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Comments on this portfolio:

Sadegh Miri , May 01, 2010; 02:45 P.M.

Good evening Rashed,

Very nice portfolio you have here and I'm looking forward to see more of your works.

Thanks for sharing and kind words about my recent submitted photos.


Best regards



Raymond Borg , May 01, 2010; 06:00 P.M.

Welcome to photo.net. You have a very nice start. Hope to see more work from you. Thanks for your visit to my portfolio and for your comment. Happy clicking.

Aleksandrs Tulubjevs , May 02, 2010; 11:08 A.M.


thank you for your comment to my shot,,the old bridge".you have very nice portfolio lots of great shots ,,wild life n single photos".well done.

Vladimir Funtak , May 02, 2010; 12:25 P.M.

Keep shooting, You have an eye of an artist, welcome and best regads, vf

Deanna B , May 02, 2010; 10:46 P.M.

Hello Rashed, Welcome to Photo.net. Your work is very interesting and well done. Looking forward to more of it. Take care, Deanna

Antonio F , May 03, 2010; 01:56 A.M.

Interesting photos, I am looking after your work.


Ricardo Maximo Lopez D'Angelo , May 03, 2010; 01:56 P.M.

Great begining Rashed ... I´ll be looking forward to see more of your work.

Regards from Argentina.

nabarun bhattacharya , May 04, 2010; 03:10 A.M.

Welcome to PN Rashed. Your portfolio already has some interesting works. Shall stay interested in you.

Galane Luo , May 04, 2010; 08:55 A.M.


Hi Rashed! Thank you for visiting my portfolio and the comments! You've made a great start here can't wait to see more!

Shawn Henry , May 05, 2010; 09:02 A.M.

Thank you


Thank you so very much for your comments and ratings.  Greatly appreciated.   I think your gallery is off to a great start. Keep up the great work.

One funny thing I have noticed, When ever I post an image here, there is one anonymous visitor that consistently gives me 3's on everything. I think I may have upset some one.

Marian Stoicescu , May 05, 2010; 04:53 P.M.

Thank You

Thank you for your comments and ratings on selected shots part of my portfolio. It is even more valuable for me since I notice in your work shared on PN a highly experimented photographer with technique, inspiration and talent. I have a great deal to learn from you and I will certainly be back often to visit your page.

A warm welcome to photo.net!

Aldemar A , May 06, 2010; 02:16 P.M.

thanks 4 ur comment, i whish the best for you too. :)

Ozer Ozmen , May 07, 2010; 02:54 A.M.

thank you for your comments and ratings...

nice portfolio...



Sadegh Miri , May 07, 2010; 10:53 A.M.

Dear Rashed,

I would like to thank you again for your nice comment on one of my recent submitted photos. Its highly appreciated.


Best regards from Dubai



paul langereis , May 07, 2010; 05:19 P.M.

Hi Rashed.  I wanted to thank you for your comments on my photo, Malaspina Galleries.  I see you have done some very exceptional work in this portfolio.  I really love the portrait work here, and it makes me want to try shooting a model.  Take care, and again, thank you.

Hamid Reza Farzandian , May 08, 2010; 06:23 A.M.


Dear Rashed. Many thanks for your kind and warm comments and for spending your valuable time for visiting my pictures. I felt free walking around in your very good portfolio, finding specially professional grade portrait shots and also landscapes very impressive and supreme. Waiting for more works of you and more pictures, and also your beneficial comments. Best regards. Hamid.


Maurizio Guarino , May 08, 2010; 05:24 P.M.

Rashed..Thanks for your kind comment on my shot, I really appreciated it. I have been contemplating your work, you've got a super eye for composition and colour. Congrats!


Avijit Sett , May 09, 2010; 07:02 A.M.

Beautilful and creative work!!! Congrats!!!

Thanks for commenting on my photographs, I appreciate it.



Steve Campbell , May 09, 2010; 07:22 A.M.


You have a nice collection of portaits that are very well done . Thankyou for the comment you left on my shot tagged Goslings and Parents .

Senthil Rajendran , May 09, 2010; 12:54 P.M.

Good pictures

You got good collection of pictures. Nice work. Thanks for leaving the comment on my shot.

Noel Ballagh , May 09, 2010; 06:07 P.M.

Thank you for your kind comments.  Take care.

Shantanu Sane , May 09, 2010; 09:46 P.M.

Nice !

Hi Rashed

You have very good images here. You should post more of them.




Umer Nizar , May 10, 2010; 01:07 A.M.

Thanks and Wishes

Thanks a lot for your kind words. Your photos are nice and special.

Arzu Kilic , May 10, 2010; 07:16 A.M.


Thank you very much for your comment...You have very nice portfolio...Congr...



D Taylor , May 10, 2010; 03:18 P.M.

Impressive portfolio, keep up the good work.

Linda McLellan , May 10, 2010; 05:13 P.M.


Thank you for your kind remarks on several of my photos. I appreciate that you take the time to comment on my work, and that of many others on this site. 

I can see looking at your portfolio, that you are a very skilled photographer. I find your part of the world fascinating...it is so different from green swampy Louisiana where I live. I hope that you show us much more!

Jorge Luis R. Tagle , May 10, 2010; 10:40 P.M.

thanks a lot for your kind comment on my photo I appreciate it you have a very nice quality gallery congratulations I d like to following up, best regards Jorge Luis

Jesus Castrillo , May 11, 2010; 12:31 P.M.

Good afternoon

Thanks for your comments an very nice portfolio. Congrats

christopher staggs , May 12, 2010; 10:03 A.M.

Thank you Rashed on your most recent comment,I appreciate your time and opinion on my latest image post .I stopped by to view your work and came across your portrait folder,its beautiful work.The whole portfolio is a collection of very fine images.Thanks again!

Garry Barker , May 12, 2010; 12:56 P.M.

Thanks for your kind words on one of my photos. You have an excellent portfolio and your portraits are very well done.

tohid hashemkhani , May 12, 2010; 04:07 P.M.


hi rashed tank for visit my profile and my photo.all your photo is very nice shot .portrait of children is very good and very nice . 


Christopher Epps , May 13, 2010; 02:24 A.M.

Wonderful portfolio

Hi Rashed,


Thank you for your critique. You are very gracious. I must say, you have a beautiful portfolio. Congratulations.




Nader Kamyab , May 13, 2010; 06:12 A.M.

