12 A.M.

12-14-04 ...

Ha - funny Philip - Apparently we have been neighbors for sometime here on PN - have maked marked you as peculiar for being interested in my me and my stuff - (-; - Looks like you have some very nice work on your end - I'll drop by and harass you soon ........ smile.

Edwin I certainly do remember and will see what I can do - thank you for your patience and interest - the Furry Slipper saga continues btw - stay tuned over the next month or so - their odyssey continues ...... (-;

Wim I so appreciate you taking the time and an interest - thank you very much.

Heather you are too kind - thank you for having a look ...... smile

Trevor Chayer , December 14, 2004; 08:52 P.M.

Ken, Very nice pictures. They're very creative and artistic, and you seem to have great fun with them. Thanks for your comments!

Myrna Arroyo , December 16, 2004; 10:44 P.M.

Eggcellent!! ;-D

Paula Grenside , December 25, 2004; 05:32 A.M.


portfolio. True talent and the greatest craft.

Katja Faith , December 28, 2004; 03:13 P.M.


I wish I could add something new about the greatness of your work but.. unfortunately I can just admire your portfolio silently. Thanks a lot for the pleasure!

Paula Grenside , January 01, 2005; 11:02 A.M.

Came back

and noticed a recurring theme in your portfolio: eggs: eggs bound to fall, broken eggs, Halloween eggs, trapped eggs. There seems to be a strong symbolism attached to these images. Whatever it is, they are really well done.

Ken Williams ... , January 07, 2005; 09:05 P.M.

Thank you Trevor - it's nice to meet you ...

Myrna - thank you and I'm glad you enjoyed it ...

Katja - you added alot just by taking the time - thank you ....... (-;

Paula - glad to see you - there is much symbolism and they mean different things to different people as well .......... Pre-occupation the the reproductive processs perhaps - I'm not sure ........ (-;

Luis Saavedra , January 08, 2005; 05:27 A.M.

Fantastic portfolio!! Congratulations

Carola Onkamo (former Lundmark) , March 12, 2005; 10:32 A.M.

Very Inspiring!I specially love youre egg work.

Ken Williams ... , March 17, 2005; 01:54 P.M.

Luis and Carola - thank you very much for taking the time ........... (-;

Larry McGarity , March 26, 2005; 02:14 P.M.

Its a joy to look at your photos. They are gorgeous. You have a wonderful portfolio. Its top notch all the way.

Raffaella Lunelli , April 26, 2005; 06:09 A.M.

A good portfolio, Ken. I like very much your photos.

Philip Turner , May 14, 2005; 05:03 A.M.

Even More Meticulous...

After seeing your latest image postings I have come to the conclusion that you are even more meticulous with your studio environment than I am! That's a complement by the way. I used to have a photo teacher who ingrained upon me the fact that when you're in the studio you are God! You bring and create the light, you create the plain of visual existence, and the firmament of the background. The technical perfection and meticulousness tell me that you rule with an iron fist in the studio, everything just where it should be.

Thanks in large part to a number of PN commentaries I find myself trying to break my original grip on my control of the studio environment. I have found it to be very worthwhile to let things happen. Create things that go against the natural order of technical rule. I should tell you about my experimenting with Drano and film processing...but that's another story. My challenge to you is to occassionally break the rules, intentionally. I might be full of shit, but it has been very eye-opening for me, all laxatives aside. Stellar imagery still.

Ken Williams ... , May 14, 2005; 08:32 P.M.

Lol - Drano - Philip I hear you loud and clear ....... so pleased you took the time to stop by - and motivate me to to lighten up and let things flow naturally sometimes - wonderful comment - thank you .... (-;

Larry - coming from you that means alot - thank you ...

Ghiga - thank you for your kind words - they mean alot too .... (-;

Steve J Murray , May 15, 2005; 12:41 P.M.

Wonderfully creative stuff, especially the tabletop setups. Thanks for looking at my folders too.

Ken Williams ... , May 26, 2005; 12:53 A.M.

Thank you very much Steve - I usually put alot of time and thought into those - thanks for mentioning it ...... (-;

Penelope Caprice , June 11, 2005; 03:56 A.M.

Interesting Portofolio!!! Really amazing photos!!

