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Comments on this portfolio:

Ian . , December 26, 2005; 05:10 P.M.

Beautifully executed landscape photography Marc. So much GR-influenced stuff out there, but few can nail it like this.


Paul Oberlin , December 26, 2005; 05:50 P.M.

My goodness, this has to be one of the most consistently beautiful galleries on this website. Great work, Marc!

Ben Anderson , December 26, 2005; 05:55 P.M.

Now if only I could get 1 of my photos as good as these - breathtaking beauty Marc.

José Ernesto Ortiz Razo , December 27, 2005; 03:33 A.M.

A GREAT portfolio Marc. You really have a very nice works.Congratulations and greetings from Mexico

Pnina Evental , December 27, 2005; 07:19 A.M.

very nice and skilled work Marc. colors and composition. good eye to see the beauty. Pnina

John Padmarajan , December 27, 2005; 11:39 A.M.

great portfolio, excellent picture.

Best wishes

-John Padmarajan

JF Ochoa , December 27, 2005; 02:02 P.M.

One of the best portfolios of nature and landscapes! Beautiful images. Regards from Mexico!

Terri Bates , December 27, 2005; 03:22 P.M.


I love your work. Nice clean shots with vibrant colors. Absolutely gorgeous!

Jon-Michael Basile , December 27, 2005; 10:38 P.M.

You made it to my favorites. Every shot is great. Keep it up!

Chris Stachura , December 28, 2005; 09:26 A.M.

I love all of your fine art! Quality is perfect, looking at them is pleasure for my eyes, I wish you more and more greatest photos!

Raphael Lopez , December 28, 2005; 10:37 A.M.


Marc, you have an amazing portfolio; your images are beautiful, the mood and artistic execution are just perfect. Cheer, Raphael

Bridgette E , December 28, 2005; 12:10 P.M.

Outstanding portfolio. I am awe-struck at the beauty here.

Emad abdulmotaleb , December 28, 2005; 04:18 P.M.

what a portfolio ....man that is what prof. means


Saul Santos Diaz , December 28, 2005; 05:35 P.M.

una maravilla volver a verte por aqui. saludos

rich bayley , December 28, 2005; 09:30 P.M.


Easily the most refined landscape style I have seen here. Your images have so much life and depth. The colours are........!!! Thanks, you are truely an inspiration.

Dorin Ilie , December 28, 2005; 09:55 P.M.

Excelent Portofolio, Congratulation, Best Regards!

Nilesh Dhakras , December 29, 2005; 01:20 A.M.

One of the BEST PORTFOLIO I have ever seen!!! Your pictures are inspiring! Brilliant work. Wonderful composition, colors. Technically excellent and aesthetically very pleasing.

Thanks for sharing your work.

Daryl Walter , December 29, 2005; 05:17 A.M.

Stunning! Your connection with the landscapes you've photographed really comes across in your pictures.

Jesús Pizarro , December 29, 2005; 05:49 A.M.

Very good job

Impressive collection of images, to which of them more beautiful. Amazing porfolio full of beautiful landscapes. A greeting.

Davide Tizzoni , December 29, 2005; 05:53 A.M.

WoW !!

Great portfolio, excellent landscapes...compliments!!

Nicholas Bryant , December 29, 2005; 07:11 A.M.


As good as it gets... I don't have enough words... Perfection.

Enrique Fernandez Ferra , December 29, 2005; 07:59 A.M.


Incredible portfolio Mark. You have one of the most inspiring lansdscape gallery in photo.net

Hugo Estigarribia , December 29, 2005; 01:16 P.M.


Marc, your hands have been touched by GOD! Fantastic work, I am so inspired. I hope to be able to have just one shot as good as any of these one day. Thanks, Hugo

Rob Miller , December 29, 2005; 02:33 P.M.


Your portfolio is amazing. Not only are they all beautiful places, but at incredibly beautiful moments as well. Great work!!!

Clint Dunn , December 29, 2005; 11:52 P.M.


In my opinion you have the most amazing portfolio...better than anyone else on this site hands down. I am very jealous, your landscape /scenic work is among the finest I have ever seen.

Best Regards.

Gavin Davies , December 30, 2005; 11:19 A.M.


What an absolutely stunning portfolio you have. All are perfectly composed and the colours are fantastic.

Thanks, Gav

Will King , December 30, 2005; 12:29 P.M.

Marc, after looking through our portfolio, I feel ...revitalized, inspired, and intimidated. Your photos make mine look like I took them with a cell phone camera. I read your comments on Curtis Forrester's portfolio and I couldn't agree more. I'm thrilled that a photographer of your cailbur shares the same philosophy with me on Photoshop and a new era of photography.

James Meyer , January 01, 2006; 02:22 A.M.

Wow Marc, you're not kidding about Galen being an idol of yours. You've studied him well enough that I thought I was seeing HIS work at first. Inspirational, brother. Be well, James

Martin Hellewell , January 01, 2006; 07:34 P.M.

Every one a winner

Usually when I look at a portfolio I open a small proportion of the full-size images rather than just viewing the thumbnails. I opened ALL yours. With landscape like this in the USA, why would anyone with a functioning braincell go to Disneyland? Beggars belief.

Thanks for sharing the fruits of your travels.


Marc Adamus , January 01, 2006; 11:56 P.M.

"With landscapes like this in the USA, why would anyone with a functioning braincell go to Disneyland?" Martin, with this you have pretty much sumed up my feelings towards photography, life, people and country. Thanks.

Robert Medina - South Jersey/Philly , January 02, 2006; 06:34 A.M.

Stunning Portfolio. Very Beautiful.

Palmer Halvorson , January 02, 2006; 05:10 P.M.


Marc, I've admired your work for a while, stunningly beautiful! Your passion to be at the right place at the right time, even if conditions are extremely difficult shows. The results speak for themselves.

I see growth in your work over time and that is wonderful. Even though many would not critique a single one of these images, offering only praise, keep pushing yourself to do better.

I look forward to many more stunning images!

All the best in 2006, Palmer Halvorson

Robert Chenevert , January 04, 2006; 09:25 A.M.


Amazing portfolio, I like everyone of them.

Michael VaughAn , January 04, 2006; 03:47 P.M.

Incredible shots-an inspirational portfolio...

Vanessa Villegas? , January 04, 2006; 05:55 P.M.



Ferrando Flores Rafael , January 06, 2006; 10:47 A.M.

Absolutely delicious

And wonderfull landscape display Marc, your compositions and exposures are top work, they demonstrate the great passion and effort you achieve to capture the raw natural beauty and its pristile, colorfull and irrepetible magical moments.

will be back periodically for sure, keep on the great stuff!!

Ashutosh Rajekar , January 06, 2006; 05:48 P.M.


Each image of yours is a story in itself! Amazing piece of artistry, which is ofcourse backed by a whole lot of hardwork and dedication!

Good job, and good going! Regards, Ashutosh

john young , January 07, 2006; 03:16 P.M.

Amazing Portfolio

You have some incredably inspiring photographs, the colour and composition are excelent

Hannu Eskelinen , January 09, 2006; 02:37 A.M.

Very impressive landscape portfolio. I'd like to ask if you have had any toughts about medium or even large size? You seem to know so many brilliant places that would suite perfect for larger and wider image size.

Ray Whittemore , January 11, 2006; 10:51 P.M.


Marc, You probaby don't remember me but I have talked with at Crossroads before. Great pictures!! Keep up the excellent work! I have some pictures here too. Check them out. Ray Whittemore, Corvallis

Guillermo Fernandez-Corroto Garcia , January 12, 2006; 04:10 A.M.

Just excellent. One of my prefer Portfolio.Thank you for share it. Felicidades

Tom Svensson , January 14, 2006; 08:45 A.M.


Really outstanding photos Thanks for sharing

Marianna Safronova , January 14, 2006; 08:48 P.M.

Thank you! Looking at your photos was wondefully beautiful and greatly inspiring.

Trevor Anderson , January 22, 2006; 03:36 A.M.

One of my sources of inspirations. Nice to see your stuff reposted.

Davide Tizzoni , January 25, 2006; 07:36 A.M.

Great landscapes, compliments!!

Doug Bowles , January 27, 2006; 05:09 P.M.

Amazing, beautiful, wonderful COLOUR! I'm trying hard to appreciate sepia and B&W for their respective merits, but when I see your portfolio my faith in colour is utterly and completely restored. You humble me.

John Hamilton , January 27, 2006; 05:13 P.M.


Can't say anything that hasn't already been said...Stunning work...I would buy a print or two, as I'm sure many others would. Keep shooting...

Andrea Varetto , January 27, 2006; 05:19 P.M.

Absolutely amazing portfolio.

Complimenti. Scatti da studiare.

Jimmy Miller , January 27, 2006; 05:53 P.M.


By far, the most beautiful landscapes I have ever seen. And that is for real! Every photo in your gallery easily deserves a 7/7! Congratulations and Thanks!

Walter Hinterberger , January 27, 2006; 11:14 P.M.

What an amazing and overpowering collection ! All landscapes and not one boring shot among them ! You've taught me a few things here : Mood , Drama , Composition , Timing , Technique ... and a little good fortune sometimes ? Thanks for showing the way...

John Olszewski , January 28, 2006; 11:34 A.M.


Marc... A truly astounding portfolio. I stopped and stared at almost every picture much longer than I typically do for many nature photos. Lighting, composition, scale, beauty, etc. There's not much more to ask for. Absolutely perfect. John

Suzana Dodig , January 28, 2006; 02:51 P.M.

amazing portfolio..indeed

Stephen Masiello , January 28, 2006; 09:46 P.M.

Insane skills

Wow, for one person to not only witness but capture greatness so many times is beyond impressive. I like how you use both film and digital. Some should be in ads for velvia. I guess all I can say is that I'd like to see how you do with other subject matter because you've obviously mastered this. It's inspirational but depressing at the same time because after seeing these shots people like me remember we still have a long way to go on the road to greatness. One step at a time, I guess. Well done.

Mick Davson , January 30, 2006; 05:26 A.M.

Fantastic - any more words fail me. 10/10.

Wei Liu , January 31, 2006; 11:23 A.M.

Great gallery. All the beautiful and enjoyable images. Thanks for sharing with us.

Tim Bowles , February 06, 2006; 03:38 P.M.


This is easily one of the greatest porfolios I've ever seen. Your approach to photography and the passion you obviously have for it really inspires me.... but also makes me want to take up knitting instead!!!! Do you ever come to Winnipeg to teach?!?!?!? ;-)

J. Knight , February 15, 2006; 07:05 P.M.


WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW!! Oh, did i mention your portfolio is one of the best ive ever seen? WOW!

April Q. , February 15, 2006; 11:11 P.M.


Pinch me I'm in heaven! April Q. (also an Oregonian!)

J.C. Mellen , February 17, 2006; 11:40 P.M.

What a wonderous portfolio. I can only hope that someday I can product quality photographs like this.

One of my favorite portfolios on PN. WELL DONE!!!

Richard Deng , February 18, 2006; 10:00 P.M.

Galen Rowell spawned a whole new genre and cottage industry in landscape photography. That characteristic style of grad ND twilight with foreground interest has almost become a cliche because of its ubiquity. But like Galen, the reason why your images rise above all the rest is due to more than just technique, it comes from a passion and appreciation for the subject matter. The fact that you make the effort to immerse yourself in the land is revealed in your photos.

Roger Sandgren , February 19, 2006; 02:30 P.M.

Your portfolio very impressive, absolute breathtaking! Regards Roger

Kah Kit Yoong , February 20, 2006; 03:39 A.M.

Lens virtuoso

Your portfolio is amazing, it has taken me some time to work through each shot. Obviously great discipline and dedication were required to be at the right place and time but your technique has enabled you to capture each scene optimally. My favourite is the Visual Journey with the striated rocks. I love how the lines flow between the rocks and to the cloud formation, just great composition. In Summer dream you're just showing off your virtuoso technique aren't you? Just the perfect exposure and use of filters to capture the flowers, background, sky and reflection in the right light. Hands down the best landscapes on this forum, your work is up with that of your idols.

Marc Adamus , February 20, 2006; 11:11 A.M.

Thanks. I do have a particular passion for the big, wide angles. I enjoy including as many elements in one, flowing composition as I can. "Visual Journey" and "Summer Dream" are likely my two favorite film images actually. Both very lucky shots but ones that would not have happened had I not been there, ready with my camera gear before the light/clouds happened. Previsualization of a scene is the most important skill we need to create landscape images. We often must take the time to learn our subjects before the defining moment arrives.

Andrea Neuber , February 21, 2006; 04:26 A.M.

just great

your landscapes and colours are heavenly...... regards andrea

Mike Stacey , February 21, 2006; 04:31 A.M.

Fine work indeed.

Ivar Olsen , February 22, 2006; 06:57 P.M.


You take the pictures I wish I had taken. I will return for rating and comments! Cheers...and thank you! Ivar :-)

Tak Imura , February 24, 2006; 04:35 A.M.

New goal in life

I now know exactly how much better I need to get! Your work is absolutely incredible. You are one who can draw every ounce of quality from his brush.

Saikat Pathak , February 25, 2006; 01:52 A.M.


One of the best Photo.net portfolios in colour landscape work. I learn from your work. The use of early morning and late evening light coupled with long exposure and excellent composition, makes your work stand out. Reminds me of Galen Rowell.

Thanks for sharing and inspiring.

Chris Fraser , February 26, 2006; 06:01 A.M.

A very, very impressive portfolio, each shot masterfully exposed. Your trademark super-wide-angle landscapes, with uncorrected distortion, are creative and original. I'll look forward to viewing here again.