Hi Rashed,

Thank you very much for your comment and rating on my recent photo, which brough me here to see your great portfolio and talent. Wishing you all the best - Nader

Josan Aguilo , May 13, 2010; 12:31 P.M.


your shoots are of wondefull places, i like it the light!! sorry for my english, i hope say a lot of your photos beacause are very good but a limited. In spanish say: "Más vale una imagen que mil palabras", in english: "its better an image that a thousand words"


Jeremy Richter , May 14, 2010; 12:29 P.M.

Thank you for commenting on a number of my photographs. I enjoyed looking through your portfolio. You have a wonderful eye for distinct photographs. I wish there were more. JR

David James GIBSON , May 14, 2010; 02:41 P.M.

Great mood

I feel you have captured the mood extremely well. I can feel myself walking along the sand at dusk and coming across these hulks. Great work. Where were these photos taken if I may ask ?

Paulo Riskas , May 15, 2010; 10:56 A.M.


Thanks for your vote and comment about my photo,Rashed! You have very good photos and i would like to see more,ok! Cheers!

niki barbati , May 16, 2010; 10:05 A.M.

rashed i love your portofolio.... and the man who take a pic of the boat is excellent. regars my friend

Rafael Castañeda , May 17, 2010; 02:41 P.M.

Hi Rashed,

Thank you for your comments.

I've being looking your portfolio and I congratulate you on the quality of your work.

Taylor Knight , May 18, 2010; 12:36 P.M.

Hi Rashed, thanks for your comments on my cerrado flower photos. It is most appreciated. You have some beautiful pictures in your portfolio, especially your landscape and animal/nature shots. And your flowers are illuminated nicely. Some of your monkey images are very amusing. Nice work. I will keep an eye on your portfolio in the future. Best wishes, Taylor

Goran Anastasovski , May 18, 2010; 04:03 P.M.

Excellent portfolio. Bravo Rashed

Yan Zhang , May 18, 2010; 06:41 P.M.

Rashed, thanks to commet on my photo, from which I came across to your profolio. Your photos are very beautiful, many of them are quite unique.


David A , May 18, 2010; 08:08 P.M.

Thanks for looking

Many thanks for commenting.  I like your black and white portraits of children.  A very dark aesthetic yet not off putting.



Paul Casagrande , May 19, 2010; 12:26 P.M.

Sei un ragazzo molto gentile e bravo,complimenti per il tuo portfoglio ! ciao Paul

Attilio Peschiera , May 19, 2010; 03:34 P.M.

Hi Rashed

Good Photos! Nice Portfolio!

Sadegh Miri , May 20, 2010; 05:40 A.M.

Dear Rashed,

I would like to thank you for your generous rating and nice comment on my recently submitted photo.


Best wishes Sadegh

William Hogg , May 20, 2010; 02:35 P.M.


Many thanks for your nice comment on my image. You have a lovely portfolio. Best wishes from Scotland. Bill Hogg

Mark Vincent Müller , May 20, 2010; 06:49 P.M.

Hi Rashed, thank your for your kind comments. You are obviously a passionate young photographer...stay at it. Cheers, Mark.

George Armstrong , May 21, 2010; 02:25 A.M.


You have a wonderful portfolio. I particulary like the

photos of the children.  Thank you for sharing your work.

Best Regrds


Dhrubajyoti R C , May 21, 2010; 02:04 P.M.


Thanks for commenting on my grasshopper image. The images of those flowers are bursting with colors and are visually appealing. Also your collection is quite wide ranging in terms of subjects which I really admire. So keep up the good work.

Jenni Lowe , May 21, 2010; 03:52 P.M.

Thank You!

Rashed Thank you so much for the nice comments on my photo. Your portfolio is spectacular. I don't do much studio work, but I am in awe of your studio portraits. Jen

Arup Bhattacharjee , May 22, 2010; 07:44 A.M.

You have some breathtaking pictures in your gallery. congrats.

Ricardo Gomez , May 22, 2010; 11:04 A.M.

Dear Rashed

Thank to your nice comment on one of my photos. Due to this I have had the opportunity to see  your portfolio and I'm really delighted .Congratulations  for the quality of your work.

Best regards


Brian Alsobrooks , May 25, 2010; 01:54 P.M.


Thank you for your critique.  You have some very nice shots.

Vicente Concha , May 25, 2010; 02:00 P.M.

Hi Rashed.

Excellent portfolio. Highlight your portraits and images of nature. Thanks for your visit and comments. Congratulations. Best wishes. Vicente.

Conrado Maestro Carnero , May 28, 2010; 03:30 A.M.

hola Rasehed S: recibe mi mas sincera enhorabuena por tan excelente portafilio, en especial los retratos de niños. los paisajes y retratos de estudio.




atte contecon

Sesham Sampatirao , May 28, 2010; 03:41 A.M.

thank u for u r comments.i like u r portrait work.

Fabrizio de Romanis , May 28, 2010; 09:40 A.M.

Very good!!!

Thanks for your comment.
Your portfolio is very very good and I am seriously impressed!

Paul Casagrande , May 31, 2010; 09:16 A.M.

Guardando attentamente il tuo portfoglio  si nota grande impegno e grande professionalità,belle inquadrature,nulla a caso ! Complimenti , il tuo amico Paul

Yogesh Khasnis , June 01, 2010; 10:49 A.M.


Thanks for your comments. I liked you Silhouttes collection a lot. Best of luck !

Hamid Reza Farzandian , June 01, 2010; 04:54 P.M.

Rashed. I'm now back in your portfolio, facing new amazing pictures, landscapes, portraits, butterflies, wild life, and night captures, very beautiful and stunning. Walking around photo critique, i seldom confronted with your these wonderful works to see and comment, probably not requested by yourself, or something. Anyway, congratulations for your unbeatable talent in photocapture and processing. My best wishes. Hamid. IRAN.

Vladimir Petrov , June 02, 2010; 01:19 A.M.


Thank you for your comments and rating. Happy to look your portfolio

Sreehari Sundararajan , June 05, 2010; 09:27 A.M.

Rashed, Thanks for your valuable comment on one of my image.. And thanks for giving me a chance to take a look over your portfolio.. I notice you have distinct collection of images.. I liked many of them.. Good to see your artistic skills.. Wish to see more of your work in future..

Leonardo Villalobos , June 05, 2010; 08:33 P.M.

Beautiful selection of photos, congrats !

Liz Weisiger , June 06, 2010; 10:50 A.M.

This is a wonderful portfolio, Rashed. You have a unique eye for photography which creates images that are natural and interesting.

Enny M , June 06, 2010; 03:30 P.M.

Wonderful portfolio, enjoyed it very much browsing your work.

Kind Regards Enny.

Ajayan Poyyara , June 07, 2010; 02:14 P.M.


