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Comments on this portfolio:

Ramón Vaamonde , August 15, 2006; 08:29 A.M.

I think you have a great work here, congratulations. Wellcome to PN and keep on ;)

Dave Edwards , May 21, 2008; 10:58 P.M.

You have some fantastic images here Adrian. Start posting more often please!

Milena Safrova , May 22, 2008; 03:38 P.M.

Hello, Adrian, you have excellent landscapes here, congratulations. Namely the vertical images from Spain are great. I have really enjoyed your portfolio. Best regards Milena

Diego Miguel , May 22, 2009; 08:49 P.M.

Excelentes tus paisajes, muy buena composición y colores. Saludos

Bruegel Kuiseb , June 04, 2009; 04:28 A.M.

... aesthetic, delicate, stylish & fine portfolio; I do like it really much... Hi

Mark Vincent Müller , July 07, 2009; 04:16 P.M.

Adrian, thanks for your comment on my Earth On Fire. Looking at your images I am sure you would make a lovely picture of Arenal yourself. Regards, Mark.

Hans vd Griendt , November 26, 2011; 02:31 P.M.

You make beautiful landschape's, very nice compo and great colors. 

Marieke Feis , December 22, 2011; 03:09 P.M.

Hi Adrian, your photos are amazing! I enjoyed viewing them a lot. I will sure come back to your portfolio to look at them again. Fantastic work, keep on going! Kind regards, Marieke

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