Ken Williams ... , June 26, 2005; 12:24 P.M.

Thank you for taking the time Penelope ....... (-;

Daily Photograph , July 23, 2005; 08:38 A.M.

Enlightening pictures

telling of mental perspective ...

Ken Williams ... , July 25, 2005; 06:46 P.M.

Enlightening comment - I think you're right - it is - thank you very much for taking the time ... (-;

Mark Anthony Kathurima , August 19, 2005; 11:04 A.M.

Ken that's a really great 'folio you've got there :)

Best regards from Kenya, Mark

Ken Williams ... , August 21, 2005; 10:57 A.M.

Mark - the most impressive Folio one can acquire at Photo.net - is the Folio of wonderful people one meets here - Pleased I am - to include you in my 'Folio' ........... Thank you very much.


Leslie Battjes , September 29, 2005; 08:56 A.M.


I just took a nice long stroll through your portfolio and had a wonderful time! I love how you work with the same basic setup at times and change it just slightly in lighting, props, or colorization and it becomes something totally new. I need to remember this lesson. Keep up the great work. I'll definitely be back to see what you've been up to! :) Leslie

Ken Williams ... , October 02, 2005; 11:04 A.M.

Leslie I very much appreciate you taking the time - it means alot - thanks ...... (-;

Working with the same basic set-up is often due to financial necessity. However I'm moving this weekend and the new place (an old house) has an upstairs room with 3 windows instead of the usual 1 window I'm accustomed to - opens a whole new world of possibilities I'm thinkin' ...... I may use this as motivation to take the next step in my photography - making a living .... (-;

Heather Flaherty , October 09, 2005; 02:45 P.M.

On your using it to 'makin a living'. I would LOVE to see that for you! I will buy!!!!!!!

Ken Williams ... , October 18, 2005; 08:04 P.M.

Thanks for your encouragement Heather - and folio comments are so special too - thanks for that ... (-;

Jim Stauffer , October 19, 2005; 07:57 P.M.


You're a great inspiration!

Leann Greene , November 07, 2005; 12:43 P.M.


I have been doing alot of "pondering" to come up words worthy of your portfolio. One thing that stands out is that you at current time have less than 100 shots displayed and have covered so much ground in them.Very impressive feat(hee hee not feet). Diverse in subject but similar in quality-high. You have mentioned shooting for only a few years now but your grasp of the concepts goes much deeper than that and I am greatful that you share your work and ideas. Abintra is still one of the most exhilerating photos I have ever seen. Thank you Wrangler,Cowboy,Tex,Ken :-)

Ken Williams ... , November 07, 2005; 01:19 P.M.

pondering ... BAS


Ken Williams ... , November 09, 2005; 02:29 P.M.

Pondering ..

Wonderful comment - Thanks Leann ...

Portraits have always been a 'hole' in my efforts. In taking time to ponder your comment - and scan thru the attached folio - it occurred to me that the Native American Pow Wow shots are all 'portraits' - my own vision perhaps - of how to portray their spiritual, as well as, physical side.

Point Being -- Thank you for the words that gave me pause to ponder - and realize I might just be filling that gap afterall ... (-;

Btw - I had no idea you liked 'Abintra' so much - it would please me greatly if you left your 'X' there someday ....... smile.

Leann Greene , November 09, 2005; 02:39 P.M.


How embarassing... I honestly thought I had already! Well anyways I have now :-)

Leann Greene , December 07, 2005; 06:07 A.M.

I'm back like a bad rash... I wanted to express how you take a genre' and push it,expanding it's definition. You have done this with your still life(esp the eggs) and your motion blur are exceptionaly original. You made the blur the subject-all of it.There usually is a stationary subject also but you shook it all up.That's really something.

B Aldrich , December 18, 2005; 06:26 P.M.

So many great one that I hadn't seen before, Ken! Wonderful collection.

Todd Kowalski , January 15, 2006; 12:56 A.M.

Well, Well, Well

Ken, I must say that the "thread" on your "Abintra" shot turned into quite an amusing yarn....I think you should be a writer too. With your good talent in photography and your obvious talent for writing....give up your day job! Well Done, Regards, Todd

Ilse P , January 17, 2006; 07:24 A.M.

