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Rebecca Hunt , September 27, 2004; 11:55 P.M.

Thanks for sharing Philip Turner

You have some fantastic portraits here in your portfolio! I also especially favour and admire the beautiful single phtoos - rich with colour and esence.

Thankyou dearly for commenting on my portfolio, means the world to me. I checked out the photography links you gave me - and I must say I prefered the second link you gave me :)

You will soon be discovered by many of the other aspiring photographers on photo.net, and I'll check back for the million of other comments that will be added after mine here. Keep up the great work! Thanks again.

Song Wang , September 28, 2004; 11:04 P.M.

Thanks for you comments!

Philip, reading your comments encourages me so much! I would like to hear more from a serious and professional photographer like you. I also learned a lot from your way to interprete a photo. I started B&W photography last July, so you can tell I am still trying different subjects and hoping I can one day stick with a certain "style" that matches my own "tastes" or "vision". Your continuous commenting on my photos in the future would be very appreciated! :-)

George Philot , September 29, 2004; 10:50 P.M.

I agree with Rebecca

I a'm not a professional, but I agree with Rebecca. She wrote eeverything that I want to sey to you. Congratulations, fabulous portfolio. Remarkable.

Cristina Fumi , October 05, 2004; 07:26 A.M.

I wanted to thank you for the nice comment you wrote on my children's portfolio. I am glad you did it because I had the chance to see your great pics. Thanks for the interesting link as well

Philip Turner , October 08, 2004; 01:30 A.M.

Thank-You All For Your Comments

Over the past few months I have had the opportunity to view and experience a great deal of visual and artistic talent here on this site. Some of the most powerful images came from people who have had no formal visual arts training. Others have exhibited a great feast of visual explorations over the many years from their beginnings as artist's through very keenly developed points as visual interpreters. This forum has been able to provide sincere inspiration and motivation to many of us. I applaud the founders' and it is with a great feeling of gratitude that I extend my continuing thanks to you all for your inspiration and participation. Much of what may be derived from this site is ultimately based on your level of committment to contribute and to participate with genuine comments, from an open mind and compassionate heart. The end result has often been a revelation to me; one of joy and astonishment. Thanks again to all of you and my sincerest wishes for your continued creative growth. In the words of Lennon-McCartney; "The love you take is equal to the love you make." Whatever it is you believe in, be committed to it, and do it with passion!

Howard Dion , October 10, 2004; 07:29 A.M.


A rich collection of images professionally presented. Spending time with your portfolio offers many rewards. I really apprciate the time and talent that you are sharing with us all.

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY , October 10, 2004; 07:54 A.M.

Got to agree with Howard. Your portfolio is varied and wonderful! Marking you interesting so I can learn more! Very creative and well thought out images. Wonderful vision!

Sarah Underhill , October 10, 2004; 08:40 A.M.

What a wonderful portfolio! You are very talented with the camera. Lovely work. I'll be watching for new posts!

Andrew Grant , October 19, 2004; 03:39 P.M.

The wealth of experience you have is evident in your portfolio and I feel it is something the rest of us can really learn from. Thanks for sharing!

Carlo Mogavero , October 20, 2004; 06:23 A.M.

It the firs time I visit your portfolio and it seems to be one of the most original and beatiful. My best complements and come to see me.


Alexandru Axon , October 21, 2004; 03:43 A.M.

Great works

simply amazing what can I say more

Thomas Collins , October 21, 2004; 02:57 P.M.

Philip, you have an outstanding portfolio here. Thank you for sharing with us!

Wim Ipenburg , October 30, 2004; 05:43 P.M.

Philip, I love all of your work here so much. Every picture is made with "special care". After seeing this, I respect more, and know the value of, your comments on other photo's. Go on like this way!

Song Wang , November 09, 2004; 10:55 P.M.

Millions of thanks to you

Philip, your recent comments on two of my photos are so valuable. They are the most inspiring comments I've ever had since I started posting photos onto internet about 2 years ago. I feel like I owe you a lot :-) Many many thanks!

Song Wang , November 21, 2004; 07:22 P.M.

