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Christopher Knittel , May 13, 2004; 02:40 P.M.

Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

mike werkhoven , June 12, 2004; 12:26 P.M.

You have still a lot to learn Christopher. mike

Christopher Knittel , June 17, 2004; 10:36 P.M.

Thanks Mike,

Your comment would be even more helpful if you gave me constructive criticism. Is there some specific advice that you have? Oh I see, your comment was because I rated one of your photos a 4/4. Thanks, chris

Carol Cefalu , July 02, 2004; 07:55 P.M.

Oook.... now I don't feel so bad about your low rating you gave me (after seeing your Wanna be photos) ...now I know which photograper to ignore...

What a joke!

Christopher Knittel , July 07, 2004; 01:47 P.M.

Thanks for the constructive criticism...As for your photo: I rated your photo a 4/4. Out of 18 ratings, four others rated it a 4/4 and two people rated it 4/5. So, seven people rated in the 4 range (that's 39%!!!). Therefore, I would not think that my rating was "low" or "out of line" at all. If a 4/4 rating is enough for you to ridicule some one else's work then I think you are way to sensitive for this site, or any artistic forum for that matter. Why don't you just tell people that they are not allowed to rate your photos below 6/6 because you know you are *that* good?

Take care, chris

mondiani . , August 17, 2004; 01:44 P.M.

haha actually a 4/4 would be easily accepted if it was not labelled fair/average. Nobody thinks of himself as average.


Mondiani party event photographer

Tom Sperduto , August 17, 2004; 01:49 P.M.


Chris - I think the best photo you have here is "Here's Looking at You..." It's creative with much detail, nice use of light and a very good exposure. Everything else appears to be snap shots. I don't mean this in a negative way, but as constructive criticism which appears to be what you are looking for. I am not sure what your photography interest is, but if you are looking to grow I suggest some people pictures. Good luck and happy shooting!

Christopher Knittel , August 17, 2004; 02:10 P.M.

Thanks for taking the time Tom!

Hi Tom,

Thank you for your comments, I appreciate them. You are right that my shots are not very creative, but I enjoy landscapes (and my dog) so I have tended to focus on them. You are also right, I am missing shots of humans and would like to expand into that realm at some point. BTW, I enjoyed your website very much. You are very talented. Take care, chris

Wilky Poggiali , August 20, 2004; 12:34 A.M.

Beautiful job much and pleasant one to watch, compliment

Alec Ee , August 20, 2004; 12:41 P.M.

Hi Christopher, you have an eye for good composition and your exposures are spot on. I'm sure your portfolio will grow with more great shots.

Christopher Knittel , August 22, 2004; 11:13 A.M.

Thanks Wilky and Alec

I appreciate your comments and thanks for visiting! chris

da nilo , October 10, 2004; 05:04 P.M.

Hi, Your portfolio has some very nice photos. I like many of your macros, and some scenics are also impressive.

It was a pleasure to see them, thanks.

Ciao, Danilo.

Terry Butler , October 15, 2004; 01:13 A.M.

Your macro work is very good and I like some of your landscapes. I do like that garden spider shot too. Keep going and improving.

Christopher Knittel , December 01, 2004; 06:16 P.M.

Thank you for the kind comments. chris

James Burger , December 14, 2004; 03:10 P.M.

Mike Werkhoven's comment

>You have still a lot to learn Christopher. mike

Mike, You wrote this comment on Christopher Knittel?s gallery. Some people have criticized you for expressing something similar on another gallery. I must say, regardless of a differential in skills between you and Christopher, your comment is much less helpful than it is offensive. Photography is a skill you have, but criticism is a skill you have much less of and it would serve you well to improve upon it. The point is to advise people, albeit subjectively, so that they learn. The end goal of criticism, no matter how honest, is encouragement, not discouragement. I wish that the next time you decide to critique photographs (or in this case, people) you would think to yourself, "is this helpful or is it just plain mean?" I know you said that you are a "nice person" but your comment does make me question that.

Tom Sperduto , December 15, 2004; 11:43 A.M.

Much improved

Chris - Your Oakland Safari shots show a lot of improvement! You definately have learned to shoot tight and wait for the moment. I'm looking forward to what you shoot next.

M. Zafar Rabbani , December 16, 2004; 12:32 A.M.

Very nice....

Nice collection of beautifully composed photos. Your compositions are very thoughtful and you expose them to perfection. Loved your macro (flowers), land scape and animals. Nice work and thanks for sharing.

Best regards...... Zafar

Sacha De Carlo , December 20, 2004; 11:08 A.M.

Well I'm not a pro. I came here because of a comment I made on one of your Giraffe photo. I am glad I did, because I discovered another talented PN user. We have similar interests (I guess) and your work is inspiring in a way. The way you illustrate/portray nature (flora, animals) is great, you make them look even more attracting, eye-catching. Very good work here. I'll add you to my "fav" list! Cheers, Sacha :)

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY , December 22, 2004; 06:45 A.M.

Christopher- I love to come back, time and time agin to look at your images. You are so versatile. Your macro work is really amazing! Something I love to do, but need lots more practice! Being versatile is an attribute of creativity and this is what makes your work so wonderful and denotes you as an artist. Keep up the exceptional work!

Michael Brown , February 26, 2005; 06:00 A.M.

Thanks Chris

I just spent an enjoyable hour or so looking through & critiquing (sp?)your portfolio, you and I seem to have a very similar interest in subject matter. One thing I will especially applaud you for is the way you handle yourself in replying to some of the critiques. If more people on here took the time to listen to what people are saying instead of taking things a personal insult then they may learn more. I look forward to viewing more of your work, and welcome to my interesting people list.


Holly Easttom , May 27, 2005; 11:22 P.M.


I am trying to get in touch w/ Mr. Knittel regarding using one of his images in a book. Please contact at easttom@earthlink.net.

Brian Ernst , June 02, 2005; 05:07 P.M.

Wow, you have some really amazing and unique photos here! Excellent portfolio!

Alex Neely , June 18, 2005; 01:08 A.M.

Very nice portfolio Christopher.

Chris Verhasselt , August 14, 2005; 11:14 A.M.


You have a unique talent which suprises me since you were once a skater! You take pictures far better than I do. Hope all is well.

Wade Swinimer , December 20, 2006; 10:30 P.M.

Nice work

hello, just a quick note to say I think your work is great

Erik Jacobson , March 30, 2010; 09:21 P.M.

Great work Chris. I enjoy your portfolio so much because in many of your photos you use some of the same equipment that I know have, and also do much of the same type of photography that I am the most interested in (and do it very well). I hope as the years pass I have some opportunities to take some photos like this!

Well done!

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