Balakrishna sharma , February 28, 2006; 05:37 A.M.


wow, really a great portfolio, you done a good job.Your sky scapes are very nice..


Ludovit Tatar , March 02, 2006; 12:59 P.M.

Excellent work! One of my prefer portfolio. Lovely landscapes, very inspiring for me. Best Regards!

Oktay Ýybar , March 07, 2006; 07:43 A.M.

Very beaitiful landscape photography.Wonderful images.Excellent colour and compositions. Congrats. Regards.

Andrew Tan , March 09, 2006; 09:15 P.M.


You are a true pro! I have never seen such excellent landscape photos as yours. Truly magnificent. Well done. Cheers!

Agustin David , March 15, 2006; 12:26 P.M.

You are one of my favourites photographers. You inspires me. GREAT PORTFOLIO. Congratulations. Regards. Agus

sumiu de vez , March 19, 2006; 07:28 A.M.

You have a very beautiful portfolio Marc. Congratulatons!

Tim Hutchins , March 23, 2006; 10:52 P.M.

Love the vivid colours. I'm only a beginner but looking at your gallery gives me many ideas and inspires me to get out there and take photos. Keep them coming.


Tim Hutchins

nathan g , March 30, 2006; 06:18 A.M.


Tony Metz , April 07, 2006; 07:50 P.M.

OH ! How you captured Natures story with this Image! Awesome!

Marina Segura , April 12, 2006; 01:55 P.M.

Read thousand times but...

...I don't have enough words to say how beauty and moving is your work. My sincere congratulations, Marina

Mark Manning , April 16, 2006; 04:25 A.M.

A truly awesome portfolio. Wonderful pictures.

Curtis Forrester , April 26, 2006; 01:14 A.M.


GREAT WORK! You are a very talented photographer!

Wendy de Kok , April 28, 2006; 03:00 A.M.


Hi Marc, you really have a great collection of photo's here. I love the colors and composition. They're perfect to me! Thanks for sharing and I'm looking forward to see more of you :)

Marc G. , April 30, 2006; 05:11 A.M.

Nice portfolio ! I'm not particularly attracted, generally speaking, by most of the landscape works we see here and elsewhere on such sites, but your work reall stands out in the crowd, I think. Very accurate in many ways... Great technique and control of contrast, spectacular compositions and angles, the right hour of the day for great lighting, and interesting places, these are imo the main ingredients for great traditionnal scenary photos, and you seem to master all these aspects very well in most of your photos. I hope you'll post more of your works, and perhaps some more "risky" or more "unusual" stuff as well. Congrats for what's already posted, and which is wonderful. Regards.

Michal Skrzypczak , May 02, 2006; 11:03 A.M.

Your photographs are perfect, very eye-catching, but after the initial enchantment with this wonderful light and colours I must say I felt some kind of boredom. Of course that is not your fault - you put so much effort, skill and passion in each of your images and they are beautiful. Yet this beauty is sometimes lifeless for me because my eye is looking for something ordinary that could be the point of reference.

We all know how to make an aesthetical photograph, but making a landscape photograph that could be regarded as true art requires redefining our aesthetical habits - making images that will not appeal to everyone but will be the pure voice of our mind and soul. So I hope that these perfect images are not your last word as you definitely have more to say to those that are able to hear. Looking at your recent "Eye of the storm", "Storm on the painted plains" and "Desert light" I think it is only a matter of time as in my opinion these images are a huge step forward compared to your previous dramatic landscapes.

Marc Adamus , May 02, 2006; 12:10 P.M.

Michal, I do love the dramatic landscape. I see landscape photography as a treasure hunt. I spend countless hours traveling, researching, scouting and returning again and again to places so I might capture them at the most magical moment. This, "appeal to everyone" style is my chosen one (though you can never really appeal to everyone). This style, regardless of whether it appeals to everyone, IS one that embodies my soul desire, the love of my life, the wilderness. "Everyone knows how to make an asthetic landscape" but few put out the life-long efforts to capture the shot. The defining shot from a particular location. That's what I'm after. It can be found anywhere at any time but to truly be a defining shot for me, it must portray a sense of the place. I try to include as many elements as I can and offer a dynamic photograph that provides that multi-dimensional sense of place. The abstracts, the "risky" shots and the unusual rarely fullfill my desire to capture a grand sense of place found in traditional landscape photography. And of course, as a pro photographer it is somewhat important for me to create images that have a broad appeal. I believe my portfolio here shows off tremendous diversity, even if working primarily within a favored style, as most photographers develop. From deserts to oceans, B&W and color, the surreal and artistic like "Transformation", the direct and immediate like "Towards Heaven", the traditional wide angle like "Crater Lake" and I work in any light - not just the magic hour - like my rainforest and canyon images. It's about beautiful landscapes and sense of place. These images, hopefully, immediately connect with viewers, the public (non-photographer) especially. But I never tire of them. The new images you mention are not disimilar to my collection of dramatic images. As in all my work, I seek only to take advantage of the landscape and show it off the best way I can keeping asthetic appeal and dynamic sense of place in mind. I can never say when that magic moment will come, whether it be the intense and dramatic, the subtle or the intimate I simply try to work with what I've been given the best I can.

Michal Skrzypczak , May 02, 2006; 10:27 P.M.

Marc, your words filled with passion are very convincing. I understand fully your attitude towards landscape photography (that you treat it as a treasure hunt) as it is quite similar to my own. However I am an amateur and it is impossible for me to "put out the life-long efforts to capture the shot" but believe me or not - if I have the possibility I will be more than happy to put out them. Meanwhile I study the work of other photographers and I must say that your landscape images are among the best I have seen in my life. Yet for me they lack this apparent imperfection that would give them the ethernal artistic value. And though you are close to it as your images are more and more distinguishable, you still have not developed fully your own style.

To be honest I think that we can not capture that "multi-dimensional sense of place" on photograph. Photography is the best medium to document the look of the place, but it has its limitations. So when I comment the work of other photographers I do not care if they have got this "defining shot" and how much effort they put into the "making of". Instead I try to understand the meaning of their images and I open my senses for the feelings that the author tries to communicate. And what communicate I receive from your images? I see the dramatic landscapes that are sinister and formidable, I see the menacing nature in its full glory, I see the earth that looks like a beautiful yet unfriendly and alien place. When I see the photos of Gerard Laurenceau or Eric Fredine I feel immediately invited to the places they present. I would not dare enter into your images and even if I would the entrance is frequently blocked by the composition which is overloaded with rocks, boulders, etc. (though there are exceptions, not only the three recent pictures that I mentioned - yet these three sucked me in at once). Your pictures are generally loud and aggresive, so loud that I cannot hear the quiet and subtle sounds. But of course it is only my perception. You make extraordinary photographs which appeal almost to everyone (even me, I rated many of them highly as they deserve this), so who am I to critisize your work.

In fact it was not my intention to do this. I just wanted to tell that this perfection, this "defining shot" is a mirage. We are not able to portray the sense of the place. As Plato wrote we see only the shadows on the cave walls and the true ideas are invisible for us. So we will never get the final defining shot but we may express our feelings about the subject using our own language and thus move closer to the hidden truth.

Marc Adamus , May 03, 2006; 07:37 P.M.

I understand and agree with most everything you mention, Michal. And I'm glad you did so. I am not trying to clarify a very specific desire or goal in my photography - as I say, I take what I am given and apply my artistic vision to the landscape the best way I can. For me, and image like "Crater Lake" first offers a foreground perspective that I believe allows the viewer to better visualize the photographers relationship with the scene at the moment of capture, and then leads the eye towards the vast surroundings. Perhaps this is what I am trying to convey by "sense of place". I agree that all photography is interpretation of our surroundings and fails in the truest documentary sense.

Thanks for your time and perspective on things. Always good to hear.

One other point - the "loud and aggressive" style found in many of my images may be somewhat reflective of my personality. I'm not always trying to invite the viewer in, I'm trying to make them say WOW! However, there are always exceptions and I do find enjoyment in subtlties at times.

Anthony J Deffina , June 02, 2006; 10:08 A.M.


I just want to say thank you for all of your hard work. Your photos discribe places with wonder that words could not provide!

Stephan Dietrich , June 10, 2006; 04:19 A.M.

"Wow!" Absolutely amazing!

Marc: Your attention to detail, ability to capture the moments, presentation and artistic-photographic expression are simply amazing. Your hard work and talent speak volumes in your presented images. Thank you for posting your images ... they are absolutely amazing! "Wow!" All the best to all of your endeavors ... look forward to seeing more of your work.

Mario Lopez , June 29, 2006; 08:10 A.M.

I'm aware that I'm in front of an artist,I admire your work, is acuteness...is done with calmly and observing all beautiful things that we can capture.Will be a pleasure to take a walk on mountains with you and learn all do you know.Many thanks for your images,increase our learning.Congrats Marc

K. Basu , June 29, 2006; 02:41 P.M.

Don't think I've seen landscapes so beautiful and powerful ever! You have stolen here some of nature's intensely personal moments - that too with what accuracy! (Why would we need digital art after this?) Your album is greatly inspiring and very humbling at the same time. And a testimonial to the power of film as a medium.

giorgio marinelli , June 30, 2006; 02:34 P.M.

Veramente stupende, sia tecnicamente che per i bellissimi paesaggi ma soprattutto per " l'atmosfera " che riescono a trasmettere. Complimenti

Michael Sobie , July 07, 2006; 09:20 P.M.


I don't think there is one photo in your beautiful portfolio that isn't simply amazing. You are a major inspiration to me, and all I can say is keep up your outstanding work.

Mark Metternich , July 10, 2006; 02:39 P.M.

Comments to Marc

Hey Marc, Those comments by Michal Skrzypczak above are HOGWASH!

"Yet for me they lack this apparent imperfection that would give them the ethernal artistic value. And though you are close to it as your images are more and more distinguishable, you still have not developed fully your own style."

"And what communicate I receive from your images? I see the dramatic landscapes that are sinister and formidable, I see the menacing nature in its full glory, I see the earth that looks like a beautiful yet unfriendly and alien place. When I see the photos of Gerard Laurenceau or Eric Fredine I feel immediately invited to the places they present. I would not dare enter into your images and even if I would the entrance is frequently blocked by the composition which is overloaded with rocks, boulders, etc. (though there are exceptions, not only the three recent pictures that I mentioned - yet these three sucked me in at once). Your pictures are generally loud and aggresive, so loud that I cannot hear the quiet and subtle sounds."

Hogwash!!! Some people spend their lives talking about photography because they cannot take photos themselves.

Just keep doing what you do. You are one of the best in the world at it.

Mark (remember me from the Fred site?)

Courtney Doerksen , July 12, 2006; 03:26 P.M.


amazing. I love these pictures Marc. Although it is tough to pick, I think I like the Crater lake picture best.

Your hard work shows.

Marc Adamus , July 24, 2006; 03:51 P.M.

Mark, Micheal offered his honest opinions and everyone can learn from critiques. Without them I wouldn't be the artist I am today. Agree, disagree or both, I am thankful for his well presented opinions.

Ozgur Donmaz , July 27, 2006; 02:24 P.M.


one of the best landscape portfolio in this website! congrats

T. Polak , August 02, 2006; 07:27 A.M.

I think your photos are stunningly beautiful; breathtaking. I have read some of the recent posts here and I can see what Michael above is saying. Your pictures do have a sense of rugged loneliness, even dare I say "foreboding". They remind me of the magnificent settings described in some of the fantasy adventure stories I've read.

I'm such an amateur and I can only strive to one day (maybe) be even half the photographer you are. Your pictures inspire me to keep learning. Thanks for sharing them with us.


marc schneider , August 06, 2006; 08:08 P.M.

Marc... your portfolio is supurb, without a doubt the best landscape/nature portfolio I have seen on this site. I am further inspired to go the extra mile to SEE the scene after viewing your pages. Thanks again for sharing...Marc

Håkon Askerhaug , August 06, 2006; 10:00 P.M.


Congratulations on the special mention you received in the Banff Mountain Film Festival's Photo Competition. Outstanding!!



G P , August 12, 2006; 09:58 P.M.

I love your work. It's the best collection I've seen on photo.net and I've been looking for about 4 years!

Luca Loro , August 31, 2006; 06:19 P.M.

You are a master in landscape photography, and like the ''timecatchers'' photos, these are all fantastic...you are an ispiration for me. thanks for sharing

Nora DeBoard , September 04, 2006; 09:34 P.M.


I have wanted to be a photographer since I was nine years old. I dreamed of working with National Geographic and going on Safaris. You actually admire one of my greatest fans as well, Art Wolfe.(I believe he did a lot of photos for David L. Miech) It shows in your work. It is absolutely stunning. I could learn a lot from your work. Photography isn't just about taking a pretty photo. It's in a person's soul. That also shows in your work. It's a passion that drives a person to get that perfect shot. The one that has to be better than the last one. It's like a challange. You are truely tallented. Some of the best I've seen in a LONG time. I would definately take a class from you, if you offered it. Would love to get feedback on my portfolio from you. Of course mine is NOT nearly as great as yours. I shoot with a Sony Mavica. I'm currently in the market to upgrade to a DSLR. I'm looking at the Cannon EOS's or the newer Sony A100. It has the same sensor in it that the Nikon has, as well as the anti shake mechanism. I would love to get your input on what you think about the newer DSLR's. I shoot Landscape and macro. So I want something that allows for good DOF. Thank you so much for sharing your work. Best Reguards.

Donna Pepin , September 16, 2006; 11:00 P.M.


What beautiful photographs!!!! As I look at these photos, I think, that is how God would see things. Heavenly colors and beautiful framing. Thanks for bringing a bit of the divine to us here on earth. Donna

Aldemar A , September 17, 2006; 04:57 P.M.