Check your mailbox

Philip, I sent you an email to your rit account. Please check the mailbox since I am not sure if you are still using that email address.

Robert Hooper , December 07, 2004; 08:29 A.M.

you have so many great photos. Thanks for showing them. Keep up the good work.

Hanna Cowpe , December 17, 2004; 01:04 A.M.

Philip, you have a wonderfully diverse portfolio which demonstrates your interest and ability in photographing a variety of subjects in both colour and b&w. It will take me a while to work my way through them and it'll take more than a few visits. Now if I could just find the ones of Vancouver Island.

Sacha De Carlo , December 17, 2004; 11:45 P.M.

Thank you !

Your portfolio conveys the simple desire for a free and creative life. Thanks for commenting my "spiral cactus". cheers, Sacha :)

hugo paez , February 02, 2005; 09:48 P.M.

Great work

Your pic's are excellent!

Song Wang , March 22, 2005; 09:01 P.M.

Philip, I ran out of quota in photo.net, am planning remove some old photos. Did I focus too much on street? You have much diversed collections which I envy a lot. :-D

Watermark of Merni , March 24, 2005; 08:36 P.M.

Excellent !

I have enjoyed looking at your excellent work in photography.

Song Wang , April 11, 2005; 10:32 P.M.

Philip, I sent you two emails recently but didn't get any reply. Busy or travelling?

Steve J Murray , May 18, 2005; 12:28 P.M.

Philip, what I like most about all your images is their graphic quality, using "simple" but powerful forms, lines and colors to enchant the eye/brain. This is something I am after as well, and you do it exceedingly well. Your portraits seem to have a natural quality about them as well, capturing something of the person in that moment. I think we're both of the same "vintage" and probably have that in common as we make photographs.

Leslie Battjes , January 30, 2006; 01:53 P.M.


Wow, Philip, your work is truly amazing. I appreciate that you took the time to comment on one of my photos, especially since it led me to your work. I will be back to take another longer look when I have the time, but wow covers it for now. Thanks again. Leslie

Bram Meijer , February 04, 2006; 10:52 A.M.


Every folder in your portfolio has a special atmosphere. And I like them all.


Wade Rose , February 04, 2006; 12:01 P.M.

wow very nice portfolio

very nice.:D

Robert Popela , February 09, 2006; 05:20 A.M.

Style ...

you found and you use is great. Mainly in nudes and portraits. One of the most creative and to high detail refined portfolio I saw yet on p.net. Congratulations.

Also thank you for constructive comment on my glass photo, you are right. It was just first time experiment, I have to try again. r.

Kent B , February 09, 2006; 10:43 A.M.


You really have an impressive range of work. Thanks for taking the time to provide helpful suggestions. It's always nice getting good advice from an expert eye.

willy marthinussen , February 12, 2006; 10:29 A.M.

Thanks for your comment on my work...and leading me here..you have quite an impressive portfolio and i will spend time to go through it..love the work here.. --willy--

Julius Jebamony , February 18, 2006; 12:25 A.M.

Thank You

Thank you so much for your comments. I truly value comments/critiques more than the ratings. You have an awesome portfolio.


Philip Turner , February 22, 2006; 02:10 P.M.

Leslie, Bram, Wade, Robert, Kent, Willy & Julius-

Thanks all for your comments, critique and ongoing constructive criticism. I value your opinions and aesthetic choices very much and I am glad to have had an opportunity to share in some of your work too. Although there is still much to be discovered!

John Seward , February 23, 2006; 10:35 A.M.


I think your portfolio is outstanding. I particularly like your "Civil War" pictures. Great treatment of those photos. John

Ilse P , March 06, 2006; 07:35 P.M.

I'm glad your comment on my portfolio brought me here. This is a wonderful collection and I spent a very nice time going through your photos. At the moment I especially like your portraits and nature images, but I'm sure that I'll discover more pearls of beauty when I come back for a closer look at your work.

Todd Kowalski , March 27, 2006; 11:32 A.M.

Hey Philip, Check FIVE! Regards, Todd

Pam Nelson , March 30, 2006; 11:08 A.M.

