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Comments on this portfolio:

Goran Anastasovski , August 07, 2007; 04:17 P.M.

Excellent portfolio . Bravo

Antonio F , August 08, 2007; 03:28 A.M.

Really very fine your nudes, great work. Antonio

Paul Benjamin , August 16, 2007; 02:44 P.M.

MJ What a wonderful eye you have. Your compositions are very professional and I look forward to learing from you. Please keep posting and I wouldn't mind a little tech info too. Paul

Haleh Bryan , September 08, 2007; 01:40 P.M.


Thank you. I am glad you stopped by to check out the rest of my work. As a woman I have such high regards for my models therefore I am always careful as to how I present them in my work. If my careful approach can inspire others to do the same then I think I have accomplished something here other than being elected to be on the first page!

Gary Sadler , September 09, 2007; 05:48 P.M.


You have a beautiful portfolio MJ. I could comment on many great shots but I'll sum it up by saying that you have a very artistic eye. Congratulations.

Facu . , October 25, 2007; 04:53 P.M.

I like your style. Good work !

Ron Jones , January 11, 2008; 09:30 P.M.

You have a sensitive nature amplified by a flawless technique. Ron

John Nielsen , February 17, 2008; 04:22 A.M.

Just click on you portfolo I am very glad I did. Your pictures are of a very high standard,one can feel that you have a very good relaysonship with yor models.Indeed one can learn a lot from you,all your photos has somthing to say one can read something in to them

Pete Gavalis , April 14, 2008; 01:31 P.M.

MJ, I am not a fan of your most recent post/request but thankfully I took some time to look at the rest of your portfolio....stunning! Great stuff and very inspiring! Pete.

Shane Willis , April 20, 2008; 12:55 A.M.

Thanks for the flattering comment on my port. After looking at your portfolio I am even more flattered. You have some very impressive work. Most excellent. Thanks again.

Terry Grant , April 27, 2008; 11:35 P.M.

Nice Portfolio

MJ, You are putting together quite a body of work here. So tell me, where do you find your inspiration?

Milos Mashed , May 20, 2008; 02:37 P.M.

Dear MJ:

What impresses me it is that the style is appropriated to the message, idea, concept or whatever you want to convey. You have great eye to create art.Nice technique, great ideas behind them and a wonderful dept in images appears which create a class of your own. I have been watching your portfolio; it has been a very rewarding experience. It has been very intense, therefore tiring. The toning of your photos emphasizes this quality.Thanks...

Aristidh Shqevi , September 04, 2008; 02:27 A.M.

MJ Gerstein

Your portfolio is really very interesting.You have done a great job! Regards!

Kombizz Kashani , October 09, 2008; 08:59 A.M.

I like your portfolio with interesting captures specially those images of yours exotic models.

Raymond Borg , January 12, 2009; 02:42 P.M.

I really like most of your photos, but I am not so sure about the use of bright (highlight) pink clothes in a few of them. Overall a wonderful and artist portfolio. Well done.

Barbara Taurua , June 24, 2009; 06:19 A.M.

Many thanks MJ for your nice comment.Best regards.Barbara

timothy prospero , August 04, 2009; 12:07 P.M.

Great PF, I like it,

Good job!

BR timopro

James Berg , August 09, 2009; 12:59 A.M.

I'm glad I stopped by to view your portfolio. You have some amazing images here. I can't wait to see more from you.

ali noorani , May 17, 2010; 06:23 A.M.


I love FINE ART NUDES AND GLAMOUR NUDES better than all of your other works. congrats. hope to see ur comment on my works

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