Dear Rashad,


Quite interesting folder. very good photographs. I really like it



Kitty Feng , June 08, 2010; 01:04 P.M.

Thank you for your comments on my photo :)  Thank you for sharing your portfolio.  best regards, Kitty



Cambon Jean Louis , June 09, 2010; 03:54 A.M.

Hello Rashed !

is a longtime, i'mn't visited your porfolio....sorry !

your wild life folder are always powerfull, i'like childrens and portraiture folders too. very nice portfolio ! good works

best regard


Ted van Eck , June 12, 2010; 09:02 A.M.

I very much enjoyed your portfolio, beautiful colours.

Mark Bongiorni , June 13, 2010; 09:58 A.M.

Thank you for viewing and commenting on my photo.

Your portfolio is outstanding. wish I could do as well.

Somnath Mukherjee , June 14, 2010; 08:16 P.M.

Thanks and All the Best

Hi Rashed,

Thanks for visiting my profile and your comments. You have a very appreciable and awesome portfolio.

All the best.



Anne Jouhtinen , June 16, 2010; 01:53 A.M.

Hi Rashed

You have a wonderful and very beautiful portfolio, thank you for sharing. I enjoy a lot when looking at your sensitivity, soft tones, colours and splendidly taken shots. I also want to express my gratitude for giving me your comments!! I wish all the best for you and your loved ones. Take care. Anne : )

Robert Premkumar , June 18, 2010; 01:18 A.M.



Today I had seen your portfolio. Lovely collections and varieties. Very nice Rashed. Keep it up and all the very best.

Siamak Jafari , June 19, 2010; 02:32 P.M.


congratulation,really attractive portfolio,wishing you the best. siamak

Antonio F , June 21, 2010; 05:28 A.M.

very good

You have a great portfolio, excellent landscape and naturalistic pictures.

Portraits well done


ozgur semerci , June 22, 2010; 04:17 P.M.

I would like to thank you for your time commenting my photo.You have a beautiful portfolio.


Lana Lang , June 24, 2010; 03:25 A.M.

Great shots in your gallery, congrats!

amey fischer , June 27, 2010; 01:27 P.M.

Hi! Your have a wonderful collection of images! Your portraits are stunning!

Krystian Zalewski , June 28, 2010; 05:01 P.M.

Nice gallery. I like your B&W photos.

Thanks for the nice comment in my gallery. Keep shooting!

Diane Hooper , June 28, 2010; 08:06 P.M.



Many thanks for your kind comments on my stargazer lily shot.  I love the flower shots in your portfolio.

I look forward to seeing more of your work.


Renee H , June 29, 2010; 10:32 P.M.


Thank you for the nice comments you have given over the past few weeks.  I really love your silhouette photographs.  Keep up the great work and thank you again.  Regards, Renee

John Orban , June 29, 2010; 10:33 P.M.

Your portfolio shows your creative skills and the ability to shoot a variety of subjects.  Thanks for commenting on my work.  Wishing you the best!

Antonio F , July 16, 2010; 08:35 A.M.


Thanks to follow always my work.

Your naturalistic pictures are excellent

paramdeep thakur , July 16, 2010; 08:37 A.M.


thanks for your comments. i like your all snaps. wildlife & portraits are the best.


Michael Attewell , July 16, 2010; 05:11 P.M.

Great Portfolio!

What a wonderful portfolio.  All your images are great but I especially like your silhouette images.

Fran Garcia , July 17, 2010; 04:40 A.M.

excellent porfolio my friend....i love you work

best regards from spain

Diane Hooper , July 17, 2010; 02:31 P.M.


Thanks so much for your comments on the two cloud pictures.  I appreciate your taking the time to look and comment, my friend.



Murali Palangat , July 17, 2010; 08:27 P.M.


Thanks for your comments and rating on my image. Your portfolio is pretty good. I very much liked the silhouettes. Murali

pauline fowler , July 18, 2010; 04:59 A.M.

Good morning!

Good morning Rashed...thanks for the lovely comment about my little snail shell!!

I have just drunk a lovely cup of tea while treating myself to a browse through your portfolio...your silhouette section is simply stunning - simple, clear and strongly composed....also your wildlife shots I find superb - will keep coming back!


Magnus Karlsson , July 18, 2010; 11:24 A.M.


Hi Rashed!

I just had a look through you portfolio and your work is fantastic! I especially enjoyed your landscape photos, portraits and the water monitor from Sri Lanka!

All the best!


Sinan Ertez , July 18, 2010; 12:45 P.M.

Dear Rashed

Thanks for your kind words on my recent photo..I will visit your portfolio time to time.. nice place to spending time :) get cool quiet and relax...very interesting and beautiful photos are here.. stay happy

andrei aron , July 19, 2010; 08:13 A.M.


Thanks for your nice comment and appreciation. In this way I came across your page and your photos made me smile(that's a good thing). Most are rich in color and contrasty, very pleasant to watch. I'll keep a watch to see any updates. Keep shooting..

JOSE BRENER , July 19, 2010; 10:12 P.M.

I like

 felicidades  saludos de Mexico

JOSE BRENER , July 20, 2010; 01:36 P.M.




James Dunn , July 20, 2010; 08:52 P.M.

I'm impressed

Your portfolio is amazing Rashed...a no pro, but a Pro in my book. 

Jerilee Brown , July 21, 2010; 05:31 A.M.

Hi Rashed

I love your portfolio, the use of colours is just beautiful.  The portraits especially tell such fabulous stories.

Well done



First Last , July 22, 2010; 11:22 A.M.

On the wall...

It is a pleasure to look at your work. I would say... If the picture screams to be hanged on the wall... it is a keeper for sure and I would like to see yours on my wall... Thank you!

Dylan Mustard , July 23, 2010; 06:54 A.M.

thank you

for your kind comments on my recent postings. you have a a great variety of beautiful photos in your portfolio.

brgds Dylan

Tim Everett , July 24, 2010; 08:29 P.M.

Great work Rashed, in particular your wildlife images are Excellent, something I would like to do myself, but theres not much Wildlife where I live, unless I started photographing the local drunks! Your Portraits are Very Good aswell, I think you have a lot of Talent and Potential. Best wishes, Tim.

Juan Carlos Rivera , July 25, 2010; 02:05 P.M.

Dear Rashed, thank you very much for your comment on my photo. I just visited your excellent portfolio. The two portraits on Sri Lanka gallery are very good, also children ones, but your landscapes and animals photos are very good too. A pleasure this visit. Sincere congrats.

Apurva Madia , July 25, 2010; 02:56 P.M.

Top notch

Excellent portfolio, in the real sense of the term. Best of luck.