And I followed you back here (with a little detour via Leann to trace you down... ;o)

And I can't say I regret doing so! I have been wandering around in your portfolio, wondering at and pondering over what I saw. Left me behind quite amazed to be honoust. Even to that extent that I feel I now definitely need an English course to be able to express myself decently and not to fall back on general words of praise since they would do your work wrong (you have no idea how many times I already dived into my dictionary to be able to get this much down, but then again from the wrong word choices you might have guessed already... ;o). I'll have to come back here to be amazed a little more (problem is your photos render me speechless, which is quite problematic to write down comments... :o)

Ken Williams ... , January 20, 2006; 02:03 A.M.

Leann - you're really something .... (-;

*Oasis* buddy - very glad to see you here - very glad ...

Todd I'm very glad you enjoyed that - true story ... thank you for mentioning it.

Ilse your extra effort on the English is appreciated - thank you very much.

Elisabeth Jordan , February 19, 2006; 04:40 P.M.

Oh Ken, How could you put all of those tempting delicious carmel apples on your home page? Now I am craving one, ok two, perhaphs three of them. I'm inspired ;) elisabeth

Ken Williams ... , March 02, 2006; 01:25 A.M.

Glad you liked that Elisabeth - very effective window display. I've seen more than one child dragging their parents inside ...

Vincent K. Tylor , April 19, 2006; 04:05 A.M.

About Ken Williams:

A master in creativity, with a unique gift at finding the unseen gems in life that can make us think, and make us laugh. Your attention to detail is something truly appreciated and at times overlooked. A great natural eye for composition, AND for undressing the less than humble. Your sense of humor is contagious. You definitely have a gift KW!

You can send the $20 to.....

Jacqueline Anderson , April 20, 2006; 09:26 A.M.

You are an amazing talented artist Ken! Such a pleasure to browse through your work....a master of lighting! Beautiful compositions...many of your images tell tales of lives long ago ....great stuff!!!

Ken Williams ... , April 26, 2006; 08:48 P.M.

Jacqueline thank you very much ...

Ken Williams ... , April 27, 2006; 12:38 A.M.

Mr. Tylor - took you 3 years but you finally figured out how to shut me up - your comment leaves me at a loss for words - thank you very much Brother ....

This comment to me - means as much as the 1st one you left - 3 years ago ...


Mark Anthony Kathurima , June 19, 2006; 09:55 A.M.

Ken, I visited your 'folio a while ago, but I simply had to comment this time around. Your work is superb, refreshingly original, wonderfully composed and excellently captured.

Your photographs are works of art, Ken. Inspirational...

Best regards from Kenya,


Teresa Pollen , June 20, 2006; 12:02 A.M.

Ken, you have a stunning and inspiring portfolio. Thank-you for sharing your work and your thoughtful comments. They are greatly appreciated. Teresa

Christine Sharp , June 21, 2006; 08:07 P.M.

Wow! Amazing work!

Ken Williams ... , June 22, 2006; 04:31 A.M.

Mark your comment means a great deal - thank you very much for taking the time ....

Ken Williams ... , June 22, 2006; 04:35 A.M.

Theresa your presence here is greatly appreciated - thank you very much ... (-;

Christine - thank you for finding your way back here - it means alot ... !

Halina Lewandowski , July 28, 2006; 07:48 P.M.

Hello Ken

You are very talented and very creative photographer. I love your portfolio. Lots to learn from. Best regards. Halina

Ken Williams ... , August 01, 2006; 09:35 P.M.

Halina thank you very much for stopping by ... (-;

Andrea Allison , August 13, 2006; 12:15 A.M.

Hi Ken ! I just dropped in for a visit and stayed alot longer then I would of expected. Your photo's are fabulous and I was all so very entertained by all the great comments. I laughed lots! I think this is one of the reason's I like PN so much!.... Thank you so much for taking time with my photo, It means a lot coming from someone with much more experience. You have also showed that you can throw alot of fun into photography.

Kindest Regards Andrea

Ken Williams ... , August 14, 2006; 04:37 A.M.

Andrea you are so correct about the fun - that and comments like yours are what it's really all about - big smile ... thank you.