Thank you

Philip, I must say that you started my day off on a high note with your kind and encouraging words. Your portfolio is truly amazing and so inspiring. I will be back many more times. Thanks Again, Pam

Philip Turner , April 10, 2006; 06:06 P.M.

Thanks For Your Comments

John- You're the only one to comment so far on the Civil War images. These are also a favorite of mine especially as I learn more about the war and their respective regiments, armies and their commanders. It is interesting to note that every army has a particular story with associated characters, whose actions could have produced a completely different outcome for this war! Thanks for taking the time to have a look and comment on them.

Ilse- I appreciate your positive commentary on the image categories you respond to. I'm happy to have discovered another talented photographer (you) that I was not aware of previously. I think FIVE has been responsible for the discovery of many new photographers. Thank-you for taking the time as well.

Todd- Always happy to have a like-minded 'photo-critiquer' comiserate on the state of that state. Grateful to have made your acquaintance, also through FIVE.

Pam- Very glad you could actually reply to me after a critique of your imagery with more than a cursory reply. I am looking forward to seeing your future image exploits posted here too. Many thanks for leaving a follow-up comment.

Chris Fraser , April 19, 2006; 11:46 P.M.

A very impressive portfolio, with a wide and interesting range of styles and motifs. I'll look forward to revisiting regularly. And thanks for your kind comments on my work.

Sacha De Carlo , April 20, 2006; 01:07 A.M.

Electron microscopy

Hi Philip.

Thanks for the comment on my EM 3D reconstructions, but I don't get your question about colors. Care to explain ? EM images are in grey levels, we colorize the structure with a rendering software.

Does this answer your Q ?

I am also a fellow cyclist by the way :-)

Philip Turner , May 01, 2006; 05:16 P.M.

Thanks Sacha & Chris-

Chris- Thanks for your kind reply. I was duly impressed with you work as well. Nice to have discovered your imagery here too.

Sacha- Nice to hear from you. It feels like quite some time since we commented/critiqued each others work. I left a reply to your questions on the bottom of your portfolio page. You had really answered my questions with your original comments and I clarified that there. Nice to see your portfolio really develop in terms of the work you now have posted here. Please keep in touch too and keep on pedaling!

Sheila Kumar , May 14, 2006; 02:08 A.M.

Thank you!!

Thanks for your comments on my work, I am new to photography & hope one day I will produce high standard photos like yours. Sheila

Anita Davis , May 19, 2006; 06:34 P.M.

~I'm Grateful~

Thank You so much for the time you took to look at my photos, and leaving the comment. I am inspired by your work, a true artist. I have soo much to learn. Thanks Again ~Anita

Milo G , May 22, 2006; 07:06 P.M.


Hello Philip, many thanks for taking the time to visit and comment upon my small portfolio. Your work is truly marvellous and shows what an eclectic and artistic view you have of the world. In answer to your question I am currently located in Ontario, Canada, but came originally from the UK. I travelled extensively in the early 1980's hence the peppering of images from the Far East. Glad to see you like Joni Mitchell!!! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your work.

Philip Turner , May 25, 2006; 04:06 A.M.

Thank-You Sheila, Anita & Milo-

Sheila- You have the exotic roots of your heritage as a source of much inspiration, creativity and artistry. I am a great fan of Indian culture, spirituality and awareness. We have much to learn from those in the thousands of years before us. They can provide true inspiration, and we need to only provide the perspiration (focus). Artistry is not an accident but a carefully nurtured process of practice followed by more practice. Believe in yourself and all that you may accomplish. After that, the end result is assured. Keep-up and be great.

Anita- I have much to learn from you all. I feel the constant need to see as others have seen and come to some understanding of their vision. I am inspired by the unseen as seen, and the unknown as known, by all of the people who choose to share their perspective here. I am truly enthralled by much of your subject matter. I think you too have a wealth of opportunity all around you. I'm sure you will discover different aspects of it as you seek out more of the reasons why you choose to photograph what you do? It may seem like ages before you feel akin to what you select? At the very least, remember it is a discovery and a revelation at the same time.