Unas fotos preciosas, me dejan pasmado. sigue con eso.

Peter Lyons , September 19, 2006; 02:13 A.M.


Wow. This is the best I've seen anywhere. Stunning.


Filippo Zonta , October 09, 2006; 04:55 A.M.

Larg format vs. small digital

Your images are really stunning. But are you satisfied about the quality of digital SLR images, compared with film slides ? I use slide 35mm film slides (and even 4x5 sheet), and I think they are the best for details and colors. Did you ever try to shot with large format film ? If yes, what do you think about the difference between LF sheets and 35mm digital files ?

Filippo Zonta


Edwin Pakeman , October 11, 2006; 08:29 A.M.

Fantastic! My favourite portfolio on photo.net Regards, Tom

R Jackson , October 13, 2006; 08:48 P.M.

Congratulations on a fantastic portfolio!

Micheal Kraml , November 06, 2006; 01:34 P.M.

Definitely one of the best photographs I've ever seen. It's helpful to see inspiring images like this. Micheal

Lisa Dobbs , November 07, 2006; 11:38 P.M.

A stunning gallery. I Love every one.

Jörg Terhart , November 27, 2006; 03:40 P.M.


Great work!

Michael Sulka , December 02, 2006; 01:30 P.M.

Well Done!

Excellent portfolio with wonderful photos, good work!

Chapi Gómez , December 07, 2006; 12:29 A.M.

Hi Mark: To the day maybe you are my best discover here. Congratulations for your work.

I'll see your gallery many days and slowly.

Jon Martin , December 10, 2006; 04:23 P.M.


An absolute pleasure to see.

The best PF on the site in my opinion.

Keep it up

Best regards


Alan Whittle , December 12, 2006; 07:36 P.M.

What can i add that has'nt already been said. Your work is truly first class, it has been a pleasure viewing your photographs.

Leanna Weber , December 17, 2006; 03:29 A.M.

You are amazing. Every photo in your portfolio is perfection. Keeps me coming back. Leanna:O)

Chuck Babbitt , December 22, 2006; 12:28 A.M.

Thank you!

Marc, Thanks for posting your work here in Photo.net. It is inspirational to see what is possible with a camera. Just amazing work! Aloha.

Ovidiu-Cristian Cojocarita , December 31, 2006; 12:04 P.M.

Beautiful photos! Thank you for sharing with us. I wish you a Happy New Year. Best regards.

Mari R , December 31, 2006; 04:55 P.M.

Maravilloso portafolio, muy bien hecho, hermoso y muy interesante. Un feliz 07 lleno de aventuras y salud, Marc, sigue tu lindo trabajo fotografico!

Greg Cope , January 02, 2007; 11:15 P.M.

Man, what can I say...each and every shot - spectacular! Keep up the good work!

Rarindra Prakarsa , January 04, 2007; 04:05 A.M.

Beautiful photos

Frankly. You are great landscaper photographer. Sorry if you are not disagree.

Marleen Valdmann , January 10, 2007; 12:56 P.M.

Just Fantastic!

Gerry Priest , January 10, 2007; 09:05 P.M.

I truly couldn't rate your work higher.! Very inspirational. Thank you very much for sharing it.

Pierrick Delattre , January 11, 2007; 01:45 P.M.

Awesome portfolio...really. A pleasure to see.

Stuart Apsey , January 12, 2007; 06:42 A.M.

Hi Marc

As an admirer for quite some time I have often wondered what I can say that will be any different from all ready been said but here goes. I don't believe you to be human. You are more likely some advance prototype machine designed Canon to display what is possible with their equipment. AS a well engineered machine should be you have no flaws. Only humans have flaws like the ones that will give a rating of anything less than perfect.

Randy Command , January 14, 2007; 02:32 P.M.


I'm overwhelmed by the purity of your vision. How you see what you see is incredible, made more so by your ability to show us. Thank you.

Thomas Garwood , January 17, 2007; 07:38 A.M.

Fantastic photos! some of the best work I have ever seen.

AmirAli Sharifi , January 18, 2007; 02:21 A.M.

Im simply stunned by your portfolio and im really glad to be here and learn from the professional photographers , i do really enjoy your great work and your landscapes are just magnificent , you capture the heart of the landscape. i will be glad to have your constructive critiques on my photos to help me improve my amateur work :)

good luck

Keith Evans , February 02, 2007; 12:16 P.M.

Hello. I really, really, really like your work. Since you're a for profit/professional photographer and your photos have ('All photos are copyright the photographer, and may not be used without written permission.') a copyright to them. Would you mind if I use these low-res images in your portfolio for my computers desktop/wallpaper?

Thanks, Keith

Marc Adamus , February 03, 2007; 05:29 P.M.

Anyone is free to use the low-res. images in non-commercial fashion.

Shawn Callahan , February 03, 2007; 05:44 P.M.

Holy Crap!

That may be the only response not listed here yet. I don't know if I should be inspired or throw in the towel! ; )

Marc Loiselle , February 10, 2007; 08:15 A.M.


Marc Adamus...The man with God's eyes

First of all i'd like to thank you for your comments on my "Green retreat"image.To tell you the truth,i was very excited to see your name underneath my image.My wife was looking at me trying to figure what was going on with me!.For me...your the best landscape photographer in the world so having a comment from you is like winning a million bucks!!

I'm a big fan of your work and i spend hours looking at your images.It's very inspiring for me.Your work give me the kick in the ass to get up and be there when the sky get's crazy,and like you said on the timecatcher site...''never be afraid walking the extra miles to take a shot''...that is so right!.

I'd really like to be there when your on a mission...just to see how you work.Maybe i'll be lucky enough once in my life to meet you and shake hands.Thank you very much...your a road model for me...and probably thousands of other photographers.

Marc Adamus..i wish you the best shots ever for 2007.

Marc Loiselle/Tadoussac,Quebec

ibrahim javed , February 10, 2007; 12:52 P.M.

GREAT .....


AmirAli Sharifi , February 10, 2007; 11:57 P.M.

Hi , i saw your portfolio a long time ago ,and since then im one of the fans of your landscape photography , newly i started to take some landscape photos , it would be very nice of you , if you take a look at them and tell me the problems and give me guidlines for them :) thank you .

Ash Burton-Smith , February 12, 2007; 04:02 A.M.

I have never seen a more spectacular portfolio. Congratulations and thanks for the incredible amount of insperation you give to others.

Mundy Hackett , February 13, 2007; 07:51 A.M.

Mr. Mundy Hackett

Dear Marc,

I wanted to say that wour work is breathtaking, you seem to have way of capturing just that little bit more that 99% of imitators lack! I was sent here by a friend who said I had to see your work, and she couldn't have been more right! I am currently dealing with an old friend of yours at Shutterpoint (MD), and it is sad sometimes how imitation moves from flattery to simply wannabe. No one can ever imitate your vision, love it, keep up the good work!

Mundy Hackett hmhn78@mizzou.edu

Ollie Raymond , February 17, 2007; 12:27 A.M.


This has got to be one of, if not THE best collection of landscape photography I have ever seen. Simply breathtaking stuff. The Galen Rowell influence in your work is strong, and I don't think you can have a much better photographic idol.

mehran haghparast , February 18, 2007; 04:31 A.M.


The best portfolio I have seen in photo.net

best wishes...

Stuart Williams , February 19, 2007; 03:22 P.M.


Many of the rest of us (and I am of course taking liberties with my fellow PN'ers but many of the comments above suggest that there may be some justification to this) oogle in awe of your work. While somewhere on your portfolio comment page, you tell us about finding the 'defining' moment of a particular scene, what you don't lead us through are the steps that you take AFTER the shutter has opened and closed and the scene is 'captured'. As one pretender with a huge amount to learn in this processing stage (although I also don't pretend to have the time to capture anything like as scene's 'defining' moment; rather my photos are defined by the moment when I happened along - anything satisfying that might emerge from them is rather serendipitous), I'd like to learn it off those people who so clearly excel at this craft. Thus, if you have time (and, for a number of reasons, I really appreciate time) and inclination, I'd love to hear what those steps are: from the moment(s) of the satisfying clunk of the shutter to the mouse click as an image is posted on PN (and I suspect that there's quite a lot of people out there that'd be interested in the answer)!

Rudy Christianto , February 20, 2007; 09:27 A.M.


very stunning and colourful landscape pictures you have.

your pictures, along with Patrick di Fruscia's, are always an inspiration for me to take a landscape pictures.

Thanks for sharing and I always looking forward to see your upcoming photos.



Debra K Gutierrez , February 24, 2007; 08:56 P.M.

Breathtaking! Heaven should be so beautiful!

Mark Geistweite , March 04, 2007; 11:35 P.M.

Hi Marc. I have to say your images stand out from all photographers I admire. From Galen Rowell, Art Wolfe, David Muench, Willard Clay, Carr Clifton and so on, I believe you are drinking water upstream from the proverbial herd. It is loudly apparent that you will do what it takes to place magic on film (a CMOS sensor in your case}. The "Melt Chamber" is a form of art that speaks to anyone that appreciates natures precious gift. I know you must be a truly content person in what you do and how you present it. I am one of the last remaining film users in an era of digital imaging and I feel left behind. Thanks for making me more aware and also greatly inspired. Please drop by some time between excursions. BTW, I mentioned your name to the photo editor at Webshots. If you are not familiar, they offer screensavers to a worldwide audience. It could be an additional outlet for your photos. If you were to contact Penny, I am sure she would be happy to use your work (unless you prefer not to offer your images in this manner). Be of good health and good cheer,


Karen Roeder , March 14, 2007; 05:57 P.M.

Congratulations on your cover photo & contest win in Popular Photography. Sweet!

Paweł & Grażyna Hachaj , March 17, 2007; 05:25 A.M.


Your photos are marvellous! Specially the last ones. Greetings from Krakow!

Witold P , March 18, 2007; 11:33 A.M.

Very good quality of the landscapes.

Tyler Wind , March 18, 2007; 03:39 P.M.

Marc--All I have to say is "WOW!" I've found a new portfolio to serve as my example and inspiration--you have jumped up into the elite class of the 2 or 3 guys on photo.net that I really, really admire. I was led here by your discussion of filters and processing on an image by Rick Lundh (I think that was his name) and boy am I glad I was! I have learned a tremendous amount about exposure, composition, and especially fitler use from reviewing your work. Not to mention the pure enjoyment I've had at the mind-boggling natural beauty you've captured. Thanks for sharing your work and your expertise through critiques and comments. I'll be back to visit your portfolio often...you're definitely on my favorites list now!

Dennis Jones , March 19, 2007; 07:07 P.M.


My bad for not leaving a comment sooner... Nothing more can be said than has been. You have a skill and a passion few folks will ever know. My hat's off to you. Constantly producing jaw dropping photographs is not an easy task....

gina holbrook , March 20, 2007; 07:27 A.M.

An absolutely stunning portfolio!! Its a pleasure to view all your photos, I swear I could stare at them forever! Thankyou for sharing. Gina

Younes Bounhar , March 20, 2007; 12:47 P.M.


Marc, I will join the plethora of PN members who have applauded your work. I've read in someone's comments that you have nothing to envy the likes of Rowell, and I couldn't agree more. Your work is beyond words, you have managed to capture the essence of nature's beauty. Anyway, I could probably ramble on for a few pages, so I will stop here. Thanks for inspiring us.

E. J. , March 20, 2007; 09:28 P.M.

Marc, what are you doing on this planet? You have clearly transcended us poor mortals. There is a lot of great work on PN, but I have never seen such a collection in one place as in your portfolio. I say that with great trepedation. I was very luck and was able to spend most of a summer with Ansel Adams many years ago. Your work transcends his. I am absolutely blown away. This is the finest collection of landscape images I have ever seen; and not by a small margin!


Baerbel Kavanaugh , March 21, 2007; 02:17 P.M.

WOW! Incredible portfolio! Photography means 'drawing with light', and you certainly excell in this area. Your work is absolutely beautiful! :)

Marc Adamus , March 21, 2007; 11:53 P.M.

John E. - Wow. Such strong words. And echoed by many of you as well. First, thanks you all very much for having a look at my gallery here. You know, I wonder what Ansel would have done today. Or Galen, for that matter. I'm working with tools that our predecessors could never have fully known and no matter how many similarities do exist the fact remains that I have the advantage, and it will always be a difficult task to compare photographers from different generations. As stated, there are no significant alterations to the subject matter in these images, but I can control exposure and color more accurately than anyone generations before me.

That said, Photoshop is 1% of my photography. It's the finishing touch on the dominant passion of my life, the wilderness. It's not possible to amass a collection of work like this unless you can find a way to spend a tremendous amount of time in nature, exploring and capturing it's beauty - over 200 days in the last year alone. But it's also not possible for most to dedicate their lives to such a passion, so it is my hope that everyone can find something inspirational in these images. Thanks again for looking. I've been doing this seriously for less than five years of my life, I'm 28 years old, and I'm only starting to realize what I believe can be done.

Dan Goldman , March 22, 2007; 12:58 A.M.

A truly inspiration portfolio. The finest collection of photographs in a single place i think i've ever seen.

Cynthia Gordon , March 24, 2007; 12:34 P.M.


I am overwhelmed by your work, truly extraordinary! May I ask where you received your training? Thank you!

Alper Çukur , March 31, 2007; 05:22 P.M.


You are the master of the landscapes! Bravo!

Nicole York , April 02, 2007; 07:15 P.M.

Oh, Geeze, what is left to say!?

I guess I'm just adding my name to a long list...