Daniel Joder , July 26, 2010; 04:09 P.M.


Thanks for your comments on my photo "Lesseps Dreams Revisited".  After seeing your portfolio I am honored that you took the time to look at one of my images.  You do everything superbly--from portraits, to wildlife, to close-up, to landscape, street...everything is very, very well done.  Where you live seems like such an interesting location to me, and very rich in photographic possibilities.  Thanks for the inspiration!

Wei Xu , July 26, 2010; 11:56 P.M.

Hi Rashed,

Thank you for viewing and commenting my photo.  You have a wonderful portfolio with great photos in multiple categories.  I enjoyed viewing them.  Best regards,  Wei

Naveen S , July 27, 2010; 06:05 A.M.

Awesome portfolio

Thanks for your comments on my photo. Ur portfolio is awesome !! 

J.C. Lopez-Johnston , July 27, 2010; 10:01 P.M.



I deeply appreciate you input about  my image!

Great portraits... I liked all them! Congratulations

Best to you too



Jim Tew , July 28, 2010; 12:40 P.M.

Great Portfolio, Rashed

I enjoy looking through your growing portfolio of fine photographs, Rashed.  Keep up the good work, and thanks for your kind remarks about my photos.  -Jim  

Thanassis Spanias , July 28, 2010; 06:50 P.M.

Very nice portfolio with colorful images and rich bw's.

Regards Thanassis.

Aldemar A , July 29, 2010; 05:49 A.M.

I appreciate all your support, seriously from heart!

Michael C , July 29, 2010; 07:00 P.M.

Very nice port Rashed!  Time to start doing some nudes!  Best, Michael

Murali Palangat , July 29, 2010; 09:14 P.M.

Hi Rasheed

Thanks for your comments on my image of the robin feeding.


Steve Campbell , July 30, 2010; 12:24 A.M.


I 1st would like to thankyou for the compliments on my concert girls photo . Your portraits are very nice i trulely like the slight highlighting you're doing around the girls hair thats very nice effect but yet very soft . You're doing very nice work .. !

Jerry King , July 30, 2010; 09:43 P.M.

Thank you for your many generous compliments on my photos. Your thoughtful comments often make my day. Now that I've seen your superb portfolio, your opinions are appreciated even more. Your Friend, Jerry

Rolandas Minderis , July 31, 2010; 05:28 A.M.

nice portfolio

Thank You for commenting my photo. You have nice portfolio with lots of great pictures. I enjoyed it very much.

Keep shooting and sharing  it with others.

Maria Bostenaru , July 31, 2010; 12:27 P.M.

Thank you very much for the kind comments.

You have a great portofolio with various subjects. I like most your flower photography.

Roberta Davidson , August 01, 2010; 09:41 A.M.


Thank you for your comments.   Your portfolio is wonderful, too hard to choose which I like best.   You have a great eye and talent.



Goran Stanic , August 01, 2010; 10:29 A.M.

Thank you for your kind comments, Rashed!  Your portfolio is incredible.  I will be keeping an eye on it!

Preston Stewart , August 01, 2010; 11:14 P.M.

Wow, what a wonderful set of photos. You have a real talent. Keep up the good work!

Salvador Penaloza , August 03, 2010; 12:07 P.M.

My dear friend Rashed, I want to thank you for your kind comments and support to my shots, at the same time I want to express m admiration to your wonderful port and your culture , which is very very interesting to me , I hope I have the chance to visit your country one day , best and warm regards from the land of "Tequila" sincerely // Salvador 

James Dunn , August 05, 2010; 12:03 P.M.

Thanks man, I am putting a lot of hours into my portfolio these days... got a lot of fresh talent to work with so things are pretty exciting.  I wish all the best to you as well.  I always go to your site for artist inspiration

Gideon F , August 06, 2010; 03:30 A.M.

Thanks for your comments on my work Rashed.  Your work is truly inspiring! Best regards, Gideon

Al Dorner , August 06, 2010; 08:48 A.M.

Your silhouettes are are fantastic. Beautiful porfolio. Thanks, Al

D Koga , August 07, 2010; 12:39 A.M.

Thank you for your comments on my photo.

You really have an incredible portfolio here, definitely inspiring!

Devon Derksen , August 08, 2010; 07:45 A.M.

Rashed I love your use of colour in the landscapes and your portraits are great, too!  Wonderful collection!  Thanks for your comments.

Ken Holden , August 08, 2010; 09:11 A.M.

Thanks For Your Encouraging Comments

You have a very impressive portfollio.  Some of your shots remind me of Riyadh.  Love your work.

Ken Hancock , August 08, 2010; 06:27 P.M.

Very Good

Love your work keep it up.

deb cloud , August 12, 2010; 03:26 P.M.


You have an amazing collection of images!   You have a wonderful gift for composition and you technical presentation is excellent.


Mike Stemberg , August 12, 2010; 07:48 P.M.


Thank you for your input on some of my images! Looking at your most interesting portfolio ~ Isn't it fascinating the our community here in photo.net is in different world locations? I see a lot of effort and care and dedicated interest in each of your images here. That is something I know I need to learn to do.

Best wishes ~ Mike

Salvador Penaloza , August 13, 2010; 10:16 P.M.

Hi my friend, I want to thank you for all the kind comments on my shots. I am impressed of your wonderful work , simply great , very interesting to me , since it is a total different culture from mine , keep well and I hope you can make to Mexico someday , best wishes // Salvador 

Ray Brizzi , August 14, 2010; 10:13 A.M.

Thanks for noticing my work recently. I see that you like making life just a little brighter in a lot of these like I do, love that old Kodachrome feel. Will spend some time going through these, I see a lot I like.

Richard Ramirez , August 15, 2010; 01:58 P.M.

Great portfolio Rashed, you are an artist of the image... Congratulations.

Chung Lee , August 15, 2010; 10:26 P.M.

Thank you

Thanks for your kind words and rating of my image. You have a wonderful portfolio, filled with nice images. I especailly like the Silhouette Section. Beautiful.  Best Regards.

Marek M , August 16, 2010; 03:45 A.M.

Great Job! Wonderful travel photography.

Manuela Sousa , August 16, 2010; 10:35 A.M.

Thanks for your interest and rating on my photo. I like especially your photos of People in Sri Lanka, one of the countries that I intend to know. Congratulations.

Gamini Wettewe , August 17, 2010; 08:05 A.M.