Milo- Something drew me into your imagery right away. Images we create of our family members, always seem to make me aware of the fact that they're like little views of our own psychology or our own one pointed-ness toward the world. Loved the image of your father, it seemed to me to be very telling. Was I off the mark? Hope you'll continue to keep a dialogue going with me? I'd like to keep in touch with what you're doing creatively. Appreciate the direction you've been and taken to this point. Appreciate your sharing it with us too!

Gordon E. McCaw , May 27, 2006; 12:25 P.M.

Thank you for your thoughtful comments, they are appreciated all the more when coming from someone as accomplished as yourself. I will address the questions you were asking in an email.

BTW, were the photos of Joni Mitchell taken about 1980 or so? Her look is about the same as when I saw her in Vancouver at that time. What a show! She was touring with the Brecker Bros., Pat Metheny and the late, great Jaco Pastorius, that marvel of the electric bass.....

Philip Turner , June 03, 2006; 03:01 P.M.

Tales of a Joni Mitchell Concert

Gordon- Interesting you should ask about Joni Mitchell. I believe this concert was in 1984? For the first time in my photographic career I was so looking forward to a local concert that would feature Joni Mitchell. It was billed as an evening show at the Concord Pavilion (a covered, yet open-on-the-sides outdoor amphitheater in Concord, California). I knew someone on the Pavilion Board, so I called him and asked if I could get tickets for her show and that I would pay just about any price for them. Well, I got Row 1, Seats 101 and 102 on handwritten stubs which were front row dead center and at no charge! These were some of the seats reserved for Joni and any of her guests and there weren't many people that were going to be utilizing her guest seats at this venue according to her tour management. I was stoked! Brought my Hasselblad and a 150mm and 250mm lens for close-ups, and my Nikon F-36 Motor Drive loaded with Kodachrome 200. I arrived early and prepared for the show. About thirty minutes after the show had been scheduled to begin and at a time when just about every seat in the house had been filled, I was approached by a middle-aged man who said he was Joni Mitchell's Tour Manager. It seems that Ms. Mitchell had seen me with my cameras out and ready and was refusing to start the show until I put all the cameras away! Of course all of Joni's guests in the surrounding seats shot me if-looks-could-kill glances, and I proceeded to pack up my cameras and continued to mutter incoherently about freedom of the press and such. After the show began and Joni could no longer make out much of what was going on in the audience, the Tour Manager again approached me and asked if I wanted to shoot some shots from the side of the stage but from behind the band! I jumped at the opportunity and got a Stage Pass from him for the access. After shooting some 35mm shots including the crowd and Joni with husband Larry Klein, I headed back to my seat and popped off a few more shots on the return and enjoyed the remainder of the show from front row-center seats with girlfriend of the time! It was the only time I ever felt like a paparazzi grabbing shots of a celebrity.

In shows past I'd never been closer to the stage than about 200 yards away! Such as the Westbury Music Festival in Nassau County on Long Island amongst a great muddy mass of humanity. The Pavilion show had been a great opportunity to photograph one of my favorite artists, an opportunity that almost didn't come to pass.

Jean Pierre Romeyer , June 07, 2006; 12:28 P.M.

Hello Philip

thanks for your comment and time spent on my blue "water spirit" ! It has allowed me to discover your work, which is quite impressive and undoubtly 100% "pro". In all these bright examples of talented shots, I will choose one as a model for my future goals : "the land that time forgot", a masterpiece ! Thanks to share your experience with us, you bring a lot to this community, for sure and clearly you are a very open minded and kind person, and I have been very pleased to meet you, even if it's only in this virtual world.

my best wishes from France, Philip (apologize for my english...!).


Tanya Gramatikova , June 15, 2006; 04:08 A.M.

Much aesthetic,much professionalism ,interesting subjects.It draws attention and brings atmosphere.Best Regards: tanya

erwin bosman , June 15, 2006; 02:22 P.M.

philip you have a portfolio in which i want to walk around for hours erwin

Song Wang , July 06, 2006; 11:43 A.M.

