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Tal Sapoznikov , June 03, 2006; 09:21 A.M.

Great work, Martin !

Nice to see you here.

Birte Ragland , June 23, 2006; 08:03 A.M.

Excellent portfolio, your macro work is outstanding.

duncan speirs , June 30, 2006; 03:48 A.M.

thanks for rating my photo.great portfoloio Cheers Duncan

Texas Bluerose , July 24, 2006; 05:10 A.M.


Excellent work and detail in each photo. Keep up the good work!

Giovanni S , July 26, 2006; 03:50 P.M.

Hi Martin

A real pleasure to visit your portfolio. Please go on posting!. Will come back often

Giangiorgio Crisponi , July 29, 2006; 03:14 P.M.


Martin you have a fantastic portfolio rich of very fine images, I like very much your macro, bravo, ciao Giangiorgio

Jim Hoffman , August 21, 2006; 05:38 P.M.

Wonderful portfolio with many great photos,especially your macroshots. Keep up the good work! Regards,Jim

Eppo Smit , August 25, 2006; 06:45 P.M.

Your pictures a form of beautiful art. Pleasure to watch them. I do hope you will comment/rate on some of mine

Ramón Vaamonde , September 26, 2006; 08:32 A.M.

I love your nature pictures, congrats.

Dean Leong , October 25, 2006; 05:29 A.M.


Excellent! Excellent! Excellent! I have no other word to describe your works!

Oliv'images Photography , October 27, 2006; 03:30 P.M.

Amazing marco work, plenty of colors and always a perfect background, nice job

Jenny Ross , May 23, 2007; 01:30 A.M.

Beautiful macro work, I am jealous! Keep up the good work.

Richard Best , June 25, 2007; 04:00 A.M.


You have some absolutely exquisite shots. I love your work, it is very good, better than some of the ratings would suggest.

ivana kusman , July 16, 2007; 08:14 P.M.

Very good folio

Nigel Lee , July 18, 2007; 08:32 A.M.

Fantastic set of photo's, Martin. However, I am somewhat intrigued as to where you find butterflies, moths, bugs etc that are covered in mist - is it a case of getting up early to catch the morning dew, or am I missing something?

lonewolf1966 man , September 10, 2007; 01:13 A.M.

Love your work! Skilled, beautiful colors! Looking forward to sharing!

Dimitar Atanasov , September 10, 2007; 02:30 P.M.

Wonderfull work. Great.

Martin Amm , September 10, 2007; 04:05 P.M.


you very much for all your comments. i?m very proud to read that you all like my photos

Goran Anastasovski , September 19, 2007; 08:17 A.M.

Excellent portfolio

Andre Dufour , October 31, 2007; 12:14 P.M.

Fantastic portfolio! We see a lot of very sharp macros around but very few with the kind of artistic beauty that you put in yours! Well done! I'm a fan.

Shayne Middleton , November 29, 2007; 05:56 A.M.


Breathtaking images in here Martin, I will look forward to your future postings. :)

Alexander Mandl , November 29, 2007; 09:06 A.M.

Hallo Martin

Deine Makroaufnahmen sind einfach toll. Wie hast du das mit dem Wasser auf der Wespe gemacht? liebe Gr�ߥ aus ֳterreich Alex

Emmanuel Boitier , December 02, 2007; 12:56 P.M.

It's really an excellent portfolio. Congratulations! Emmanuel

Helen Clement , December 30, 2007; 06:13 A.M.


What great photos Martin. Congrats.

billy ross , February 08, 2008; 10:13 A.M.

Your work is being stolen

A friend linked to your images on a forum I frequent (yes, he FULLY credited you), but we've now noticed you're being infringed upon, here: http://outdoors.webshots.com/photo/2820623320078687835XvRauS I hope this information is helpful... Billy

Michael VaughAn , February 08, 2008; 01:32 P.M.

WOW! you are the macro king...

Laala Kashef Alghata , February 17, 2008; 01:42 P.M.

Amazing Work

I just wanted to tell you that I think your photography is absolutely astounding and beautiful. I have seen many macro shots, never this stunning and never with this unique twist - how on earth did you get dewdrops on insects? I am perpetually terrified of insects, and yet I found these images alluring and exciting. I hope you either have submitted your work to photography magazines and competitions, or intend to. I don't know if you do this professionally or not, but either way, you have a great talent.

What kind of equipment do you use? Camera, lenses and the like? If you wouldn't mind divulging a couple of your secrets.



Martin Amm , February 18, 2008; 08:36 A.M.

@ laala:

thanks for your comment. to get dewdrops on the insects you have to search for insects early in the morning (best time before sunrise after a cold night). i wouldnt call me a professional photogapher, just a fanatic one ;) i started in 2003 and since this time trying to improve myself, by using such sites like photo.net . my actually equipment includes a Nikon d200 together with a Sigma 180/3.5 Macro, a bellow and several enlarging lenses.