Hi Rashed,

I come from Sri Lanka and what a collection you have of a short visit to my country, I 've been looking at all the pics and read through the comments the other pn members write of them - the water monitor, well does not bite but can  whip you with its tail and you must not get his saliva on you. You got a nice shot of the stilt fisherman, they are only seen in the area south of Galle.Your portraits really fascinated me, wow what a collection. Lately I 've been to photographing people, wonder how you managed to catch them unawares. The pics of the children are very beautiful.



Jennifer Hay , August 17, 2010; 09:49 P.M.

Hi Rashed!

Thank you for your wonderful comment! Your portfolio is beautiful! I love the sunset images!

All the best to you and yours.

Tuan Tran , August 17, 2010; 10:25 P.M.


You have a wonderful gallery.  I've enjoyed looking through them all.  Keep adding more...



Alfredo Piñeyro , August 18, 2010; 10:23 P.M.

Hola Rashed

Gracias por ver mi fotografía y darme tan buen puntaje. 

Te felicito por tu portafolio, tienes unas imágenes maravillosas. Y espero seguir viendo muchas más como las que ya tienes.

Un fuerte abrazo...


Mark Garber , August 20, 2010; 02:05 A.M.

You are blessed with an excellent eye for color, composition and detail. True artistry. Thank you for sharing. Many blessings.


Esteve Boix , August 20, 2010; 11:08 A.M.

Excellent portfolio

Dear Rashed,

You have truly wonderful portfolio, specially -IMHO- the portraits and Sri Lanka folders. Congratulations and please keep sharing.


Steve Campbell , August 22, 2010; 09:45 A.M.


You have a wonderfull mix to your portfolio and great deail to each group . I especially like the sillouette group ... Really nice work Rashed

Deepak Sreedharan , August 26, 2010; 10:38 P.M.


Stunning photos.. Great work.



Matthew Tabe , September 02, 2010; 04:55 P.M.


Thanks for the comment much apreciated, just check out some of your shots very cool mate you have some wonderfull places to take photo's ....Matt

Daniel Castellano , September 03, 2010; 07:31 A.M.

Good Morning

Thank you very much for your kind comment.

focus mankind , September 04, 2010; 05:55 A.M.

I like your portfolio - there are some outstanding portraits in there - I really like the bw (especially the kid on the stone). Wow! focus

Garry Barker , September 04, 2010; 08:10 P.M.


Thank yo so much for your comments on my photos. You have a beautiful portfolio with gorgeous colours and great detail!

Gail O'Keefe , September 04, 2010; 10:50 P.M.


Thank you for your kind comments.  Your portfolio is amazing!  Seeing and learning about different parts of the world make me a better person. Thank you for teaching me wonderful composition and beautiful portraits. Also for being my friend,  Gail

Ramina Beitooei , September 05, 2010; 01:05 P.M.

Dear Rashed

Your portfolio is great ,thanks for rating and comment ,


Federico Ubalde , September 06, 2010; 06:19 P.M.


You have some breathtaking images here! I love your portraits and pictures of people, also your landscapes are fabulous. Really  beautiful work! I would say MAJESTIC!

Cezary Filew , September 15, 2010; 08:23 A.M.

Hi Rashed, Its a very impressive portfolio, I will be dropping in to savour more of  your exquisite work, congratulations & best wishes! CF

Paulo Riskas , September 15, 2010; 02:08 P.M.

Once more,i thank you so much your comment at my photo.Cheers!

Carlos Arturo Moreno , September 16, 2010; 05:43 P.M.

Good Work

Hi Rashed!!!

Thanks for your critique about my photo !!!

I was viewing your photography work and I think that is very good, you have talent as photographer and artist; I wish you the best for you.

Best Regards

Carlos M.

Santtu Määttänen , September 18, 2010; 03:24 P.M.

I love your style specially on portraits. Amazing sense of lightning and composition. Your black and white work simply floors me. When ever I see new work from you it's a delight and your critiques have been highly valued in my self development. Keep up the good work!

Igor Baskin , September 26, 2010; 04:09 P.M.


Rashed, first thanks a lot for your supportive comments on my photos, it means a lot to me. I see that you are doing very good job in your portfolio, your pictures really good, hope too see more.

Paolo Bevilacqua , September 29, 2010; 04:52 A.M.

You have a portfolio, varied and interesting. Quality, sharpness, light control make the difference.

Alberto Pareto , October 02, 2010; 06:23 A.M.


Hi Rashed, thanks for your comment on my portfolio! Actually, after coming here to see your work I am a bit surprised you left a positive comment on mine!

You have an high level portfolio, and some really excellent shot: I refer to some portrait and some B&W image that are really eye catching, showing a great photographic eye. Good work.

Best regards from Italy,


deb cloud , October 26, 2010; 09:32 A.M.


Your work is amazing! You capture your world and the people around you with such stunning clarity and sharpness - it takes my breath away.\

Thank you so much for keeping an eye on my work as your comments are always helpful and your words always provide me with wonderful encouragment.

Thanks, deb

Erik Thomson , October 29, 2010; 10:39 A.M.

Rashed, you have an absolutely amazing portfolio of pictures, I particlularly enjoyed you wildlife ones. You have real talent and are humble with it too (a rare combination!). Keep up the good work, I'll keep an eye out for your pictures. Kind regards, Erik

Rashed Ahmed , November 27, 2010; 06:15 A.M.

Salam ya Rashed S. Ki fa khobarak ?  Your Landscapes are very good.

Gamini Wettewe , November 29, 2010; 10:30 P.M.

Hope your back home safely. Looking forwards to the pics from your latest from Sri Lanka.



Bogomir Trstenjak , December 02, 2010; 11:54 A.M.

Great photos

Hi First thank you for critique of my photos And i must say that you photos of people of Sri Lanka are great The colors are greet and the faces are so full of life.Great job

James (Jim) Johnson , December 02, 2010; 12:13 P.M.

Hi Rashed,

I've spent some more time here, especially in the Sri Lanka 2010 part 2 folder! Absolutely amazing & wonderful portraits!

Your work never ceases to amaze me! But these, . . . What great subjects and opportunity! Thanks so much for sharing, and I hope you have many back-ups of these wonderful images.

Regards always,

Jim j.


Enri Mann , December 07, 2010; 10:33 A.M.


Your photographies reveal a great technical quality.



Saludos and thanks for your comment ;)

Maria Bostenaru , December 07, 2010; 11:52 A.M.

thank you for your kind comments!


Congratulations for your portrait photography - something I could never do!

Maurizio Moro , December 18, 2010; 12:45 P.M.

From Italy!

...to you and your family!

Salvador Penaloza , December 20, 2010; 09:17 A.M.