Wow, man, you got compared to Ansel Adams! That must feel good :)

I'm so low on the food chain I cant really even be called a novice but I have to say you give me another reason to be proud of being from the PNW! If I can achieve a photo even half as impressive as your worst work I'd be happy with myself. You've been given a gift and its a blessing to see the results of how well you use it. "the man with God's eyes..." It must be quite a burden :)

Superb, breathtaking, heartstopping...you remind us that God knew what he was doing when he created this place. Get used to seeing my name, I'll be following your work with great enthusiasm...and a sign that says "stalker" on my forehead :p

Nicole York , April 03, 2007; 02:28 A.M.

I just had to come back and tell you that I've been thinking about your portfolio all day long and it's made me hungry. Voracious would be a better word. While I feel completely inadiquate seeing your work has made me want to attack mine despite my frusteration with my camera :) Thanks for the insperation!!!

Sean Hernandez , April 06, 2007; 01:26 A.M.

Hi Mark I have just checked out your main smugmug website and was amazed to how big you are blowing up your images, 32x48 inch?s with the canon 5d. I also have the canon 5d and have printed images 24x36 with tack sharp quality. I haven?t tried anything bigger, but I was just curious what you are using to blow your images up so big besides the advanced sharpening techniques if anything. Do you use Photoshop?s bicubic smoother or some kind of other program? Also when do you plan to have a workshop? I am interested in going to one. All of your images have been incredibly inspirational. Your images look like beautiful paintings.

Jo Aluf , April 09, 2007; 07:56 A.M.

I am so glad you visited me. That is how I got to see you photos. You are one of the best landscape photographers I know. I see - every of your photos is so well done I it is obvious you gave each one of them so much thought. I wll be returning, because I wish to get better. And you really inspire.

Josh Schutz , April 24, 2007; 11:15 A.M.

you have some very stunning photos in excellent conditions. i'm glad someone on here knows how to use a ND filter without making it noticable. i have to say though. there are a few photos that look a little fakey for me. how much post production do you need. you know galen rowell wouldn't approve of this. many of your photos remind me of some paintings by albert bierstadt. ever heard of him?

Marc Adamus , April 24, 2007; 11:41 A.M.

Because you were probably wondering...

Galen isn't around today so there is absolutely no reason to assume what his opinions on post processing would be. I believed the same things as him back in 02', as did many of his closest friends, who have since turned to more artistic interpretations of nature. Times change, people change, we use the tools available, this is all art. I may heavily manipulate an image to get them to look much more natural than a strong grad-line across a horizon.

WHAT I DO IN PHOTOSHOP - Balance exposures and render an accurate dynamic range of exposure throughout, using any techniques available, prefering grad ND's but I won't rule out dodge/burn, curves, layer masks, blends, etc. I correct and/or enhance colors and contrasts, just like any over-saturated slide film. I correct perspective distortion from wide angles, straiten horizons, etc. I dodge/burn for artistic reasons, much like what has been done for an eternity in the B&W darkroom.

WHAT I DO NOT DO IN PS - Add or remove significant elements of subject matter, such as replacing a sky that wasn't there, or cloning or removing major features that would noticeably impact the image. I don't do composites unless it is necessary to control dynamic range of exposure - very rare IMO.

Bierstadt - yes, I've heard of him. I have his book Art and Enterprize. He's definitely an influence on my artistic preferences. The "Painterly" look to some of these images is a direct result of the combination of extreme dynamic range (few true blacks or whites, except in my old Velvia images) and traditional dodge/burn techniques. We have the tools available now to make images much more in the style of painters, who see no limiting factors such as limited range of exposure. The best digital images today are looking less and less like their film counterparts of old, and will undoubtably continue to do so. Manipulations can be used every bit as much to bring the image closer to what we see with our eyes.

Josh Schutz , April 24, 2007; 02:14 P.M.

thanks for the response. i mentioned galens approval purely for the sake of discussion and critique. galen was a purest. he wouldn't even allow a powerline to be taken out of his photos. but your right, he is not here today. so we don't know what his stance would be on todays digitally enhanced artistic expressionism. since his passing the digi world has progressed more than many of us could have imagined. there are new tools and techniques to be embraced, and your art reflects this nicely. many of bierstadts paintings appear to be 'too good to be true'. that is what i should have said about your photos instead of 'fakey'. in your work, you dedicate yourself to be in the right place at the right time, and that shows. i have never seen so many of those locations in such beauty. cheers to you josh

Dan Cardoso , April 25, 2007; 05:00 P.M.

Marc, I can't say enough about the superb work you produce. Truly inspiring.


Collin Edwards , April 26, 2007; 02:06 A.M.

Marc: Until recently the best collection of photos I had seen was Galen Rowell's "Mountain Light". Your portfolio has changed that; it represents incredibly breathtaking photography.

Michael Sobie , April 26, 2007; 05:10 P.M.

I sometimes wonder why you even ask for critiques. Clearly, there are none to be given, being that your portfolio is near perfect. Still, I am always astounded by every image you create. I can never find one fault; great work on that.

Mustafa Jamil , May 02, 2007; 04:15 P.M.

Intimidating work


Even if I had five years, considerable amounts of time and money, and the athletic prowess needed to try to produce a portfolio comparable to yours, I don't think I'd be in the same ballpark. You simply have a better eye and a great sense of timing/location. Maybe some of that can be acquired through constant practice and effort spent studying and learning; at least, that's my hope. In the meantime, I'll continue to look to your work to get a sense of what is achievable by someone who is simply the best that I know of at landscape photography. (Oh, and I'll also spend time trying to produce images that have even half of the sharpness/range that you manage to produce with minimal post-processing.)

Keep 'em coming...


Lalit Deshmukh , May 15, 2007; 01:49 P.M.


Hi Marc,

There may be many great idols of light, composition and art for the photographers. But very quickly you are becoming the idol for the "dynamism" in the nature. This wild behavior of the nature is what favored me most, when I don't get to enjoy that weather outdoors, I visit your website. Your pictures bring the chill of the snow, wind knocked me out from the cliff, the swift currents drag my feet off the rocks in the stream, the salty water makes a splash on my face..and much more. You are an example and quickly becoming an icon. What I also appreciate much is what you frankly share your views and also techniques. I wish you all the best to be even more successful and bring joys and the zing that is missing from the traditional landscape photographs. If there is one addiction I would like to become high, is to drench in storm brought by your dynamic landscape shots.

I noticed on your website that you have added one photo related to the destruction of the forest due to the human actions. It was very encouraging to see the slightly different approach. This photojouranistic element could also open some eyes and spread awareness that nature is not just to enjoy and take pretty pictures but also to conserve and help conserve.

Hats off to you.


Erik Jorgensen , May 23, 2007; 08:42 A.M.


Your photos is great. I think I have to go to the mountains again. This inspire my a lot. Erik

Fred Mueller , June 18, 2007; 09:53 P.M.

Hi Marc,

You have great technical skill and you must have amazing physical fortitude and courage ( and I am just a pedestrian who has come back to photography after many inactive years).....please do not be offended....but what would be the point of another rave review ?

You do produce the WOW factor over, and over, and over again in your shots ..... but "wow" wears off quickly and then what is left ??

Michal Skrzypczak has a hook in you that you and others with so much skill and persistance must not ignore ... I think he is trying to say ..... "is this style believable" .... "is it honest"..... and for landscape photography don't you think it needs to be .... ?

To use a specific example - "Fairy Falls" - I know this is a place you went to - and with great effort and skill and patience you shot a wonderfully composed image, ... but it could never have been THAT green ..... although your photo in and of its self is a perfect beautiful object .... I don't believe in it as reportage .... and I very badly want that so I can travel too

You do not need to show me what might be there in a better world .... you need to show me to the best of your ability what is truly there .....

with respect

Marc Adamus , June 20, 2007; 11:27 P.M.

Fred, an interesting view to say the least. What follows here is an honest reponse to your questions that I feel is necessary.

First, don't put words in Michaels mouth (when he made this comment, I had only 20 or so images posted here). I disagree with your assessment of what he has said. But if you honestly believe landscape photography has or will or should ever be 100% faithful to the subject matter at hand, I'm afraid you are mistaken. Ansel Adams' images were anything but a faithful representation of nature, same with every great landscape artist in at least some respect. Landscape photography is NEVER totally reportage. This isn't journalism - this is far from it, and even journalists distort the scene in ways we could have never seen without a lens. Where do you draw the line, anyway? The green bothers you, but why not the blurred water? Would the enhanced greens bother you if you were looking at an unaltered Velvia slide? This is art, Fred. Art with a unique relationship to nature, perhaps, but it's very interpretive. The landscape has always been interpreted by great photographers, not documented. My images are based in reality, but I make no claims to document reality alone. Ever see a Velvia image? Dodging, burning in the B&W darkroom? A hard grad filter and a bright foreground? I could go on and on and on....this isn't about a perfect replication of nature, and you should NEVER expect to see a particular scene exactly as a photographer has portrayed it. But by the way, it really IS that green.

I produce 'wow' over and over again in my shots? Man, I should hope so! I mean, if I didn't, why would anyone look? Why would I photograph for that matter? What Michael talks about is diversification and refinement of ones style. A different type of 'wow', if you will. My images evoke a range of emotion - as landscapes go, and this is important. Some are lonely, others are dramatic, some are peaceful, etc. Just like anything in life. The key, of course, is to generate emotion. Without that......what?

Michael Anderson , June 26, 2007; 08:46 P.M.


Just in case it's not clear yet. You are the best landscape photographer alive in the world today. And as your recent images continue to show, you are expanding the boundaries of your vision in unique ways that inspire us all. I can't wait to see what's next.

Brenden Hansen , June 27, 2007; 04:46 A.M.

As someone who is just starting out in photography it is very special to have your images to look to for inspiration. Thank you for your generous tips, technical details, and dramatic imagery. I love your work!

stan rose , June 27, 2007; 01:52 P.M.

Psychology Thesis

Almost as interesting as the photos (some of the best ive seen) is the debate it provokes on whether there is a true distinction between art and photography. Ive always pondered this ever since i saw an Art Wolfe exhibit and thought to myself, "this stuff is completely unnatural!". I think you've done a fine job so far in presenting images that are still recognizable as photographs, as images that can be accepted as something the mind sees in nature if not necessarily the eyes. But, the fascinating thing about our digital age is that it permits such overwhelming constant feedback in near real time, the way never before in history artists have had access to. When i read the endless stream of hyperboles (WOW, you are the greatest on earth! etc) I can't imagine what that is doing to your head. If it were me, my head would swell to the size of a watermelon and i might find myself subconcioussly compromising or shifting my focus just to keep the praise coming. But then again, im just a mere mortal. And if that's a driving force behind your work--then keep at it! Nevertheless, at some point, it might be helpful to shut it all down for a while and stop presenting the work for feedback/critique (not referring to your portfolio, but other forums), cause really what is the point if you don't get any?

Colin Easson , June 28, 2007; 11:33 P.M.

Print Request

Gorgeous shot of the ocean. We would like to get a print from you of the photo "Ocean's Fury". My wife and I would love to get a print for our house. Where was this photo taken. Please contact us a gatoreassons@adelphia.net. Thak you and great work! Janet and Colin

Andrew Daspin , July 12, 2007; 07:14 P.M.

Favor to ask

Marc: I am a novice at photography; I have been at it for 18 months. I have had no formal training or experience in photography, and as a result I know almost nothing about photography or photoshop. Whatever little I do know I have taught myself. I do, however, have great motivation and ambition, and perhaps some raw talent, and it is my goal to some day be nearly as good as you! As hundreds of people have already stated, you are a world class landscape photographer, and you have reached the very highest echelons of this artform. Your work is truly breathtaking and inspiring. Now for the favor... If you have a few minutes, would you be kind enough to check out my humble portfolio, and tell me what you think? Any comments from someone of your stature would be extremely welcome. If you do visit my portfolio, please keep in mind I am an untrained novice. Also please forgive the dissaray of my photos, as I have not yet had time to organize them into folders. Thank you so much. Andrew Daspin

James Baeza , July 17, 2007; 11:19 P.M.

Fantastic stuff! The photo I commented on is but a teaser.

Nicholes Turner , July 22, 2007; 02:01 P.M.

Marc, your work is an insperation to me to try harder and learn more, I also love the outdoors and am always trying to capture the moment and hope that one day I express my work as well as you do. Thank You for sharing

Rick Lundh , July 25, 2007; 05:49 P.M.


Marc, You have stated the point perfectly.

You forgot one thing though...the comment about Fairy Falls...it really is THAT GREEN. Just visit there in Springtime and you will experience it.

You really are one of the top landscape photographers alive on the globe today. Heck, even amongst the great photographers who have passed...

You know me, I dont kiss butt...I only say it like I see it.

Carlos Guaimare , July 28, 2007; 06:38 A.M.

So this is landscape

I did not like landscapes until now. This portfolio is poetry

Alycia Johnson , August 07, 2007; 02:40 A.M.

I think your portfolio is wonderful. I happen to live in Central Oregon and although I see it everyday and find it to be a beautiful place it puts a whole new light on things to see the way you have captured the beauty of Oregon. I am very much an amateur, but am very inspired by your works.

Andrei Malashenko , August 10, 2007; 09:08 A.M.

This is truly an amazing portfolio! You are a great artist with an amazing technique. Thank you for your inspiring work. Sincerely, Andrei

Tristan ホerjav , August 11, 2007; 01:52 P.M.