Rebecca Horne , February 22, 2008; 10:43 A.M.


Hello Martin I am the Photo Editor at DISCOVER magazine in New York city and we would like to publish your dragonfly with dew photo in our May 2008 Bettter Planet issue. Please get in touch with me immediately. 212 624 4783. or email: rhorne@discovermagazine.com

Ali M.SH , February 27, 2008; 04:12 P.M.

Dear Martin

Just realy Beautiful Thanks for sharing Ali

cher Richardson , March 19, 2008; 07:41 P.M.

What an excellent portfolio. I love your work. Very good closeups and I like the landscapes. cher..

Athanasios Patsis , March 23, 2008; 05:32 P.M.

Hi Martin!your portfolio is really beautiful+most of your photos are amazing!!! congrats!!!

Stuart Apsey , March 26, 2008; 06:17 A.M.

Some really fantastic nature photography. You patience to get your specimens in good light really pays off well. Thanks for a comment on one of my images.

Brenda Thompson , April 01, 2008; 09:37 A.M.


Your portfolio is one of the best I've seen. I wish you all the best. These should be published for everyone to see. The detail is fantastic. It is so refreshing to see these macro insect images. I would love to be able to shoot like that. Congrats and keep giving us more!

Marcin Klysewicz , April 19, 2008; 07:54 A.M.

great macro shots. you have very good portfolio. i'll be coming back for more.


marcin klysewicz

Gemma Paz , April 23, 2008; 05:01 A.M.

Photo Request from Quo Magazine

Hi Martin I am Gemma Paz, from the graphic department of Quo magazine. We would like to publish some of your photos in our next issue. I send you some information about us: Quo is a monthly Spanish magazine whose interests focus on scientific, social, historical and psychological research worldwide, with special attention to human, environmental and urban problems. Quo belongs to the group Hachette Filipacchi. We write about scientific and lifestyle subjects, and have several sections about science, nature, arts, health, technology, history, architecture, motor and society. Our target is mostly urban and educated men between 25 and 40 years old. You can take a look to our webpage: www.quo.es . Please you can contact us , as soon as you can? You can write us to: odefrutos@hachette.es. Thank you in advance

Ahmet Gurses , May 10, 2008; 11:40 A.M.

... EXCELLENT Portfolio ... congrats.

Wendy de Kok , June 03, 2008; 02:07 P.M.


Wonderful portfolio! I really love your macro shot they are so rich in colors and details. Thanks for sharing and keep on shooting! Regards Wendy

Hung Nguyen , June 28, 2008; 09:40 A.M.

I am so glad to see that you are getting lost of requests for publication from magazines. Your photos are brilliant. Public recognition is well-deserved. Kindest regards and best of wishes.

Suzana Dodig , July 31, 2008; 09:52 A.M.

i just love ur photos!

best regards, suzi

Steve Smith , August 09, 2008; 05:21 A.M.


love the macro work - just wish I had the equipment to do it

Suzana Dodig , August 31, 2008; 04:57 A.M.

you have amazing portfolio, i cant wait to see more

Ioan Alexandru Chiru , October 02, 2008; 03:52 P.M.


Very interesting portfolio, great colors, congratulations !

Vanka Prakashrao , November 12, 2008; 09:16 A.M.

Dear Martin

Your Photographs of the fly are just amazing.Can't believe that a camera can do such a fantastic work.Could you permit me to introduce your amazing photos to my friends through my blog.

LORAINE DAVIS , November 21, 2008; 04:45 P.M.


Hi i'm a member of flickr and i commented and fav'd a photo a last night that was actually taken by you, i had someone mail me tonight telling me i'd fav'd a stolen photo and left a link to your site here at photo.net. I thought you should know and i have left you the link to the photo and the persons photostream is there so you can do what ever you need to do or not do. Take care Loraine (flickr member) http://www.flickr.com/photos/26473957@N03/3045482035/page2/

Eduardo Agustin Carrasco , December 09, 2008; 12:07 P.M.


hola Martin beatiful portfolio, i like your macro photos.


Brian Denz , December 27, 2008; 08:23 P.M.

truly beautiful.

cher Richardson , January 01, 2009; 10:55 A.M.


I hope that you have a great new year. cher..

Diego Miguel , January 02, 2009; 09:34 P.M.

Ausgezeichnet! Sie sind so gut wie Ihre Ausstattung! Super Makroaufnahmen. Viele Grüße aus Argentinien

Martin Amm , January 05, 2009; 05:38 A.M.


thank you very much and a happy and successful new year

Leonid Padrul , February 22, 2009; 11:40 A.M.

Interestingly picked up works and well executed. Good creativity.

Image Attachment: yociexp47.gif

nicola davison-reed , March 01, 2009; 12:01 P.M.