Merry Xmas and a wonderful New Year 2011 my friend, I wish you Health,Peace and lot of Love to you and your family. Sincerely // Salvador 

Image Attachment: filesM5ou7.jpg

Sumon Mukherjee , December 21, 2010; 12:38 A.M.

Lots of thanks for the strong support and the encouragement you have given throughout the past year.


Andrew Campbell , December 21, 2010; 12:38 P.M.

Best wishes to you and your family in 2011. Andrew Campbell.

Lester A. Garcia , December 21, 2010; 08:56 P.M.



Joaquin Tornel , December 22, 2010; 06:37 A.M.

Hola Rashed. En estas fechas tan entrañables, te deseo unas muy buenas fiestas  junto  a las personas queridas,  y un nuevo año 2011 con salud  y buenas fotos, gracias por tus afectuosos comentarios y compartir con todos nosotros tus excelentes  imágenes. Un cordial saludo, Joaquín.

Grigoriy A. , December 22, 2010; 11:00 A.M.

Ovidiu Posta , December 22, 2010; 04:01 P.M.


Thanks for your continuous support, it means a lot to me and makes me happy! 

Tolo Duran , December 22, 2010; 04:06 P.M.

Querido Amigo. Te deseo que pases una muy feliz Navidad en compañia de tus seres queridos y que el nuevo año que esta a punto de comenzar sea mejor que el anterior y puedas ver cumplidos tus mejores deseos.

Un afectuoso abrazo -Tolo Duran

Glauco Dattini , December 22, 2010; 04:33 P.M.

Caro Rashed, ti esprimo il mio sentito ringraziamento per il tuo supporto e i tuoi gentili commenti nel corso dell'anno. Ti auguro un Buon Natale e un Felice Anno Nuovo. Che possa portarti pace e serenità. Un abbraccio. Glauco

Hamid Reza Farzandian , December 22, 2010; 04:34 P.M.

Dear Rashed!

Thank you so much for your time, comments, support and very beneficial advices on my photos along the year 2010. Really appreciated. And i wish you of my heart a prosperous happy new year, full of joyful life and success. Sincerely,


Tony Azzopardi , December 22, 2010; 04:59 P.M.

Merry Christmas

Great portfolio Rashed, keep up the good work. Merry Christmas and I wish you a super 2011.

Burak Ertem , December 23, 2010; 06:20 A.M.

Hello Rashed

thank you very much for all your nice and detailed comments about my photos! Your portfolio has a huge variety and a lot of great photos. I also wish a peaceful Happy New Year to you. Kindest regards, Burak

Alex Elias , December 24, 2010; 06:00 A.M.


Wishing you and your loved ones a great Holiday season and a fantastic new year.



Emmanuel Enyinwa , December 24, 2010; 06:21 P.M.

My dear friend,

Thank you so much for your support this year. Here's wishing you and your family all the best of the rest of this year. And, may the new year bring you all the blessings you ever wished and hoped for.

Gordon Martin , December 24, 2010; 10:39 P.M.

Seasons Greetings Rasheed - Thanks

Frank Bowman , December 25, 2010; 02:41 A.M.

Hi Rashed

Thank you for your support during the year.  Here's wishing you and yours the most joyous holiday season and a happy year to come.  Cheers.  Frank

Kallol R , December 25, 2010; 08:51 A.M.

Hi Rashed,

Wonderful portfolio.Truely speaking I got a lot of concepts from your portfolio.

Thanks for your wishes & strong support since my begining at PN.

Wish you a merry christmas & a happy new year 2011. :-)

My best regards..Kallol

Tudor Ciobanu , December 25, 2010; 05:25 P.M.

Best wishes to you and your family in 2011

Paweł & Grażyna Hachaj , December 26, 2010; 05:20 A.M.

Best wishes to you and your family in 2011, G&P.

Bobby Karimipoor , December 26, 2010; 07:57 A.M.


Hi dear Rashed,

I wish a great X-mass and a great year full of happiness and lucky,for you and your dear family!

Best regards(Bobby).

Teo Sirbu , December 27, 2010; 04:34 P.M.

Dear Rashed , I wish you a happy and prosperous new year for you and your family !


Image Attachment: filepEu29m.jpg

Sadegh Miri , December 28, 2010; 02:34 A.M.

Dear Rashed,

Happy New Year

Thank you very much for your recent comment and I have to admit that you are very polite person and I have always admired your photographic talent . I hope to see your new portfolio as soon as possible. Wishing you a happy and peaceful New Year.


Best regards Sadegh 

Daniel Hristescu , December 28, 2010; 08:48 A.M.

Dear Rashed

Best wishes to you and your family in 2011 and Happy New Year !



Maria Bostenaru , December 28, 2010; 11:52 A.M.

Happy New Year!

best wishes for 2011!

Chris Panagiotidis , December 29, 2010; 05:20 P.M.

In grateful appreciation of your latest comment on a photo of mine, and in anticipation of seeing your gallery  again, warm wishes for a creative, healthy, happily joyous, plethoric 2011. Sincerely, Chris

wim puts , December 31, 2010; 05:59 A.M.


Happy New Year.

Best wishes and lots of photo's next year.

henri njuma , December 31, 2010; 10:54 A.M.

Hi Rashed

Thank you very much for your comment and rating on my photos.

Happy New Year!!!

Best wishes to you and your family!



Ian Ward , January 02, 2011; 05:06 A.M.

Hi Rashed

Thank you for your visits to my work, I always appreciate your comments. I love your portrait work and I would like to see more. You obviously have a love for photography and in the few examples we can see, you have skill too. I wish you and your family all the best for 2011. Kindest regards, Ian.

George Trakakis , January 05, 2011; 02:43 P.M.

Dear Rased,

I wish you health, hapiness and all the best for 2011!!!

Best regards,



Vivi Blu , January 06, 2011; 10:08 A.M.

Thank you

It is impossible not to thank you for all the honest, and thoughtful comments under photos. Happy New Year!

Diane Hooper , January 09, 2011; 08:10 P.M.


Many thanks for your comments of my photos this year.  Best wishes for a happy new year.


James (Jim) Johnson , January 11, 2011; 12:46 A.M.


Looks as if you have "cut back" your portfolio considerably!

You have, and had some wonderful images to share, but we do what we do! I'll miss those many wonderful portraits to envy!


Jim j.

Fabrizio de Romanis , January 11, 2011; 06:00 A.M.


Thank you very much for your comment, and congratulations!!!

mike newman , January 14, 2011; 07:25 A.M.

Gracious thanks rashed for your visit.very helpful. and good shooting regards miken

Brano Kovacevic , February 04, 2011; 09:04 P.M.