Sheryl W (Blue Mt.) , September 28, 2006; 06:40 P.M.

Hi Ken

such wonderful compositions and an excellent eye for detail.... (just to mention a few of your best qualities).... I always enjoy looking at your works... chow for now.. Sheryl

Anthony J Deffina , September 30, 2006; 08:04 A.M.


After reading your comment as to how Kims mind works, I had to stop by and see how yours works. Beautiful work my friend! I'm not sure how I could have missed it for so long. Everything has been said by others here, so I'll just say...Great work and sense of humor, thanks for sharing both! With admiration, Anthony

Ken Williams ... , October 01, 2006; 04:56 P.M.

Sheryl I very much appreciate you sharing that - thank you ... (-;

thank you Anthony - very much for your time ...

Vallery B , October 19, 2006; 10:22 P.M.


Your portfolio is just ..inspirational Ken! I like your sense of humor as well.

vallery b

Ebru Namli , October 24, 2006; 03:04 P.M.

what a pleasure to look at your photos... wonderful work... keep up the good work, your shots are beautiful and inspiring... EN.

Ken Williams ... , October 25, 2006; 01:31 A.M.

Vallery - Big Smile - thank you ...

Ebru I very much appreciate your time - thank you - (-;

Martino Balestreri , October 29, 2006; 11:31 A.M.


your photographies are fantastic, excellent in every aspect. Technique and refinement in the execution and exposure!


Janet . , November 04, 2006; 04:53 A.M.

Mister KayDoubleYou...

All the importent things in life...what everyone...would love to see in a photograph can be found in your portfolio! You're a heck of a photographer! What can I say more...damnnn you're good!

(Altough in silence...it's a great yourney to follow your work) :0)

Ken Williams ... , November 06, 2006; 02:48 A.M.

Big Smile ... (-;

Roxanne Bohn , November 09, 2006; 09:33 A.M.

Train tracks........

Greetings, way too early in the morning. I love your Bio. pic of the tracks.......and did not see it in your images above to post on it individually.

It reminds me of the Cat Stevens song, "Peace Train".....(now that is awhile.......back!) if I remember correctly it goes something like this: Cause out on the edge of darkness, there rides a peace train Oh peace train take this country, come take me home again Now I've been smiling lately, thinking about the good things to come And I believe it could be, something good has begun

I think Cat ended up becoming a monk and finding "peace" that way. As for peace for our country...I yearn for that. Maybe this past election has us on our way. Thank you again, for posting the train track image. Very nice.

Ken Williams ... , November 12, 2006; 04:24 P.M.

Hey You ... !

Cat Stevens ...

Big Smile - wayyy big ... (-;

Thank you Roxanne

Elisabeth Jordan , November 13, 2006; 06:33 A.M.


Ken, There usually seems to be a play with light or rather a search/yearning through the light. Many of your pictures utilize this...light at the top of the stairs, candle light on the dresser, abintra light, sun light, those eggs, over and over again you take your audience beyond the image with the light. Even with this new bio pic (which we know will change any moment) uses the light to ponder who is the light turned on for. Though I am thinking of the motel 6 add of always leaving the light on. ah...guiding lights...It is always a joy to come back and wander in your special path of photographic en"light"enment...elisabeth ;)

Seven Stuartson , November 30, 2006; 12:05 A.M.

Thanks for the visit a while back, Kenster : you might know I hang out elsewhere these days so didn't see it until a few minutes ago.

I am better for having been exposed to your delicate treatment of light; the motion of the dancers is something I shall always associate with you. We've had heaps of fun on this site in the past - I still pop in occasionally, but am mainly on the place I cannot link except to say that the link is in my Community Member Page next to Personal Home Page should you ever wish to drop in for a short sharp shock. (We have great coffee wenches there!)

Take care & keep shooting!


Teresa Zafon , January 02, 2007; 04:01 A.M.

Ken, your portfolio is superb! It is a pleasure to view each one of your images. Very inspiring. Your artistic talent is really amazing. I am very happy to have discovered your work when I did! Regards, Teresa

Afshin Azizi , January 02, 2007; 12:35 P.M.

very good protfolio with many excellent photoes,i like your works and enjoyed watching your photoes,happy new year and my best regards.