I saw your message left to one of my pics from Paris. So nice to "see" you again! How's your life in SF? I know a very good freelance photographer who moved from NY to SF two years ago. Here is his website www.dancingmind.net.

Juan Monino , July 07, 2006; 08:51 P.M.

Your work is extremelly inspirational, thank you for posting those elegant portraits, congratulations for your portfolio!

Philip Turner , July 21, 2006; 04:03 A.M.

Thanks All - Jean Pierre, Tanya, Erwin, Song, and Juan:

I am very honored to have had you all leave comments on my portfolio. Especially considering the caliber of photographic artistry represented here. Jean Pierre Romeyer represents one of the standout landscape photographers here on Photo-Net. Tanya Gramatikova is a superb artist that paints with her camera. Erwin Bosman truly defines the term photo'graphic' artistry. Song Wang, I believe, is a modern-day museum quality Cartier-Bresson, and creates superb decisive-moment imagery. Juan Monino has found the 'beautiful people' and they are alive and well within the frames of his imagery. I hope anyone who finds the comments left here by these visual artisans will follow the links on each of their names to see what I have had the privilege in sharing of theirs. I thank them all for taking the time to leave a comment here.

David Meyer , August 07, 2006; 01:19 A.M.


Yikes! If anyone should be able to make a living with their photographic work, it should be you. The quality is outstanding, and although many of the styles you have done, are not my cup of tea, I am at least well enough informed to know that they are done with masterful technical and artistic expertise. Not only that, but you seem to humor all of us plodders. Wonderful portfolio. I do agree with you that photo.net is a tremendous fount of talent and imagination. I often have reflected that pn is rampant with the best photographers that nobody will ever know about. But there is more than fame and I guess we all leave a legacy.

Bridgette E , September 01, 2006; 12:20 P.M.

Wonderful Art

I came across your portfolio again today when reading comments you had left on someone's submission. I did not leave a comment before but I feel compelled to do so today as I find your work to be very stimulating and enjoyable. You seem to have a wonderful feel for all of your subjects and a talent that is a blessing to possess. Your ablility to make a very successful career in commercial photography shows that many others have seen this talent and blessing as well. I have absolutely no critique that could possibly matter, but I wanted to tell you how much pleasure I have received today from visiting your portfolio. I am, by no means, a professional; however I enjoy looking at other people's work here on PN. Photography for me has just been a hobby to dabble in and may never be anything more. I hope to leave my work as something my family and others may be able to view as a vision into the past. Thank you for sharing your beautiful art with so many here on PN.

Philip Turner , September 07, 2006; 11:32 P.M.

Thanks Bridgette

I appreciate your kind comments. I also took an opportunity to have a look at your work as currently posted here on PN. Your images of children are full of promise, insight and revelation. It is here where your work really shines. Some of the outstanding images in my mind are; Best Friends, The eyes have it, and Just dreaming to name a few. You show wonderful capability in use of fill-in flash. Not too overbearing and often perfectly enough. Although if this was where I'd continue to concentrate, I'd dial-in the fill-in lighting and maybe shoot with a white relector to avoid having to use a harsh flash. I think you have the right instincts and I hope you'll continue to discover other areas of photography that you enjoy pursuing. Thanks for stopping here to leave such a positive comment.

Philip Turner , September 14, 2006; 02:03 A.M.

Thanks David-

Thanks for the strong words of support. Lord knows we all need to get words of encouragement no matter where we are in our image creating careers. I suppose I would have faired better had I stayed in New York, but I longed to return to California for the great outdoors and weather. Now the question is whether or not to stay? Overcrowding, freeway congestion, extreme cost of living and just downright hostility seem to be more the norm than the exception in California now. We still pay way too much for everything out here, and the irony is now I'm just waiting for the day when I can retire and move out of Baghdad By the Bay (monniker attributed to columnist Herb Caen). It really saddens me to think it's gone downhill so fast! There really is no real getaway-to anymore, contrary to my sometimes delusional fantasies. I'd just love to return to a life of photography and art solely...But I guess dreaming is what brings us back to a dose of reality with a little flash of creativity thrown in every now and then. Thanks again for your words of encouragement. I like your analysis of PN being composed of the best photographers nobody ever heard of...Just thought I heard a tree falling in the woods...