Rashed, you have some truly extraordinary photos here. And it is clear that they are getting better and better. Keep posting and thank you for sharing.

mandana da , February 07, 2011; 05:14 P.M.

dear rashed

thanks for your comment. it gives me hope

i have seen your portfolio  and i like your portraits more

i wish you the best


Raffaella Lunelli , February 10, 2011; 04:35 A.M.

You have a very good portfolio. I like in particular your Panoramas: really beautiful!

Ciao, Raffaella

mike newman , February 10, 2011; 08:26 A.M.

Dear Rashid.i wish to thank you for your time and interest in so many other people and their work.i am looking over past work and learning. grace. regards miken

Anura Fernando , February 15, 2011; 07:43 A.M.

Hi Rashed,

  Thank you for commeting on one of my photos. I am a Sri Lankan but living in canada. I just returned from a visit to my beatiful country and love your Sri Lanka pictures. Its indeed a haven for photographers because of its beautiful landscapes,beaches, wildlife and ofcourse the people who always have a smile in their faces. Looking forward to see more of your beautiful work.    

Marta Eva LLamera , February 15, 2011; 08:46 A.M.


Hello my dear friend, this time only say congratulations for your rich work. Love the color in your images. Wishing Magic Light...

Stamoulis Theodorikas , February 16, 2011; 10:11 A.M.

Very nice portfolio of a special and nice photographer. Regards.

Amanda LaHanko , February 17, 2011; 08:37 A.M.

Thank you

Rashed, thank you for the kind words on my photo. I have to say, your work is beautiful and highly inspirational. Please continue to share your work with us!

Cynthia Matty , February 18, 2011; 02:01 P.M.


I enjoy your photos very much, lovely body of work.  Regards Cynthia

mike newman , February 21, 2011; 03:27 P.M.

Hi Rashed.Thank you. it was indeed a mobile shot and a very basi model. Maybe it is an interesting photo place to get into! The photos might have a nice "ring" about them.Grace regards miken

mike newman , February 21, 2011; 05:45 P.M.

Good evening from u.k. Rashed you do involve yourself with helping others and I thank you, it also assists others in a very practical way to enlarge their photographic ideals... grace . regards miken

Yelena Shuey , February 27, 2011; 11:49 A.M.


Your eye for landscape is amazing, but your people photography is just entrancing.  The people portraits capture attention like no others.

Sally Delacruz , March 05, 2011; 09:27 P.M.

Wow !!! Superb photography for a superb camera ( Hasselblad). I almost bought one 2 decades ago.

Thanks for sharing...

Paul Lin , March 07, 2011; 08:42 P.M.

Thanks for your nice commemt.You have a great eye for composition and color.Wonderful portfolio.

Gianluca Precone , March 14, 2011; 06:15 P.M.

Ti faccio i miei complimenti il tuo portfolio aumenta di foto sempre più interessati. La gallery che mi piace di più è '

People On The Street 

Questa gallery è fantastica!!!

jorge fernandez , March 15, 2011; 09:08 P.M.

Dear Rashed,

I have to wish you the best, because you are constant in sending good wishes to all of us. Today I send it to you.  Your images of people are your strong session in your portfolio. I feel you have to take more, specially of children!  Warm regards and keep posting.

Julia Kretsch , March 18, 2011; 06:58 P.M.

Your "people on the street" section caught my attention instantly.

Compliments on your entire gallery.

Andre Guy Beaupre , March 26, 2011; 09:57 A.M.

Thank You

Hello Rashed. Thank you for your kind comments on my image..

I must say I am so happy that you commented on it, since your comment lead me to view you amazing portfolio. Your images are stunning and I look forward to seeing more.

All the best.


RP Vincent , March 26, 2011; 02:51 P.M.

Austin Top Model Show

Hey Rashed   I too would like to thank you for your kind words in regard to my photo. Live fashion shoots are new and exciting. Your wonderful photos have allowed us all a glimise into your daily life and surrondings...well done....RP

erica henderson , March 30, 2011; 05:10 P.M.

Great Shots

These photo's are great! Very enjoyable.  Magazine Covers.

Cynthia Matty , March 31, 2011; 05:31 P.M.

Great Body of Work

Enjoyed your faces very much, original.

kambiz babakhani , April 10, 2011; 09:33 P.M.

Hi, Rashed

I really like your portfolio is so nice great work 

and has many good future for people who want to learn more about photo 

i love your portrait and people photos you are very good photographer and i am very happy to see your profile

looking forward to see more.

kambiz babakhani

Stephen Penland , April 15, 2011; 11:42 A.M.

Rashad, I have a very high respect for photographers who include so many diverse subjects (weddings, portraits, wildlife, landscapes, etc.) and have so many excellent photos within each subject area.  Yours is one such portfolio, and I'm impressed by the diversity. 

Petri Ylipaasto , April 17, 2011; 03:47 A.M.

Good evening from Finland. Wonderful portfolio with so many different types of photographs. Thank you for commenting my work. Wishing you all the best. 

Best regards,


Jim Adams , April 19, 2011; 05:37 P.M.

You have put together an extremely impressive collection of photographs here.  Your black and white work is among the best I've seen, and your panorama shots are gorgeous.  I also like it that you do not limit yourself to one genre, instead you seem to focus your lenses on people and things that truly interest you as a person as well as a photographer.

Heinz Homatsch , May 03, 2011; 05:03 P.M.

an outstanding portfolio. impressive the variety, but all executed perfectly. I like particulary your portrait, as this is the category, which I myself prefer.

I will come again to visit. Heinz

Terry Pittman , May 03, 2011; 06:34 P.M.

Hi Rashed,

Love the portraits. Keep up the good work!

Peter Ealey , May 24, 2011; 05:05 A.M.

Hello Rashed

Thank you for your input re "The Nectar Drinker". It is sometimes difficult to make important decisions about a piece of work and another's opinion is always welcome

May I compliment you on your portfolio it contains many excellent photographs.

Warm regards


mike newman , June 10, 2011; 05:28 P.M.

HI Rashed.Looks like your photo.How did they get it? regards miken

Bobby Karimipoor , July 02, 2011; 04:46 A.M.

Hi dear Rashed,

Excellent portfolio!...I`m eager to see your recent works,also!...Best regards(Bobby).

Garry Barker , September 09, 2011; 09:03 A.M.

Rashed, thank you so much for taking the time to comment on one of my recent photos. You are a very talented photographer with beauttiful and detailed work. Best wishes.

Frank M. , September 15, 2011; 03:29 P.M.