Hugh Hill , January 12, 2007; 08:24 P.M.

10th Feb 2004

That?s when I first felt I that knew enough of you and your work to leave a comment in my native Scot's dialect. In Scotland 'The Big Yin' is considered as the Dude, the Man or El Gringo! He is looked upto and respected as a clan leader, an elder with impeccable life experience or a spiritual guide. It is also said by Native American Indians that to understand people you must first walk through life in their moccasins to understand where they are coming from or what they are about, you have walked a long path in the slippers of many minds and through your wanderings learned and become greatness. I am honoured to have seen development & growth through your work for in a short time you have painted a picture of the world and those in it with such clarity and beauty which in turn helps me to do my work with hope.

I hope that all your dreams aspire for 2007.


Ken Williams ... , January 17, 2007; 11:16 P.M.

These comments mean quite alot to me - thank you very much ...


Jan Piller , January 22, 2007; 10:39 P.M.

Hi Ken!

Susan Stone recommended I stop by to see your stuff - sure am glad I did! My goodness, your images are wonderful! They have a good vibe! I was particularly interested in your still life images as that's what I'm currently attempting - would love it if you would stop by and give me your honest opinion! You've gained a new fan! My deepest respect for your beautiful work. Best Regards,

Robert G. , January 27, 2007; 04:42 P.M.

Some mighty fine examples of still life , you have mastered light and shadows , very effective work. I also find the movement folder of great interest , thanks for sharing your works of art Ken , regards Robert

Ken Williams ... , January 27, 2007; 08:38 P.M.

Robert thank you very much for your time - it means alot ...

Hello Jan - thank you and I certainly will stop by - (-;

Agnes K. , January 30, 2007; 10:03 P.M.


I just discovered your work and I am impressed by it. Great shots!!!

Ken Williams ... , February 02, 2007; 10:36 A.M.

Agnes ..

Thank you very much for stopping by - I'm glad you like - (-;

Hanna Cowpe , February 17, 2007; 11:21 P.M.

Coming up to five years and still enjoying your stuff.

Frunze Verdi , February 18, 2007; 11:52 P.M.

+ + +

Claire Dominic , February 21, 2007; 11:32 A.M.


I love all the work in your motion portfolio. You have a real gift. You can express light , colour & the moment so well. You are not afraid of experimenting. Keep not being afraid. Thanks for the inspiration Claire UK

Seven Stuartson , February 24, 2007; 08:15 P.M.

I see you're still going strong, brother Ken - hope all is well, sure seems so from the fine work. Cheers,


Peter Daalder , February 27, 2007; 08:19 P.M.

I also see that you're still going strong and have noticed that your transition to the digital medium has been seamless.
Best wishes Brother Ken!


Ken Williams ... , February 28, 2007; 07:57 P.M.

Dance of the Seven Possums - big smile - nice to see you both - very nice ... sol.

Ken Williams ... , February 28, 2007; 07:58 P.M.

Claire and Shmil - I very much appreciate you taking the time ... !

Hey Wooden Shoes - 5 years already - thank you Hanna ... (-;

Terry Butler , March 04, 2007; 12:04 P.M.

An outstanding collection of pictures.

Claire Dominic , March 04, 2007; 05:25 P.M.

Hi Ken, Sorry but you are still inspiring me! Can you stop it please? Claire

Ken Williams ... , March 06, 2007; 07:13 P.M.

Terry thank you very much .... !

Hi Claire - it's your words that are inspiring - thank you - (-; ..

Emmanuel Enyinwa , March 06, 2007; 07:33 P.M.


Your still lifes are simply stupendous, oh fellow web foot! The fact you shot most of them with analog rather than digital film is nothing short of miraculous. I am awed. Emmanuel.

Heather Watt , March 08, 2007; 09:14 A.M.

Hey Ken,

I really like your new self-portrait...I finally get to see how tall you are!

Ken Williams ... , March 13, 2007; 12:45 A.M.

Emmanual I very much appreciate your time ... thank you.

Ms. Heather - big smile - I attached the image of which you speak - below .... (-;

Denise L , March 15, 2007; 09:48 P.M.