Great portfolio Marc. I have to admit, that i can't decide...which photo is my favourite...they are all just amaizing. To make pictures as your's...well that's my dream. best regards! T

L. Ramoth , August 13, 2007; 01:36 P.M.

Marc, my opinion of your images, the quality, the emotion, has been already said by many. For me the allure of your work is in the living. Photography is but a fleeting moment in my life. Job, family, and home all hold as high or higher regard in my life as my art form. Maintaining the balance is incredibly difficult at times. In this sense I envy your freedom, your accomplishment, your synthesis. Best Regards.

franc golob , August 14, 2007; 09:27 A.M.

The best to understand and enjoy in Your Photography is to read Your coments on April 24, 2007 (becouse you were probably wondering...) and June 20,2007. Long ago I've been an 'purist' in Photography towards coming digital's. With the experiens now I can say: digital photography is new media, with his unique tecnology and aestetics. You are young one and you have to express up to date, with modern (postmodern?) language. Processing or not processing: why, who, when. About landscape: artist wiew - landscape as Portrait. About 'portait': portait can be a 'landscape' too. Congratulations, Franc

Michael Furmaniak , August 18, 2007; 02:04 P.M.


Others said it all so it is not much for me to add. It is simply beautiful. Bookmarked your gallery to keep coming back.

Mark Lundgren , August 19, 2007; 11:08 P.M.


Marc - Wow! Superb work. Your color images really transport me to the mind's eye of of a scene. Your black and white images are powerful stuff.

Andrew Daspin , August 21, 2007; 10:38 P.M.

No one has asked you....


No question that your landscape work is among the finest in the world. In studying your portfolio, however, something strikes me, that I have not seen mentioned by any other commenter.... your subject matter is all extremely similar. All of your photos, while absolutely breathtaking individually, when grouped together, tend to look like just many different versions of the same(or similar) scenes. With your enormous talent and motivation, havent you been interested in doing other subject matter... cities,animals,other types of scenery,architecture, flowers,etc.? I was just wondering why you have limited yourself to such a small and narrow portion of the huge artistic spectrum that photography offers. By the way... I am a novice (18 months) at photography,and I would be very grateful if you would check out my humble portfolio, and tell me what you think. Any comment from someone of your stature would be most welcome. Thank You.... Andrew Daspin

Raj Nandwana , August 23, 2007; 07:12 A.M.


each image in your portfolio is a visual treat and reminds me i have'nt even started serious photography. best wishes from India

Marc Adamus , August 31, 2007; 01:01 P.M.

>>"All of your photos, while absolutely breathtaking individually, when grouped together, tend to look like just many different versions of the same(or similar) scenes. With your enormous talent and motivation, havent you been interested in doing other subject matter... cities,animals,other types of scenery,architecture, flowers,etc.?"

Art is about expression and inspiration. Like most artists, I have a recognizable personal style. This style is a product of what inspires me to create the images. For example - flower pictures do not inspire me. Neither does architechture, cities or animals. My collection of scenery is about as diverse as it gets, however.

>>"I was just wondering why you have limited yourself to such a small and narrow portion of the huge artistic spectrum that photography offers."

Simple. I don't care about photographing anything else. I would put down my camera forever if I couldn't capture landscapes. I have no desire to see the rest of the world with a camera. My photography is a product of a love for nature and wilderness adventure. I would never take such images as these if I were not truly passionate about my subjects, and the time spent with them.

Alexandre DESCHAUMES , September 01, 2007; 08:36 A.M.

Absolutly Ethereal

Marc ,

With your whole portfolio you depict your vision of nature .. I love this vision and you are a very huge source of inspiration for me. I try to reach this image quality but it's hard ! .. this vision is very ...dramatic, strong, wide, ethereal , sharp,clean, emotive .. .. in my point of view ...in this category you are the best. so ... congratulation and thanks a lot to be here and to share your work with us .. I'm very intersted to have your humble opinion for my work ... I still have a little portfolio here on photo.net ... I have also a place on smugmug. moreover .. I could be interested by your 'photo tour' but I live in france so ... I'll check it as soon as your new dates are online. thanks a lot .. ethereal visions of nature always allows the soul to ascend. sorry for my poor english ... ;)

Martin Eliassen , September 03, 2007; 03:32 P.M.

Absolute uotstanding!

You have som of the best landscapes I have ever seen. Congratulations, and thanks for sharing them!

Regards Martin

Steve Bingham , September 08, 2007; 11:17 A.M.

Commercial potential

Mark, this all big-time stuff. You need your own web page with marketing. Your work is as good as anything commercially out there (and better than 99.9%) and you might be surprised at the potential income. Not only do you TAKE great pictures, you have an excellent understanding of PP techniques.

Carlos Quintana , September 25, 2007; 10:02 A.M.


You are a Master, my friend. I can't express how much I enjoy your pictures. Wide angle photos are awesome. The colors you get are exquisite; the compositions are superb... In general terms, EXCELLENT. Also your comments on your pictures are very interesting and very well writen, in my humble opinion. Please, take a look at my portfolio and give me your sincere opinion... The critics from the good photographers like you are always specially welcomed. Thank you very much for sharing your art with us, It's a pleasure to find pictures like yours around... Best regards from Spain!

Wei Liu , September 25, 2007; 02:42 P.M.


Marc, You are the best landscape photographer I've ever seen. I checked every work of yours once they came out and never got disappointed. I hope you never stop your adventure and explore the inspirations of the nature and show us more and more wonderful images in the future.

Always take care, Wayne

Leon Forado , October 10, 2007; 05:29 A.M.

the colours in your photos are really magic. I enjoy looking your portafolio. It is really a great Job Congratulation Best Regards

Robert Semnic , October 10, 2007; 12:40 P.M.

definitely put you in the "interesting people". One can learn a lot form your approach. I imagine "my" photo world like yours: wondering through the beautiful landscapes (in the USA as well) and shoting in all conditions. Congratulations

Madara Repse , October 11, 2007; 07:32 P.M.

What a great portfolio! A huge delight for eyes and for soul looking on these shots! Best regards!

Al Kukitz , October 14, 2007; 04:46 P.M.


Has been said Marc. Now all we need is more. Thanks!

Kacy Lewis , October 16, 2007; 11:43 P.M.


I love everyone of your photos! They are all so relaxing and beautiful. Your love of nature is something I really admire! You are deffiently an inspiration! If I had the money I would be out there too, but alas I am but a broke college student. Someday though. Keep up the good work!

Kristian Gehradte , October 22, 2007; 10:27 A.M.

Your Landscape work is truly fantastic! Was wondering how much post goes into your images on average? The manipulation and colour treatment is A1.....I was thinking an hour or two per image?

Cheers Kristian www.kgphotography.com.au

mahendra moonstar , October 23, 2007; 02:40 P.M.

i like u photo

amazing u photo i like u mr. marc adamus

HuHu Lin , October 26, 2007; 01:01 A.M.

I see this brief message: "With landscapes like this in the USA, why would anyone with a functioning braincell go to Disneyland?"

Indeed, when I went to your country last yr,the first word hit my heart is "why wasn't I born in this place?" Every scenery deserves you clicking the shutter in your country.So cherish its every piece,my firends!

David B , October 30, 2007; 04:05 P.M.

I was lookind through your portfolio and i have to say that your shots are at the level that i wish to be able to do some day. This is exatly the type of photography that pulls someone into the picture and makes them feel like they are actually there. Your work inspires me as an aspiring photographer

Raif Tulga , October 30, 2007; 04:55 P.M.


very impressive landscapes! I'm speechless when admire variety of your beautiful photos. Regards

Marc Adamus , November 04, 2007; 07:41 P.M.

Kristian, I rarely spend so much time in post processing. My PS work is usually quite basic. Probably 5-10 minutes, average.

Catherine Gardner , November 14, 2007; 05:41 P.M.

Thank You Marc

Marc, I am a newbie here and would like to congratulate you on your work and for sharing it with us! As many others have already stated your work is not only outstanding but breathtaking!

Due to a physical disability, I will never be able to visit these places, nor will I ever be able to capture the types of images that you have here but through your eyes I can now see them!

Thank you and I will be checking in regularly.

Kyle Mather , November 16, 2007; 04:50 P.M.

As if you didn't know already...

Your work is absolutely incredible...I am just beginning photography and I have a love for landscapes. I would be lucky if any of my photos ever turn out anything like any one of yours. When I first ran across your portfolio the first thoughts through my head were "WOW! Well I might as well give up now" I am curious though, how long have you been doing this?

David Collier , November 21, 2007; 08:53 A.M.

Well Put!

This is the first time I have commented on this site and the first week I have been on it... I'm not very good with words so I wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed and appreciated your reply to a comment back on June 20th... so much I had to copy and paste it so I hope it will be read again. Very well put - thank you... and congratulations on your work. - Dave

"...if you honestly believe landscape photography has or will or should ever be 100% faithful to the subject matter at hand, I'm afraid you are mistaken. Ansel Adams' images were anything but a faithful representation of nature, same with every great landscape artist in at least some respect. Landscape photography is NEVER totally reportage. This isn't journalism - this is far from it, and even journalists distort the scene in ways we could have never seen without a lens. Where do you draw the line, anyway? The green bothers you, but why not the blurred water? Would the enhanced greens bother you if you were looking at an unaltered Velvia slide? This is art, Fred. Art with a unique relationship to nature, perhaps, but it's very interpretive. The landscape has always been interpreted by great photographers, not documented. My images are based in reality, but I make no claims to document reality alone. Ever see a Velvia image? Dodging, burning in the B&W darkroom? A hard grad filter and a bright foreground? I could go on and on and on....this isn't about a perfect replication of nature, and you should NEVER expect to see a particular scene exactly as a photographer has portrayed it. But by the way, it really IS that green.... as landscapes go, and this is important. Some are lonely, others are dramatic, some are peaceful, etc. Just like anything in life. The key, of course, is to generate emotion. Without that......what?" Marc Adamus, June 20, 2007; 11:27 P.M.

Emmanuel Boitier , November 27, 2007; 06:32 P.M.

Marc, I'm very proud to count you among my best photographers! It's really an endless pleasure for me to see again and again your creations. Congratulations. Regards. Emmanuel

J Michael , December 01, 2007; 07:59 P.M.

It is a huge compliment...

for one of my images to be included in the "Discover America" calendar, of which, you have the beautiful cover image! As a "newbie" to this hobby (obsession!), I was thrilled to have one of my images chosen for the calendar, and when I saw the finished product, I was humbled. The other contributors have an impressive photo resume...as is yours. I stumbled onto your photo.net site an hour ago, and the images within are consistently as good as the image chosen...throughout. You will be a frequent reference for me as I strive to improve my technique and I thank you for sharing your gift. Jeff

Dimitar janevski , December 02, 2007; 07:02 A.M.


This is the best portfolio I have ever seen. Your pictures are...... perfect. I can say that you are better then your idol Art wolf.

Regards Dimitar

Kenneth Fugate , December 02, 2007; 09:34 A.M.

Hello Friend!

Well here it is another year is passing away and we are coming into the holidays. I think time starts to go faster as we get older, it was just yesterday I wished my friends Happy Holidays and here it is again the end of a year. The holiday lights are starting to be put on some of the trees here in Dallas, we were out last night and some were lighting the trees. I wish for you all a holiday season with family and friends, after all is said and done all we have is each other.

I want all of you to know just what your comments and ratings on my work means to me, your words are my motivation, my drive to discover, to learn this art that we all love, thank you for taking time and thank you for caring about my works. At the same time thank you for letting us see your world, our lives are so much the same, we all care about our families and friends and we all share the same things, maybe someday our photos will help make for a lasting world peace. May you and your family be blessed this season.

Happy Holidays and Happy Shooting


Anish Desai , December 03, 2007; 11:26 A.M.


I've been a fan of your photos for a while now, and have commented on several over the years. I had a chance to look at your latest entries, and I'm so impressed, I just decided to post a general comment here. Your work has always been outstanding, but as of late, I can see that not only are you maintaining your usual level of technical and aesthetic mastery, but it seems your creative vision has taken a leap to the next level. The quality of your images is right up there with the best. I look forward to seeing what you'll come up with next.


john robinson , December 13, 2007; 08:06 P.M.

Hi Marc

Thanks for the comment on my work entitled Paddy's Hole. You have a great portfolio here. Excellent work! Well done.

Antonio Da Re , December 14, 2007; 04:12 P.M.

Great portfolios. Congratulations. Antonio

Lol Cain , December 16, 2007; 04:12 P.M.

I have read some comments of other photographers on photo.net stating that you are probably the best photographer on this site, so I have visited your portfolio to see for myself, and yes they are probably right. This set of landscapes are the best I have seen. Amazing colour, composition, detail and exposure. I would hate to have to choose one for my wall, impossible to pick a favourite. To say I am a bit jealous would be an understatement. Well done! Regards.

John Olszewski , December 22, 2007; 01:32 P.M.


Congratulations, not only on one of the most spectacular portfolios I've ever seen, but on your 'Show Case' shot in the February 2008 issue of Outdoor Photographer!

Wim Lassche , December 30, 2007; 05:41 P.M.

Hallo Marc

What to say about your outstanding portfolio..!! No words needed..imo. Just look at it and enjoy this wonderful work! Regards, Wim

Ciceri Roberto , January 13, 2008; 01:23 P.M.



Swamy Lokanadham , January 17, 2008; 03:11 A.M.

In one sentence...this is the gallery that Galen would have been very proud of.

Ufuk Ozkan , January 17, 2008; 07:31 A.M.

Wonderful portfolio...

louis greene , January 20, 2008; 11:16 P.M.

My Favorite portfolio on the site. Your work and compositions really pull me. Not sure if it's the locations themselves, the compostions, or the light, but I am drawn to it. You seem to have an amazing knack (and probably A LOT of patience) for getting that amazing light!! Congratulations on your success.

Erik Barnes , January 21, 2008; 02:10 P.M.