Hi Rashed

many thanks for your detailed comment and for the compliments you made to my model. Your (still) small portfolio is remarkable - even if I´m focusing on underwater photography I like your naturally looking portraits.

Greets Frank

Jorge Luis R. Tagle , September 16, 2011; 02:06 P.M.


I appreciate your comment on my photo thanks a lot for your time to stom om my photo I like your gallery best regards from cancùn Mèxico Jorge Luis

Gareth Leyland , September 18, 2011; 03:20 A.M.

Hi Rashed

Thankyou for your comments on my photos, you have some fantastic shots in your portfolio. Best regards, Gareth.

özer erdoğan , September 22, 2011; 02:47 A.M.

Hi Rashed

Many thanks for your kind and detailed comments on some of my photos. You have also a good portfolio, i especially like portraits. 

Kind regards. 

Junjun X , September 22, 2011; 05:51 P.M.

Hello Rashed

Thank you for the kind comments. I really liked your panorama photos. Looking forward to seeing more of them.

Michael Daggett , September 23, 2011; 10:05 A.M.


Thanks for your kind comments on my image this morning. It made my day!

Nancy Gail Johnson , September 30, 2011; 10:10 A.M.

Hello Rashed,

Thanks for commenting on my photo. I really enjoyed seeing your work here. Your street portraits are exceptional, but I also love that elephant. They are such wonderful creatures.  I got to see some very close up in India, but hated to seem them captive. I touched one on the toe and surprisingly, he looked right at me - they are so sensitive! I also wanted to say that I find your comments on others photos helpful as well. Thanks for posting.

Nancy Gail

Alessandra Manzotti , September 30, 2011; 01:29 P.M.

Hello Rashed,

thank you so much for your comment on my image "pretty in Pink". I really like your work..especially your portraits.



arturo S. Flores , October 01, 2011; 05:42 A.M.

Your photograph has one common denominator - CHARACTER. and to add one more IMPACT.

Olaf Hofmann , October 04, 2011; 06:14 A.M.


Thank you very much for your always constructive comments to my pictures and for your really beautiful portfolio. Kind Regards, 


Jon Ess , October 04, 2011; 08:59 P.M.

Hi Rashed

Thanks for your kind comments on my  Longnook Beach photo. You have some really nice work here; I especially like your street portraits!

tarek wazzan , October 07, 2011; 11:20 A.M.

i guess there is nothing much i can add after all the above notes and critiques.. i just want to say, that it's not only your work that inspires, but also your kindness and courageous spirit ( i read your current biography and was touched by it,and , to qoute you, i really "wish you all of the best").. my very best regards..



Robert Lai , October 08, 2011; 09:52 A.M.

Hi Rashed,

Great portfolio you have here. I really enjoy seeing. I will come here often and look closely at every photo, trying to learn your skill if you don't mind.

Wishing you all of my best



Gianni Spini , October 13, 2011; 05:29 P.M.

Ottimo porfolio e grazie per il commento!

Buon lavoro!



Oliver Treptor , October 26, 2011; 02:24 A.M.


i look up to your great portraits. they are simply amazing.



Loreen Walker , October 27, 2011; 10:17 A.M.

Wow! What a great portfolio! I love your B&W portraits and the Street People. The panoramic landscapes are also incredible. Very fine work!

Thank you for your kind words on my photo. They were very encouraging for someone so new at this.

I hope your health has improved. My husband had a triple bypass a couple years ago, and the recovery time was quite long, but he is right as rain now!

joa serigado , October 31, 2011; 08:42 A.M.

Wonderful photos in your portfolio. Take the opportunity to thank you for your nice comment on my photo



Marta Eva LLamera , November 14, 2011; 06:41 P.M.

I see you continue making good work.  Best Regards dear Rashed. Wish Magic Light.

James (Jim) Johnson , December 12, 2011; 08:54 A.M.


Wishing You & Your Family a Happy Holiday Season & a Prosperous New Year!

It's been a real pleasure sharing our common photographic interests throughout 2011.

Best Wishes, always,

Jim j.

Lester A. Garcia , December 23, 2011; 12:34 A.M.


Gail Harmer , December 23, 2011; 05:37 P.M.

Dearest Rasheed

Wishing you and 'yours' the very Best of the Christmas Season; Memories to Cherish; Family and Friends gathered in Good Cheer; Time to 'STOP' and 'JUST BREATHE'; and a New Year that speaks to you of days filled with Sunshine and Happiness; Good Health and Contentment; and just PERHAPS the 'glimmer of hope' for a World that could experience, if for just a little while, Peace and Harmony, for this tired Earth is in such desperate need of such a Blessing right now ! And may there be time to REMEMBER those dearest to us who are with us in Spirit this year, always never farther away than our Hearts and Minds, Miss you Rasheed, with sincerest Good Tidings, Gail


vlad khodski , December 24, 2011; 09:55 A.M.

Rashed, have a very happy Holidays! Wish you and your loved ones warmth and good light! Thank you for all your support and comments!

Yannik Hay , December 24, 2011; 03:23 P.M.


Tolo Duran , December 25, 2011; 12:53 P.M.

Feliz Navidad

Apreciado Amigo. Un año más en estas fechas tan entrañables quiero desearte una feliz Navidad a ti y a tus seres queridos, así como un año próximo lleno de inspiración, paz, amor, felicidad y puedas  ver como tus mejores deseos se hacen realidad.

Un fuerte abrazo - Tolo


Pedro Cobo , February 26, 2012; 02:56 P.M.

I like so much panorama and landscape collection. Good job!



Gamini Wettewe , April 14, 2012; 06:45 A.M.

Dear Rashed,

Haven't seen any pics nor heard from you lately. What happened to your trip last February. Hope you are in good health.

Best Regards


Kristina Kraft , June 26, 2012; 06:34 A.M.

Haven't seen you around. Hope everything is all right with you.
Best regards and wishing you well,

Tolo Duran , December 26, 2012; 01:26 P.M.


Mis mejores deseos para ti y tus seres queridos. Que pases una feliz navidad y que el próximo año venga cargado de ilusión e inspiración, para seguir disfrutando de tu estupendo trabajo.
Un abrazo. Tolo Durán.

Grayham Allott , December 10, 2013; 07:13 P.M.

Hi All...........

Rashid's account appears to have been closed. I recall one of his messages to me, back in 2011, that he was to have heart surgery of a very delicate nature. I have not heard from him since, and have to assume the worst.

How unfortunate.......... he was a nice man.


Landrum Kelly , November 27, 2014; 04:41 P.M.

Well, Rashed, it has been a long time since we heard from you. I can only hope that you are alright--and still out there somewhere taking pictures.


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