Hi Ken, you asked if I'd cropped my photo Home with the Catch. I really enjoyed scrolling through your site- seeing your many great photos and reading all the nice comments fellow P.Ners have sent to you. I cropped only minimally. There was no sky, only dark trees above the boat houses. Cheers. Denise

Ken Williams ... , March 17, 2007; 02:35 A.M.

Big Smile - thank you Denise - (-; ...

Ken Williams ... , March 18, 2007; 12:29 A.M.


Hide Ishiura , March 18, 2007; 12:50 A.M.

Hi Ken, Very beautiful work. Thank you for sharing.


Ken Williams ... , March 24, 2007; 06:27 P.M.

Hide I very much appreciate your time - thank you ...

Dimitris Vasiliou , May 08, 2007; 03:33 A.M.

A true talent! Very well presented work. Being a relatively new member of PN myself, all I can say is that the real charisma lies in boldness, expression and experimentation sometimes. I am learning just by looking, and is people with excellent work like yours that make it possible. Best regards.

Ken Williams ... , June 08, 2007; 03:31 A.M.

Thank you Dimitris ... (-;

Doug Bays , June 17, 2007; 09:56 P.M.

Most Impressive

Can't believe I've missed so much of your superb artistry. Your attention to detail is exceptional, Ken. A natural eye for form and balance. Your gallery is an experience no one should miss.

Ken Williams ... , June 28, 2007; 02:31 P.M.

Doug that's a very kind thing to say and it means alot coming from you - thanks ...

Bianka Zalman , June 29, 2007; 03:44 A.M.

ken, it's a great pleasure, to strolling around in your galery. your photos are ful of peace, harmony and sensuality and delicious food for soul. thanks for sharing your wonderful work! with kindest regards, bianka

Ken Williams ... , July 06, 2007; 03:26 A.M.

Big Smile - thank you Bianka - (-; ...

a russell , July 15, 2007; 06:10 P.M.

This is your Mother Speakin'....

Hi Ken, This is your cuz from Dallas...Alison. the following is a message from your mother.

I luv all the pictures u took on your trip. Is that the wooden boat you were traveling on? Send copies of the boat to Alison's email so she can print a copy to be framed. Luv ya lots. Pls call. Mother

Tamara Horton - Western NC , July 24, 2007; 08:33 P.M.


A wonderful portfolio. Love the eggs and the western still life, inspiring indeed! Thanks for sharing these wonderful images.

Best regards, Tammy

Ken Williams ... , August 08, 2007; 07:35 P.M.

Lol - Hello cousin - pardon my delayed reply - and tell her - 'yes ma'am' (-;

Tammmy - thank you very much for your time - it means alot (-; ..

Leanna Weber , September 15, 2007; 05:17 A.M.

Hi Ken, How have you been? Did you have a nice summer? Miss ya, Leanna:O)

Jose Angel Navarro Cortes , September 18, 2007; 02:58 P.M.

Hi Ken!

Wonderful portfolio, I enjoy a lot with it, I will come back often.

Best regards.

Svetla Dimova , October 12, 2007; 09:07 A.M.

Hi Ken, I see genious works here... Thanks for the pleasure!!! Best regards, Svet1a

Andre Dufour , October 31, 2007; 05:44 P.M.

Beautiful portfolio! Can't wait to see more..

Burak Ertem , November 10, 2007; 01:09 P.M.

Great work, very good view of details! Congratulations - Burak

mike werkhoven , November 24, 2007; 02:15 P.M.

A nice thing in youre work is that you stay experimenting and suddenly there is originality, love this one. Yours, Mike

Pnina Evental , November 29, 2007; 03:21 A.M.

Hi Ken

I just wanted to add my name to this list of admirers ........ ;-))

Kenneth Fugate , December 02, 2007; 08:31 A.M.

Hello Friend!

Well here it is another year is passing away and we are coming into the holidays. I think time starts to go faster as we get older, it was just yesterday I wished my friends Happy Holidays and here it is again the end of a year. The holiday lights are starting to be put on some of the trees here in Dallas, we were out last night and some were lighting the trees. I wish for you all a holiday season with family and friends, after all is said and done all we have is each other.