Giuseppe di Pietrantonio , January 23, 2008; 04:43 P.M.

Great,amazing,stunning portfolio!Your photo are all beautiful,a pleasure for my eyes!Fantastic colours,landscapes....pictures!Congratulations,bravissimo....Regards..I'll come back again!

Ron Chiang , January 30, 2008; 06:24 A.M.

Your photos are masterpieces!.../Ron

Marc Dilley , February 08, 2008; 10:40 A.M.

Bravo, Marc


Here is another NPN member thanking you for posting so many of your transcendent images for us to view and study.

I agree with John Ellingson; your work can favorably be compared with that of the Grand Masters. In some of your photos, Marc, and here I?m referring mostly to your B&Ws (but some of your color images too) you have given us a new way of seeing, a characteristic of great art. In The Infinite, The Rift, Edge of Dreams, The Tree God and Fountain of Light, to name a few, you expand the boundaries of the possible. This is probably not a smart thing to say to someone as early in their career as you; but credit where credit is due. Do not think you can start coasting, eh!!!

Michal Skrzypczak tangentially, I think, raised some interesting questions about the relationship of photography and artistic expression. My mother, a painter, once told me that painting (and by extension, photography) is an abstraction of reality, a 2D rendering of a 3D world. The artist seeks to intensify salient elements and leave out (perhaps to crop or burn in our case, as well as other techniques) unimportant elements to achieve a desired effect, mood, make a statement or what have you. Each individuals vision is unique, but how effective that vision is communicated to the viewer depends on the technical skills of the artist. Alas, few photographers are strong in both of those departments.

If Michal Skrzypczak is bored by Marc's work, I suggest he modify his viewing technique. He might be gulping when he should be slowly savoring, one at a time. Great art is best ingested like fine wine - slowly, one sip at a time.

Marc Dilley

Jose A Gallego , February 23, 2008; 08:32 P.M.

Bueno, me es indiferente que no me entiendas, pero no queria dejar pasar el tiempo sin que comentase el portfolio de uno de los primeros artistas que conoci en PH y por el que (entre otros) he entrado aqui, para mostrar y al mismo tiempo aprender. La vision del paisaje es magnifica, la tecnica fotografica tambien, pero eso ya no es una novedad en esta pagina visto el gran nivel de muchos fotografos. Lo que si es especial en tu caso es la capacidad para emocionar con unas fotos que parecia que no nos iban a sorprender, la capacidad de mostrar un mundo como a uno le gustaria que fuera, es decir: reinterpretar los paisajes sin inventarse nada al mismo tiempo. mi enhorabuena y una vieja admiracion por lo que haces. Un gran "pero" : que no pongas mas fotos. Saludos.

Marc Adamus , February 24, 2008; 08:17 P.M.

Anyone care to interpret the spanish for me? Thanks for commenting, Jose.

Mari Owen , February 26, 2008; 10:55 A.M.

Marc, I am a big fan of your work, and your dedication to it shines through with your wonderful images. I wish I could visit some of the places you shoot, but at least I can see them in your portfolio. Congrats on your talent.


Robert McLean , March 02, 2008; 07:00 A.M.

Hello Marc

Amazing work [7/7] from wonderful talent you are an ispiration to many, thanks for sharing with us!

Gaetano Gallo , March 16, 2008; 03:18 P.M.

your images looks like paintings. of course a great journey. the colours are phantastic and have so much life.

Korkut Cagatay Bilir , March 20, 2008; 05:37 P.M.


Sana torpil gecmisler babacim, kalkmasin kicin :) Bizim Kemal'inkiler bes basar bunlara...

Gary Anthes , March 20, 2008; 06:25 P.M.


Your stuff is fantastic, no doubt about it, and far better than my own. But, at the risk of being the skunk at the parade, I find the colors over-saturated, a little heavy-handed in the use of Photoshop. A little too much like a cover of Outdoor Photographer.

VAN CARRIN , March 20, 2008; 06:43 P.M.

Ansel Adams.....

...would be proud, your the counterpart color photographer to Ansel Adams.

Floriana Barbu , March 25, 2008; 06:58 A.M.

I'm your fan for ever !!!

Radoslaw Zeler , March 25, 2008; 01:04 P.M.

Great portfolio! Congratulations Marc!

Marc Adamus , March 28, 2008; 11:33 A.M.

Gary, if I believe one thing about photography it is that it is an art first and foremost, and in art there will always be those who dislike the style of a particular artist or the characteristics of a particular piece. In essence, you must have that balance to be successful. There are certainly those who don't connect well with the work of any great artist of any time. I thank you for your comment.

Marina Cano , March 28, 2008; 12:20 P.M.

Congratulations for your work in the most recent issue of Popular Photography. Your landscapes are breathtaking!

Kristina Kraft , March 30, 2008; 04:38 A.M.


I've never seen such a beauty in landscapes before. I've seen it a lot, but yours just locked my view. It looks like it is between fantasy world and reality that questions me, is it our Earth in its own splendor?

Kind regards, Kristina

Norah Rudin , April 01, 2008; 02:33 P.M.

What Galen would say

I have read with interest the dialogue discussing what the late great Galen Rowell would say about Marc's stunning images. I knew Galen for many years and had the opportunity and honor to take many of his workshops. In fact, I happened to be on the Bering Sea trip, from which he sadly did not return. On that trip, he had his first opportunity to pick up a digital camera, the Nikon D100, which his wife Barbara had brought along to try. Most photographers on that trip were still using film, but several had brought digital cameras, providing a springboard for spirited discussions about the advantages and limitations, as perceived at that time.

Galen was all about vision rather than documentation. That was the major theme that pervaded his work. He was quite clear that his images conveyed what he SAW rather than what was there. And in any case, what was there, depended entirely on how one captured it. He used many tools to accomplish this goal, from graduated neutral density filters and polarizing filters, to eventual digitization and optimization in printing of his 35mm slides. He made clear that he would never add or remove major elements from the scene, but I heard enough of his comments on the then emerging digital technologies to know that he fully embraced OPTIMIZATION of an image, either by analog or digital means. Galen chased the light. Many through the years have criticized his images as looking artificial or manipulated. They are not - he simply put himself in situations and places of extraordinary light and captured it.

As others have mentioned, when I first viewed Marc's portfolio, I had the impression that Galen had come back to us in spirit. Marc, you've captured not only the beauty, but the emotion of these special placed in a way that few have been able to accomplish. Galen would be proud to see how you have advanced the craft and continued the vision.

Best Regards,

Norah Rudin www.norahrudin.com

T. Tiwitz , April 02, 2008; 08:18 P.M.

I'm big Marc's fan. But... one day I'll be same eyemad like this guy:p.

Zsolt Andras Szabo , April 10, 2008; 01:58 P.M.

Marc, you have the best landscape portofolio ive ever seen. congratulations!

Arnab Chakrabarti , April 10, 2008; 06:42 P.M.


Absolutely stunning.

José Miguel Rodríguez , April 13, 2008; 06:52 A.M.

My compliments

Hi Marc. Your evolving style is just awesome. I bought my first digital camera last year, just because I saw some of your pics. They inspired me to get into photography, were I?m a happy man. So, thanks a lot for your art work. You?re my favorite photographer! Regards

Joan Newhall , April 15, 2008; 10:04 A.M.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and you have captured it for all of us. A wonderful portfolio.

Victor Salmoran , April 24, 2008; 03:20 P.M.


Amazing portfolio i enjoyed all your pics congrts. A Master of Landscapes. Saludos.Victor

Joaquin Tornel , May 01, 2008; 03:29 A.M.

Hola Marc, tienes una galaria FANTASTICA, donde dominas con maestria, la composicion, la luz , y el color, eres un fotografo con mucho talento. Un cordial saludo. Joaquin . ( Spain ).

Cher Vang , May 14, 2008; 12:22 A.M.

What a dream...

Mark, just awe inspiring. This has got to be the one of the most amazing portfolio's I've ever seen. You couldn't have picked a more meaningful name for your portfolio as I can't stop looking through your photos. It is literally a visual journey each time I look through your portfolio.

Your obvious dedication, hard work, and determination show in every image. I can only imagine what it is to be Marc Adamus and to have been witness to such splendor. Maybe in a another time, another place, a parallel universe may I be witness to such beauty myself. Til then, keep up the wonderful work as you've given us all the opportunity to see a fraction of what you've experienced. Here's to you, your dedication, your passion, your vision, and all the hard work in the field! Many thanks.


Josh Schutz , May 15, 2008; 05:06 P.M.

Hey Marc

You have a very unique style and i admire your work. What do you believe it is that sets you apart from so many other photographers.

Hugh Croft , May 16, 2008; 01:22 P.M.

What superb photography

Ricardo La Piettra , May 23, 2008; 05:31 P.M.

I discovered your work in Deviantart Marc, and somebody link me to this amazing portfolio. Thanks for sharing those amazing moments and places captured in such an amazing way. Maybe you can take a lot at my work and give me an opinion, i have a lot to learn. Regards from Argentina.

Samuel Bitton , May 24, 2008; 06:20 A.M.

What can I say, simply one of the best portfolios I have seen. It can hardly get better than this. Amazing attention to details, and compositions and lights are always perfect. On top of that your technique is flawless.
Well done Mark. You have an amazing talent.
Wish you all the best.

Peter Blum , May 26, 2008; 02:00 P.M.

Hello Marc,

After commenting on one of your images, I had to take a look.

Your images convey a sense of strong imagination, other-worldly and painting-like landscapes. And a rare technical provess. No doubdt, a healthy knowledge of use of software to achieve the stunning visual effects.

All your pictures appear as sheer visual snacks. And great beauty.

Not without reason, all the comments on your portfolio and an admiring public. And you just got another one.

All the best to you


Goran Anastasovski , May 27, 2008; 05:16 P.M.

Fantastic portfolio. Bravo

Denise L , May 28, 2008; 10:05 A.M.


Hi Marc, as an amateur photographer it's inspiring to have the work of a professional on P.N. It's helpful and inspiring to see masterful work, on a good day.. Sometimes, I must admit , I feel frustrated rater than challenged. I admire not only your talent, but also your hard work and perseverance. Cheers. Denise

Tim James , June 07, 2008; 02:05 A.M.

Marc, you show me why I should continue to lug my tripod and camera around California even when the hours get long, gas becomes expensive and the weather, unbearable.

Joshua Mattson , June 07, 2008; 04:59 P.M.

Marc, I truly enjoy you work and admire your dedication to photography and the beautiful world around us. Thank you for sharing.

Jason Armstrong , June 09, 2008; 12:21 A.M.


I briefly took a look at your gallery and you are EASILY the best photographer I have ever seen....amazing, inspiring, incredible gonna be coming back here for inspiration a fair amount....keep up the good work

Alexa Halford , June 13, 2008; 02:29 A.M.

This is amazing. The colors are so vibrant. Thanks for sharing - Lex

John Roberts , June 15, 2008; 03:12 P.M.

Your landscape photographs are breathtaking and I enjoyed looking at your work thoroughly.



Necip Perver , June 28, 2008; 11:59 A.M.

Stunning portfolio Marc I have always had the greatest admiration for your work, I remember your work from Psig. Unfourtunately I deleted my accnt there some yrs back. I spent a good half hour absorbing your recent works and wow! you have inspired me to use my 5D and wide angle again It has been gathering dust since I got the 1dmkIII for wildlife. You have one of the most outstanding portfolio's on this site congrats! my best Regards Necip

Nick walton , June 28, 2008; 03:47 P.M.

Since starting in photography about 18 months ago, your work has served as a benchmark to aspire to, something that is still someway on the horizon. Very creative with a unique original style, capturing the beauty of your country. Some of the images are a little too saturated for my taste, but that is very much subjective and I know it is your style, and it appeals to so many.

I would love to see more of your mono work, as the few that you have produced are some of the best landscapes I have seen.

Lois Liebherr , June 28, 2008; 07:17 P.M.

Marc, I can't even start to tell you how wonderful your portfolio is. You have touched my emotional soul and it won't stop crying. Goodness, I wish I could be your eye. Please take a look at my portfolio or website if you have time. I would like your comments. I am a member. Regards, Lois Liebherr

Erika Maresi , July 15, 2008; 11:03 A.M.


Fantastic photo, i love landscapes and how you put your vision of the world in a picture.

Israel Osterman , August 28, 2008; 04:18 P.M.

Marc, you have the best landscape portfolio i have ever seen. congratulations! All your pictures are really amazing

John Lasseter , August 31, 2008; 12:39 P.M.

ONDA Calendar

Hey, Marc. Just got my contributors' copy of the 2009 ONDA calendar, and I see that you're in there, too! Thanks for contributing to the project. If you ever get the chance, you should join us on one of the volunteer trips!

Iban Etxezabal , September 15, 2008; 03:13 A.M.

Congrats. Your work is amazing. Regards

Helen Clement , September 26, 2008; 08:27 A.M.

Marc, You have an absolutley stunning portfolio. Beautiful photographs.

Josemi Gondra , October 17, 2008; 10:06 A.M.

Photos & Software

I see the portfolio and there are many images that I feel very well composed and colors are very attractive. But this style I feel is too much based on postprocessign soft: many colors are very intense, contrast is perfect and all details are beautiful. I prefer not to see perfection in images: I consider in this case it is better to take a white paper and paint. For my phylosophy, pictures should be a little more "natural" with not so much contrast on images and some grey areas and not so much light and color in darkness situations, and so on. I sincerely enjoy your portfolio but does not really "touch" me inside because I consider it has too much hours of postprocess. Congratulations for it, anyway, it is not my style but I recognize good work - and good effort - when I see it. This is one of the reasons I like PN, because people with very different styles are here together talking one to each other respectfully. Thanks, Marc for all your weeks or months of work. Ikusi arte, see you. Josemi Gondra.