Bridgette E , September 18, 2006; 01:10 P.M.


It was a pleasure to be able to leave you my comments. PN is such a wonderful place to share. I am so humbled by your positive comments on my portfolio. For someone of your caliber and expertise to be there for others is a mark of true kindness. Photography is so much fun for me right now because of my grandchildren and my PN friends. You all give me so much such encouragement either by words or example that I am overwhelmed. Thanks so much for sharing here.

J.K. York , September 18, 2006; 07:52 P.M.

Wow, I'm humbled that you gave me such a good rating on my photo of the red barn in snow. Your work is a pleasure and its going to take time for me to appriciate it all. So I'll be back to soak it all in a little at a time. take care J.K.

Francisco Ribeiro do Vale , October 13, 2006; 10:48 P.M.

Outstanding Portifolio

Philip, congratulations for so many beautiful photos in your portifolio. You are very creative. I came across for visiting your portifolio because I enjoyed the way you put the comments on another portifolio, making comments about several photos. This is very important for us to learn with photographers like you, who spend time to make comments about how to get better photos. I really enjoyed your portifolio, all your photos, but I would say that the fashion are outstanding.

Birte Ragland , December 08, 2006; 06:06 A.M.

Thanks for leaving the nice comment on my portfolio.You yourself have an beautiful and artistic one,there are many that I think are outstanding. To answer your question I already have a non profit organization set in place to continue the work we do.Thanks for visiting.

-Stn- Tanya , January 04, 2007; 05:33 P.M.


very good works :)

"from Russia with love"

J.K. York , April 13, 2007; 10:43 A.M.

Your most kind words brightened my day Philip. After getting kind of "burnt-out" from too much PN activity I've backed off. It was nice to log in and read your comments. What strikes me most about your work is there are no "near misses". Everything is true to its mission of vision in your work. You exhibit flexibility from clean studio to rustic landscape seamlessly. You are a true Renaissance man of photography, not getting locked into any one mode, but seeing everything. Take care my friend, J.K.

Kent B , May 22, 2007; 03:04 P.M.

Philip, As someone who obviously produces and understands fine art photography, your comment was very flattering. It could quite possibly be one of the kindest comments I?ve received. Thanks for making a crappy day a little better. It has also allowed me a chance to be wowed by your sizeable and impressive body of work. Thanks again.

Kombizz Kashani , October 09, 2008; 02:40 A.M.

It seems to me you have strong in artistic way of presenting images. Also it shows to me that you touched to different parts of photography.
Good luck with your future works.


Ioan Alexandru Chiru , February 08, 2009; 01:13 A.M.

Hi !

You have a diversified portfolio with nice shots and great colours, congratulations ! Alex.

James Baeza , February 17, 2009; 10:51 A.M.

Wonderful work! Experimental, imaginative and refreshing.

Philip Turner , March 10, 2009; 03:49 A.M.

Thanks Alex & Jim-

Appreciate your taking the time to leave a comment and browse through some of the imagery. I always appreciate the time involved in actually participating in some sort of dialogue rather than dropping an anonymous rating or two on a few pictures and moving on. Hope you both keep shooting and Jim really like the work you've posted especially the Yoga, Portraits, Landscapes and Nudes series (that's pretty much all of it I realize.) Alex I really like your B&W, Abstract and Macro categories, solid imagery all. Wishing you all the best, Phil.

Bianca Van Der Werf , September 05, 2009; 02:55 P.M.


For your enchanting comment on my 'mother of pigeons' :-) I don't come much around here on PN, so therefor I am a bit late with my comment.. I am sorry that you don't sit in the worlds of exhibitions anymore, I would love to be 'curated' hahaha....

You have some stunning photo's as well, like the nudes! Very creative! Regards!


Antonio F , February 16, 2010; 08:29 A.M.

good port, original and various. well done

Michael Meneklis , August 05, 2010; 01:47 A.M.

Very interesting and beautiful portfolio. Bravo.

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