I want all of you to know just what your comments and ratings on my work means to me, your words are my motivation, my drive to discover, to learn this art that we all love, thank you for taking time and thank you for caring about my works. At the same time thank you for letting us see your world, our lives are so much the same, we all care about our families and friends and we all share the same things, maybe someday our photos will help make for a lasting world peace. May you and your family be blessed this season.

Happy Holidays and Happy Shooting


Fan li , December 21, 2007; 05:51 A.M.


Raffaella Lunelli , December 24, 2007; 12:18 P.M.

Dear Ken, I'm here for some minuts to wish to You and your family a Merry Christmas and a great, full of joy (and photos) 2008!!!!

Kisses Raffaella, Ghiga & Nero

Juan De Santa Anna , March 16, 2008; 02:26 A.M.

Unbelievable...what some people will do to get folks to look at their portfolio...I am not sure why you put all those other people in your bio pic....when just my mug would draw people from far away to browse your wonderful portfolio...

I really like you B&W work as much as I like all of the rest of your art...

I keeping trying to add my Pic to the 80s image of yours...not sure people could handle the fact I have not aged one single day...sort of like a good bottle of....? Lucky for me I already looked 50 yrs old 28 years ago...!

All kidding aside...when do you plan on adding more work to this portfolio? I am ready for it...? I enjoy your images as much as your humor...ok, a little more. Thanks for keeping up with your good work...and for bringing peace to this goofy ass world we live in with your artful eye and your humor...thanks...juan

Iren Nagy , May 06, 2008; 02:17 A.M.


You sure have a unique way to play around with a girl and make her laugh!!! Thanks for a well timed hearty, belly laugh! :o) Hope life is treating you well. Cheerio, Iren

Rita Chiliberti , May 12, 2008; 04:16 P.M.

Hi Ken,

thanks to PN I discovered your wonderful portfolio rich of excellent shots, so various and interesting. I'm a beginner and I like to study good photographers as you are to improve or trying to. I'll be back to see more. Ciao.

Tony Guinn , July 04, 2008; 10:43 P.M.

Nice work with the hand-held long exposures........very nice indeed. Congratulations on a terrific portfolio. Best regards

Iren Nagy , December 25, 2008; 11:26 P.M.

Dear Ken

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Love, Joy and Peace. Blessings, Iren

Ken Williams ... , January 16, 2009; 11:20 P.M.

Big Smile - thank you Iren ....

Michelle Parsons , May 22, 2009; 01:39 A.M.

Vaquero del feliz cumpleaños

thom polimeros , December 13, 2009; 08:52 A.M.

man, you have a really great portfolio Ken....i especially like your still life and motion shots...looks like you've been at this awhile

Ken Williams ... , December 15, 2009; 03:46 A.M.

Hi Thom and thanks - after a 25 year 'break' from photography I've shot film for 4 years and digital now for 4 more years ....

I'm glad you like the still-lifes and the motion folder - one I have complete control over and the other almost no control over. Thanks again for stopping by ....

Yves Petronin , February 20, 2010; 08:13 A.M.

Very interesting portfolio... Lots of creativity. Very attractive studies, particularly the "moving" pictures. Magnificent black and white shots.....

Ken Williams ... , March 04, 2010; 09:55 A.M.

Yves thank you very much - glad you like the b&w's - there are more of them on my website ............. AbintraPhoto.com

Deborah Brock , April 07, 2010; 02:22 P.M.


very impressive portfolio. I was really taken with the motion folder. thanks for sharing.

Janet Cull - Western NC , May 05, 2010; 08:08 P.M.

Beautiful work, a pleasure to view!

Daniel Joder , May 06, 2010; 05:52 P.M.


Ken, thanks for your kind comments on one of my photos.  Yes, Barcelona is a pretty neat place...hard to pick which spot to go to for a photo shoot as there are so many nice areas.  Just had a look at your portfolio and WOW, what a cross section of great stuff!  Your still lifes are exceptional and have motivated me to give that a try to improve my general skills with seeing and with light.  Thanks! 

Daniel Joder , January 04, 2013; 04:11 P.M.

Thanks once again for visiting, Ken. I looked through your B&W stuff and see that I've a ways to go. I love the sharpness, the tonal range, the contrast and the composition (good eye!). Thanks for the inspiration!

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