Marc Adamus , October 23, 2008; 09:54 A.M.

>>"many colors are very intense, contrast is perfect and all details are beautiful. I prefer not to see perfection in images"

Art forms change over time. We've definitely witnessed this with photography recently. I see this is a prime example of how it is changing now. The fundamentals all hold true still, but there is undoubtable emphasis in bringing out the absolute best tonality, contrasts, colors, etc. in photographs these days. I think it has expanded the dimensions of the art in most exciting and creative ways.

susilendu bhattacharya , November 02, 2008; 12:28 P.M.


Soul- stirring & incomparably beautiful. A Must see for all.

Jan Folke Rorvik , November 02, 2008; 01:11 P.M.


Beautiful portfolio - hands down. Caspar Knox

A.K. Sircar , November 03, 2008; 05:14 A.M.

Marc, your images are of incredible beauty. Seldom we come across such a rich portfolio.My heartiest congratulations and admiration to you for sharing these spectacular shots of Nature. Best wishes from India.

Sergey Av , November 04, 2008; 04:29 A.M.

Thank U!!!!

Really great and "recognized" photoworks!!!!!!!!!!!! U really love nature!!!!

Sergey. (my gallery - my-shots.deviantart.com)

Eric Vaughan , November 10, 2008; 08:46 A.M.

Awesome portfolio Marc, it is of no surprise I am drawn to your work since Galen Rowell was my inspiration when I first got into landscape photography. Also you come from same area I live in so many of these images are from what I consider home. I am curious when post processing your images, how do you usually set your white balance. Do you use daylight white balance setting to make sure and caputure true colors like film would have and if so what color tempature do you use? I find a lot of cameras and programs like PS have different color tempatures for what they see as daylight, i.e. 5500-6000.

Michal Stubna , November 17, 2008; 02:54 P.M.

clapping my hands... Michal

Steven Richardson , November 25, 2008; 01:39 P.M.

Marc,, Your work is simply amazing. I find myself really motivated to go out and try my hardest to create better and better photos every time I visit your gallery. I'm in the process of trying to find my niche.I love the outdoors and would love to be able to have the subjects that you have to shoot. I just need to look harder at what is available to me. Sometimes I think I am looking too hard. LOL. Thanks for all the inspiration, and the great photos.


Horia Bogdan , December 14, 2008; 10:31 A.M.

There is a problem with this website: you can add a single photo as a favorite, but not an entire portfolio...i've noticed that after looking at years. Absolutely fantastic!

Paul Sebesta , December 22, 2008; 12:05 P.M.

A deep sigh...

How do we as photographers even come close to your work? You blow us all out of the water....

Iren Nagy , December 25, 2008; 11:42 P.M.

Dear Marc

Sorry to hear that you are "unhappy" here. I agree with the many others~ your work is fantastic and it is hard to hold a candle next to your work. I just love to take a peek at your amazing work and smile. Thanks for that. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Love, Joy and Peace. Blessings, Iren

Ali Ertürk , December 26, 2008; 09:02 A.M.

Bravo Marc, amazing portfolio….

Dear Marc, I looked at your photos carefully. I am also interested in Landscape photography. Your photos have a great color dept, high contrast, very nice perspectives. Your usage of the light is fantastic. I especially liked Tranquality. I wish you all the best in future, Cheers, Ali

Fabien Tschantz , December 28, 2008; 05:27 A.M.

Thank you

Hello Marc All your pictures are sublime ! It boasts a unique atmosphere! I learned a lot just by looking at your photographs! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and your pictures! You are one of my favorite !!!

Antonio Díaz , December 29, 2008; 03:04 P.M.

Simplemente maravilloso...

Ross Spirou , December 31, 2008; 04:50 A.M.

I don't think there's anything that I can say that has not already said!

Marc, I am glad I came across your portfolio and expect many more visits!!!!!!! :)


cher Richardson , January 01, 2009; 10:54 A.M.


I hate to see you go, but I hope that you have a great new year. cher..

Sonali De , January 04, 2009; 02:33 A.M.

Hi Marc

I am an amateur from India- a person representing the world of the 3rd, where photography is a difficult exercise because of the expense involved. I passionately love photography and painting. I came to PN with the believe of getting some comments on my photographs, so that I can improve them, and to see good photographs. I understand that in today's busy world people really lack time to spend on any one photo. This is away of life. If I see that one of my photo is viewed by 500 persons, it makes me happy.

What brought me to you portfolio is a comment by Avishekto one of my photo and subsequent visit to Avishek's portfolio. I am happy that I came here, you are a true Nature photographer. Your images are absolutely wonderful, viewing them gave me immense pleasure. I would have been happy if I could take such snaps.

This is my first visit to your portfolio, and I find that you are leaving. After entering PN, I came to understand that there are people who leave PN for some reason. There are good photographers who used to post here, but no more do that. I experience a sense of loss in it. I know they are not lost and are elsewhere, still I miss them. I don't know may be I feel like this because I am an amateur and don't sell photographs. I know you only from your photographs (and I rarely read any biography here) and want you to be with us. Best regards, Sonali De.

Marc Adamus , January 04, 2009; 07:23 P.M.

I'm not leaving or going anywhere. The gallery stays right here. All I've ever said is I'm taking a break from contributing to the community here for awhile because it hasn't been worthwhile for me lately. When people pressed me in an effort to come up with reasons why I was 'leaving', I sited things about this site I'm less than pleased with, and then got slammed for it (of course).

Raymond Borg , January 09, 2009; 03:01 P.M.

Wonderful Landscapes. Amazing colours and composition. Thanks for sharing and well done.

Tammie Wheeler , January 16, 2009; 05:35 P.M.


What beautiful work! You took my breath away! Very inspirational!

Konstantinos Arvanitopoulos , January 23, 2009; 02:02 P.M.

Hi Marc

I love your work, it's a great inspiration! Magnificent landscape images! Congrats! Regards, Kon

paolo capelli , January 29, 2009; 07:04 A.M.

First of all: sorry for my english, it's hard to write what I'm tinkhing but I will try.. I know very well your pictures since I've seen your web site for the first time and I think you are one of the best photographer in the world… well, see my photos on the same web space besides yours, makes me feel honored like I'm playing basketball with Michael Jordan! I am not a professional photographer and can't judge your technics.. I don't care if you use Photoshop or not, or if exceed in enhancing colors or other manipulations.. The only thing I wanna say is that I love your works unconditionally, 'cause this is ART. I'm italian, but I've had the luck to visit the West USA for holidays four times in my life: I want to tell, to everyone that doesn't believe it, that your photographs are the true riproductions of western skies and wilderness, because I've seen it with my eyes… and, most important thing, remind me the sensations I've felt into the western wilderness, sometimes more that my pictures. Thank for the attention.. Regards from Italy


Veronica Anderton , February 18, 2009; 08:00 P.M.


Your images are just Beautiful. You should publish a book with them if you have not done so yet. I hope some day to capture amazing landscapes as you do. You are an inspiration.

Marc Adamus , February 20, 2009; 02:04 P.M.


My website has a book and calendars available. Another title depicting Oregon's wilderness is in the works as well. Thanks.

Roxana Chiru , February 27, 2009; 02:16 P.M.

hello!You have a monumental portfolio with excellent shots and great colors, congratulations ! I have just 3 months experience but I can tell that I learn more from you thanks best regards Roxana Romania

Michael Collier , March 06, 2009; 09:08 A.M.

Your work never ceases to amaze me. Always enthralling and captivating. Images that work the emotions. Look forward to you posting again in the future.

Gary Crabbe , March 17, 2009; 01:54 A.M.


Finally became a real member here, and figured to throw in my kudos for your remarkable portfolio.(not to mention put a few of your pics into my favorites folder)

I hope we'll have a chance to shoot together again soon.

Cheers & Congrats on all...

Catalin Nastase , March 18, 2009; 07:18 P.M.


Roxana Chiru , March 23, 2009; 03:07 P.M.

You have a monumental portfolio with excellent shots and great colors, congratulations ! Roxana.

Felix Capote , March 24, 2009; 03:55 P.M.

Una galería increible. Un saludo

Juan Velez , April 03, 2009; 10:39 A.M.

This is not my areas of expertise but I do recognize great pictures when i see them and those pictures are stunning... You are a very talented photographer and those are some of the best landscape pictures I have seen up to date...

andrew zorbas , April 04, 2009; 06:08 A.M.


You have the greatest portfolio i have ever seen in my life. Your photos are truly amazing, I canot even comprehend how you would go about getting the right lighting and angles for your shots. I especially love your mountain and winter landscapes along with images such as; "Follow the Line", "The Shadow Realm" , "Etheral", "Forever Dreaming" , "Going to the sun" and...well all of them! Keep up the great work and i''m looking forwards to seeing the great shots you'll take in the future!!


Anthony Poston , April 19, 2009; 09:30 A.M.


I strive to this perfection....

nabarun bhattacharya , April 27, 2009; 04:28 A.M.

Marc. I chanced upon a photograph of yours and thought of seeing the entire portfolio before commenting on it. Now I am a completely lost soul who's seriously contemplating giving up photography for ever. No point carrying on with it when people like you exist. As for you leaving this site, dont you ever think of it. You'd be the only reason for me coming back to PN.

Marc Adamus , May 05, 2009; 11:27 A.M.

Nabarun, thanks for the compliments on my work. Please understand though, each of us has their own vision to share. My vision is not the same as anyone else's vision, and I'm sure you can take pictures that will please many. Just because someone doesn't take pictures the same way I do is no reason not to do it. Mine is just one style, one vision that comes entirely from one person. The world of photography would be a boring place if we didn't each contribute in our own ways. Good luck out there!

Aaron Pryor , June 07, 2009; 10:54 P.M.

Aaron Pryor

Oh my, you would have to be one of the finest photographers ive ever seen. such an inspiration.

Greg Neils , July 02, 2009; 02:54 P.M.

Spanish Translation

First, let me say, you work is an inspiration. It is amazingly well thought out. It is gripping and emotional.

As far as the Spanish translation of Jorge's post, please forgive me if I didn't get the right feelings he was trying to convey... I believe it was a lot of admiration: I've learned Spanish as a second language, and I'm still a hack at it... Anyway, Jorge's comment above roughly translates like this: -------------------- Well, I don't know if you'll understand me, but I didn't want to wait to comment on one of the premier artists that I encountered in PH. I came here to see and to learn. The Visual Journey is magnificent, the technique is too, but there is more too this page. It is that you have a special capacity to evoke emotion with a photo that wasn't going to surprise us, the capacity to show a world how we would like it to be. It is to say, reinterpret the passages with out inventing at the same time. My congratulations and an admiration to you. A big "But": That you don't add more photos. Cheers.. -------------------- It was posted for over 1 year without translation... I hope neither Mark nor Jorge minds... and feel free to correct my rough translation.

phil tran , July 27, 2009; 04:03 P.M.

Great work

Definitely the best captures of the west Coast I've ever seen. Thanks again. -Phil

Anthony Poston , August 11, 2009; 07:08 A.M.


It only takes a quick google search to see you are a popular guy. Looks like you have a lot of fans and a lot critics, but you know when you are naturally gifted to an art it makes a lot of other people jealous, and apparently angry. It is apparent that you have a gift for photography and have perfected it quiet well. These images are amazing. I would have to say Bravo on the work above! Anthony Poston

Irene Nikoloska , August 30, 2009; 05:31 A.M.

A striking portfolio! Undoubtedly you are one of the best contemporary landscape photographers.Like many others , I look up to you as a role model in this field.I regularly visit all web sites where you have uploaded your work, and I think have developed an 'eye 'for recognizing Marc Adamus in 'crowd' of giants.Not only your photos, but your comments ,your vision of nature also have been teaching me what photography is about.Now I can only imagine the burden of responsibility one must bear knowing that so many censorious eyes are permanently focused on ones work.I love all your work ,the only thing which gives me a little uneasy feeling are your latest photos ,with the exception of GREAT BEYOND.I hope you will have the strength and wisdom to stay on the trail you have chosen for many more years.Look forward to seeing your vision of Patagonia. Regards,Irene

Jarmo Piironen , September 24, 2009; 12:44 A.M.

Inspired by Marc

Thank you Marc for existing! =D You really inspire me and make me to learn more and develop as a photographer.

anonymous one , October 13, 2009; 11:38 P.M.

Wow, that's some crazy stuff... I guess its the price you pay for the fame you've garnered. I'm curious about the Darren White mentioned on the website, strange that they'd throw a random name up there. There was a moment of speechlessness when the first page opened, I really can't believe someone went to those extremes to screw with you.

You've got my support man, don't let the crazies get you down.

Zsolt Simay , October 14, 2009; 09:58 A.M.

uhh, I read those things about you, and the more I read, the more I believed that that's some stupid information from a very stupid and mean person, who doesn't know nothing about landscape photography, or being out on a real wild trek, for a few days, or a week, hunting for the best lights, and compositions. Hope they don't have any effect on you. All the best, Zsolt

Jesús M. Fuente , October 18, 2009; 04:27 A.M.

Wonderful portfolio Marc. Great work. Regards.

Nicolaus Wegner , November 03, 2009; 12:47 P.M.

Amazing photography Marc. Your vision is truly inspiring. I see you have a couple of photos from my home state, Wyoming. Great work.

'nanos gigantum humeris insidentes' And you are taking it to the next level.

Ricardo Gomez , November 04, 2009; 08:27 A.M.


I really love your work!!!So creative and artistic I'm only some one trying to do it better but looking at your gallery I really am inspired. I will visit your gallery often



Liz Weisiger , November 04, 2009; 05:20 P.M.