..thankyou for sharing your pics, they are stunning and inspirational, i am 40 and i have NEVER seen nature presented so fantastically,its not every day that you discover a fresh and unique way at looking at things, you should be very proud and i hope you receive many awards and pleasure from your work..well done..amazing..x

Debejyo Chakraborty , May 12, 2009; 03:49 A.M.


excellent macros. it was a pleasure to see them.

Andrew Campbell , May 15, 2009; 08:00 P.M.

Outstanding collection of images.

diana lallbi , May 18, 2009; 01:23 A.M.


martin ..your photos are very nice ..you save a part of beauty in the world and you did it very great ..God is very beautiful ..thanks for share it ..blessing..:)

simone lenzi , June 18, 2009; 11:00 A.M.

great work

All photo in your gallery are fantastic, but the macro photo are truly a unique beauty

bravissimo simone

Steve Williams , August 11, 2009; 05:30 P.M.


you have taken some amazing macro shots.... keep it up..!!!

Ilze Lucero , September 11, 2009; 02:36 P.M.

fantastic images

Kane Slater , December 02, 2009; 03:15 P.M.

Your photo was stolen

Hi Martin,

I registered just so I could tell you this: One of the members of the NATURE PHOTOGRAPHY CONTEST that I run on Facebook did a "reverse image search" using Tineye.com of the winning photo from last week's "Abstracts from Nature" theme and it turned out to be your (untitled) image of a dew-covered Red-veined Darter. Obviously I will be removing the stolen photo and banning the cheater from the contest...I guess I'll be doing a "reverse image search" of all winning photos from now. Anyhow, come join us on Facebook if you want...we have fun with the contest. Absolutely BRILLIANT portfolio, by the way. I also specialize in macro insects, etc. ...I'm not quite as brilliant as you, but I have my moments. http://kaneslater.redbubble.com

Wael Atallah , December 11, 2009; 05:18 A.M.

I like your portfolio especially the macro work...

Oksi Bu , March 13, 2010; 04:58 P.M.


Очень красивые работы, Мартин! Хотелось бы увидеть еще что-то.

Bonali Giuseppe , August 05, 2010; 02:08 P.M.

7/7 !!!!!

Un portfolio stupendo i miei complimenti,sei al top,saluti Beppe.

Andreas Krause , March 12, 2011; 06:38 P.M.

What an amazing portfolio! Your macros are incredible and are complimented by your truly beautiful landscapes! Fantastic work!!

Laura Delegal , March 30, 2011; 12:31 A.M.

Wow, what a wonderful, facinating portfolio.  Beautiful captures.  I enjoyed browsing. 

Roger Sandgren , December 05, 2011; 04:36 A.M.

You have amazing portfolio, Congrattulation

Best Regards

Theodore Mattas , March 29, 2012; 07:30 A.M.

Stunning portfolio!!! I especially like your butterfly gallery. Regards from Greece.


Siegfried Gust , July 13, 2012; 12:36 P.M.

Wonderful Portfolio

What stands out about your images to me besides to obvious excellent composition and "Ausfuhrung" is the the post processing. You manage to have vivid colors that don't seem over saturated. The colors make for pleasant images that still catch your attention. I hope to one day approach your level of skill in photography.

Robin Phillips , August 17, 2012; 06:20 P.M.


Hi Martin, Beautiful Photos...You are truly gifted! If we would like to have a "poster size" of one or more of your photos to hang in our home, use for a mousepad, put on a cup, etc., how would we go about doing that? Or is that even possible? Do you have a website to purchase items? Thanks, in advance, for your time/response. Hope you have a "photabulous" weekend. Lol ;-) Sincerely, Robin

giuseppe guadagno , March 09, 2013; 01:54 A.M.

It is a real pleasure to walk in your images of the nature. Compliments.

Dennis Barnett , April 11, 2013; 04:20 P.M.

You've got some spectacular images here, Martin. The dragonflies are so good they're scary. And your Iceland shots are beautifully shot and timed. Great work!

Tue Bui , May 29, 2013; 09:12 P.M.

Fantastic portfolio. I like it very much. Best Regard, Tue.

Marek Komar , September 23, 2015; 03:10 P.M.

Splendid portfolio, great work.

Matthew Rael , December 26, 2015; 03:55 A.M.

Hi Martin

I just wanted to wish you a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Photo Year.... :)
Best Regards and Happy Holidays

Jim Dockery , May 14, 2016; 08:24 A.M.

Wonderful Work

You have a great portfolio! I love looking through your shots of my old stomping grounds - I was stationed as a teacher (for American students) in Grafenwoehr back in the 80s. I spent a lot of time in the woods too on my way to rock climbs in the area, and took a lot of pictures, but certainly didn't capture the beauty you have. Isn't digital great!

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