I get overwhelmed sometimes when I study your work because there is so much intense beauty. Yet, I can't stop. There are endless ways to learn from you.

Mark L , November 11, 2009; 01:18 P.M.

Wow, some impressive work here!

Martin Zalba Ibañez , December 01, 2009; 05:41 P.M.

Your gallery is wonderful, thanks for sharing. Greetings!

Gianni Spini , December 08, 2009; 04:30 P.M.

Portfolio outstanding! Your gallery is an art school! Shades of the great master! This is great art! (google translator because I do not know English)

Daniel Montero , December 13, 2009; 02:28 P.M.

simply perfect

Dear Marc Just perfect portfolio. Thanks a lot for sharing it with us. Cheers

Roberto Anil , December 16, 2009; 11:37 P.M.

Master Class

Congratulations, your talent amazed me. Regards

Lucian Mihai Husac , December 17, 2009; 05:20 P.M.

:) great

Josh Myers , December 21, 2009; 12:13 A.M.


Truly an inspiration, thank you! best Josh Myers

Nader Kamyab , December 24, 2009; 06:11 A.M.

Hi Marc,

Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and a very blessed New Year, full of Peace, Joy, Love and all the success. Regards - Nader

Suzi McGregor , December 25, 2009; 12:40 A.M.

Incredible portfolio! I'm inspired by your work. I'd love to see more. Thanks for sharing.

Mark Vincent Müller , December 31, 2009; 12:07 P.M.


I have been following your images now for a while. Your vision and perfectionism can be felt and seen in each and everyone of your beautiful scences.You have embraced technology and balanced it with your passion of nature. Thanks for sharing.

Cheers, Mark.

Brock Miller , January 05, 2010; 06:24 P.M.

Your portfolio views as a visual fairy tale. Each scene takes you to a new environment and feeling. Thank you for your hard work, and posting your efforts, much appreciated.

John Dalton , January 11, 2010; 07:20 P.M.

Marc, your landscape work is the best I've seen. Your passion for nature and the wilderness really shows in your photographs. I can only imagine what it must be like to be able to spend so much time out in the wild doing the things you love most. Thank you for sharing your Visual Journeys and Congratulations on such fine work!

Eduardo Agustin Carrasco , January 22, 2010; 07:22 P.M.


hola marc you have a wonderful portfolio, congratulations

Michael Raddatz , January 23, 2010; 08:32 A.M.

A pnet treasure, thanks Marc.

jenny mccullough , March 16, 2010; 12:56 P.M.


marc your porfolio is just stunning. you are a inspiration, i love your work. :)

Erik Jacobson , March 22, 2010; 08:24 P.M.


Absolutely inspiring, as a beginning photographer I have gained a lot of knowledge from your portfolio.

Thank you for sharing so much of your techniques

Daryl Walter , April 10, 2010; 02:58 A.M.

Wow Marc, you just get better and better. When I first saw your pictures a few years back I liked them because they reminded me of Galen Rowell's work. They still do but I think you have developed more of your own style now as well and to be honest I think you've surpassed GR! Really stunning portfolio! Are you planning on publishing a book of your work?

Nitin Joshi , April 16, 2010; 12:17 P.M.

I wish I can get there some day...Amazing skill and extraordinarily beautiful portfolio. Congratulations for all of them.

Carl Wakefield , June 08, 2010; 06:16 A.M.

Marc you do time and time again every picture is excellent in its own way. Its a great that you share this with us. Best regards

Robert Semnic , June 15, 2010; 05:43 A.M.

what to say, it is always good to learn from someone who is far better


alicia morales , June 22, 2010; 02:05 A.M.

alicia morales/eye4life

your work is amazing!!i found a new person to follow!

Martin Amm , June 29, 2010; 03:07 P.M.


Thank you so much for your wonderful and inspiring photographs. They all should have been rated with 7/7 :)

Curtis Forrester , July 25, 2010; 09:55 P.M.


Kayla Harvey , August 11, 2010; 01:57 P.M.

Amazing Photos .


Your photos are .. AMAZING .

Your work inspires me so much .

Anne S , September 15, 2010; 12:56 P.M.

Stunning and inspiring collection of photos. I could spend hours looking at and studying them.  Thanks for sharing these wonders.

Fee Hofmann , October 11, 2010; 08:35 A.M.

Marc, that's an absolutely stunning portfolio. The light in every picture is just magical.

Marta Eva LLamera , December 03, 2010; 09:06 P.M.


...congratulations for your work. Love your landscapes full of color and good compositions. Wishing Magic Light...

Ivan Knez , December 06, 2010; 03:43 P.M.

Hello Marc

There is really little more I can say about your work that hasn't been said already. My only wish is to continue to be amazed by your work over and over again for as long as you can hold a camera in your hands. P.S. I would like to know which software you use for HDR images cause I've tried doing some HDR work and didn't quite get the results I was going for. And yeah, I would surely be honored to get a comment on any of my photos if you find some time to get a glance on my portfolio. Best regards, Ivan.

Marc Adamus , December 07, 2010; 10:40 A.M.

Hello, Ivan.  Thanks for the kind words.  I have actually never done any kind of automated HDR work - where you put images through a program that blends them for you.   All of my work to achieve high dynamic range is done through manually blending images by hand using my own versions of layer masking.  Right now I am using only ACR and Photoshop CS5.

Igor Leonidovich Mestman , December 14, 2010; 01:50 P.M.

Have not the time nor the inclination to read any of the antecedent comments on your work. Never commented on any one entire portfolio. Enjoyed a peek at your world so thoroughly and consistently, am compelled to generalize: Think you have a matchless gift of aesthetic perception and composition. Admire an overwhelming majority of images and the implicit and revealed labor behind them. Have no idea why you cast your creations so incredibly understatingly small. If you are saving for an oversized book, will be privileged to one day immerse myself in it. Having said that, I know that no book (no matter how large) can yield the impact magic of a large high res monitor. Mine is large. For your images, not large enough. Thank You.

Neil Jolly , December 24, 2010; 10:07 P.M.

Happy Holidays!


Thanks for the inspirations, and superb examples of what can be achieved. Here's to a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year for you, and your family!

Best of the Season to you,

Jef Van den Houte , January 03, 2011; 06:22 A.M.

Great portfolio with wonderfull landscape photography.

Light and tone handling are amazing

Vivi Blu , January 06, 2011; 04:18 P.M.


Impossibly beautiful photos! I wish they were mine :-).

Brano Kovacevic , January 22, 2011; 05:48 P.M.

Marc, what to add? There are enough comments on your PN to read for hours and, unavoidably, repeat what has been already written: your photos are far above! Just keep posting!

Birger Hoglund , February 08, 2011; 02:52 A.M.

How to come to that level

I can just say ........



Serge Chriqui , March 11, 2011; 07:12 A.M.



Every once in a while you are taken off guard... this morning it's happened to me. I am speechless. I am blown away by your sense of drama, composition and your obvious understanding of lighting to obtain that drama.

I'll be sure to keep checking in.



Gaetan Chevalier , March 18, 2011; 01:28 A.M.

Yes this is an excellent portfolio with many wonderfull photos. Nice artistic touch and great originality. Bravo for your excellent work!

Kristin Lauman , April 01, 2011; 02:13 P.M.

Sometime artists create images that transport us momentarily to a mystical place.  Your images go further.  They are full of life, and they make me want to be there and to explore what is around that next bend. 

I'm inspired by the way you often use the placement of a singlar element to give soul to the composition. 

Salman Arif , April 07, 2011; 12:15 P.M.

One word: Wow!

Pablo Fernández Ramil , April 18, 2011; 06:38 A.M.

I take my hat off ! Regards

Marc Apers , April 18, 2011; 12:05 P.M.


Pictures from a really exceptional quality !

Antonio Bassi , April 18, 2011; 02:38 P.M.

I think you are starting to really go beyond just landscapes. Best, A.

Heinz Homatsch , April 27, 2011; 05:43 P.M.

Outstanding portfolio with your personal style. unique in PN Heinz

Ben Huybrechts , April 30, 2011; 01:21 A.M.

Hello Marc,

I like to switch from theme for my images from time to time.  I went from abstracts, architecture to animals.  My newest idea is to try some landscape pictures. 

I found the place to learn.  I will probably never reach your level, but anyway I will give it a try next summer holiday. 

I will be back to learn more.  Fantastic portfolio.


FRED ZHANG , May 25, 2011; 02:50 A.M.


Elizabeth Ivanova , May 28, 2011; 04:50 A.M.


Hi Marc,

There are exciting things.... You create great shots with flowing water,mountains, streams, inspired work. Well done !

I am excited of Your photographs! I like so much nature...

Sincerely, Elizabeth

Helge Brandal , June 08, 2011; 07:51 P.M.

Amazing portfolio, it's very inspiering to study your work.


Best regards


Raymond Banfield , June 11, 2011; 04:09 P.M.


Just wanted to send you a quick note and a hearty congratulations on this month's Outdoor Photographer cover.  Really enjoyed the sunflowers and your DOF was out of this world.  Also have really enjoyed your photographs and see you recieved a well deserved photo of the week recently.




Anton Gorlin , June 14, 2011; 04:29 A.M.


I have a friend russian woman Svetlana Radzivil. She asked me to translate her comment to you:

he can SEE the combinations of Elements and that is why his photos are unique. This is his talent. His photos allow us to see the compatibility and combinations. Even just with color like on photos with waves. 


Mehmet Akin , June 30, 2011; 12:45 A.M.


I have seen your shot on the cover of Magazine Outdoor Photogrhy..It is really very very beautiful.I like it a lot.Congrats.best regards.

Ganesh Sharma , July 09, 2011; 03:56 A.M.

Hi Marc

Excellent portfolio and a brilliant creative work.

Dominick Marino , July 10, 2011; 11:19 P.M.


Congratulations on the cover photo for July's Outdoor Photography.  What a great photo!  

Michael DeCorso , July 26, 2011; 06:30 A.M.

what a pleasure to look over your photos...Mike

Kristina Buceatchi , September 03, 2011; 07:41 P.M.

Very fine perception of the beauty of the nature. You are a happy man if you’re able to feel this.

norbert wabnig , September 18, 2011; 01:09 P.M.

excellent landscape photography..loving it. 

Ciprian I Pacurar , October 08, 2011; 01:27 A.M.

Your work is absolutely amazing and inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

Jesus Salazar , October 17, 2011; 09:44 P.M.

Simply Amazing!!!

Marc, you are just unreachable, as it is the amazing beauty of your work! i think you really deserve as person, as well as photographer, the joy and satisfaction of every single moment of your huge succes! My most sincere congratulations!



Josu Margusino , November 04, 2011; 04:37 P.M.

 Very nice works.Congratulations Marc

paul roberts , November 30, 2011; 07:15 A.M.

Gosh Marc

What a fantastic and beautiful portfolio! I would love to have taken just one of your pictures... to have so many is just inspirational.

You are the first person I have tagged as interesting.. thank for displaying your talent.


Manuela Riveiro García , December 11, 2011; 08:24 P.M.

Hola Marc, felicitaciones por su mágico portafolio, lleno de color, luz, sensibilidad y gran composición. Enhorabuena!

Pamela Judith Barclay , December 17, 2011; 08:29 A.M.

they are all so beautiful not one that I dont like

joe dragon , February 26, 2012; 09:55 P.M.

Visual Gallery 1

Marc,  As a fellow photographer who enjoys landscapes and what I consider my "intimate landscapes" which lend themselves to abstracts, I find your work very compelling. Your compositions are very strong coupled with your choice of light, the combination of which is striking. What I expressly enjoy about all these images is your steering away from the heavy post processing which feels like they should be put on velvet. There is a refreshingly natural feel to your images.

It is difficult to pick out a few of the best since there are too many, but some that really would not be taken off the list were; Paradice Forest (very moody), Blue (great composition/reflection/abstract), Spirit of the Forest (moody two), The Black (raises questions on time of day and technique), Oregon (great intimate landscape). There were many others further down the line but was running out of limited space I allow for notes in my "photographers to view" booklet. You have a great eye. All the best in your continued shooting. Joe Dragon 

Slavomir Misko , March 06, 2012; 01:35 P.M.

Stunning work! love it, your landscape photography are outstanding Marc... looking forward to see more, all the best!!!


Edward Beddow , April 04, 2012; 02:54 A.M.

Wow, a legend in the making! Awsome Portfoli Marc!

Curtis Forrester , August 08, 2012; 11:56 P.M.


Saw your work in my favorite magazine......Outdoor Photographer! Keep up the great work Mark!

Joel Levitt , August 09, 2012; 06:24 P.M.

Adamus' work makes me think that the rest of us must be color blind.

Linda L. Dunbar , August 21, 2012; 07:31 P.M.


I love the way you capture light and color!

Salvador Cobian , October 01, 2012; 05:18 P.M.

I just keep coming back

Hi Marc!
I have been looking at your beautiful images for some time now. I can't believe I have never left you a message. I know I will sound repetititve but your work is amazing and inspiring. I'm an aspiring landscape photographer and your work is invigorating... it helps me see and find the drive to push my self and be better. I must also thank you for sharing not only your incredible images but also taking the time to share details of how you made them.
Best regards!

Samuel Golc , October 22, 2012; 03:30 P.M.

Awesome Work

Some of the best landscapes I've ever seen! Unreal

Matthew Rael , December 24, 2014; 03:59 P.M.

To Marc

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year...

Matthew Rael , December 26, 2015; 03:41 A.M.

Hi Marc

I just wanted to wish you a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Photo Year.... :)
Best Regards and Happy Holidays


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