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Comments on this portfolio:

Joe Case , October 09, 2003; 08:58 P.M.


You work is just outstanding! Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to learn from a master.

Jos Van Poederooyen , October 18, 2003; 11:52 A.M.

A very powerful portfolio, great eye Rajeev, Thanks

Sriram Varadarajan , October 22, 2003; 11:59 P.M.

Rajeev, the best pictures in your portfolio are those taken when the sun is close to the horizon. Some of the other pictures in your portfolio would show a lot nicer under similar light. I like your enthusiasm..it shows. Good luck.

Neville Bulsara , December 03, 2003; 01:09 P.M.

Outstanding work! Thoroughly enjoyed!

Maris Ojasuu , January 21, 2004; 03:07 P.M.

Exellent gallery!!!

Jeremy B. , March 25, 2004; 02:01 P.M.

Thank You

1st i want to thank you for the kind words you said about my gallery. They where very touching. I don't hear that often. 2nd from what i see I would have to say you your self are very very talented. I like a lot of your works.

Pradeep Raghunathan , April 04, 2004; 01:19 A.M.

very scenic

i love scenic photographs, and somehow i have never been very good with them, pleasure to watch ur portfolio, lets chat up sometime it would be nice to learn from you too :) happy shooting! cheers!

Swati Sengupta , June 07, 2004; 01:26 P.M.

Hi Rajeev! Thanks for visiting my folders, and for your kind words. Your photos are just too beautiful for words....

Paul Kemmer , June 07, 2004; 02:21 P.M.

What a great collection you have here

Anne Morgan , June 15, 2004; 12:48 A.M.

Incredible portfolio Rajeev. Your work is very powerful!

Suchitra Vijayan , June 17, 2004; 07:51 A.M.


hey i love your lanscapes , i am more of a people person, but it was great seeing your work. I am more biased towards balck and white, so i would love to see u experiment with b/w.

Tim Nichols , June 21, 2004; 04:25 P.M.

Nice photos all around...

especially the nature shots!

Leo Rossi , June 27, 2004; 04:32 P.M.

Beautiful pictures!

Mike Kelly , June 29, 2004; 04:54 P.M.

Really great pictures Rajeev. Thanks for your kind comment on my recent pic, and glad that it prompted me to look here.

Maris Ojasuu , July 03, 2004; 05:07 P.M.


..thank you for your comments on my pictures. That was very nice of you:-) Yu have very strong prtfolio yourself:-)

Sang Kyu, Han , July 07, 2004; 08:50 A.M.

It's great folder!

wong li ji , July 08, 2004; 10:11 A.M.

nice folder! marked!

Michael Soskil , July 08, 2004; 02:14 P.M.

After reading the kind words you wrote about several of my pictures I clicked on your portfolio. I am grateful that someone with such talent would think so highly of my work. Thank you for taking the time to review some of my pictures.

Chris Harrison , July 31, 2004; 08:11 P.M.

It is collective works like yours Rajeev that inspires me to try and learn more. Thanks

Nilesh Dhakras , August 11, 2004; 05:57 A.M.

hi Rajeev, Your work is simply superb! wonderful collection of landscapes..great colors! I loved it.

Angus Griffin , August 16, 2004; 07:55 A.M.

Rajeev, You're extremely talented, congratulations on a fantastic portfolio. Deserving of a featured portfolio in my humble opinion!

Andrea Salini , August 25, 2004; 02:44 A.M.


Great portfolio!! Thank you for shared it. Cheers

Richard Mitchell , August 25, 2004; 02:18 P.M.


Your photos are breathtaking and beautiful. You have an outstanding portfolio. One of the most consistently beautiful sets of pictures I've seen! Congratulations and keep it up! You are now marked as one of my most interesting people!

Luigi De Vivo , August 30, 2004; 02:28 P.M.


Wonderful landscapes, I love this colour saturation!!

Camilla Holm , September 02, 2004; 04:22 A.M.

Really striking landscapes, a great inspiration!

Leilani Techaira , September 14, 2004; 03:33 A.M.

Thank you for the comment and rating Rajeeve :) I'm glad you enjoyed it. Take care and have a good day. Great gallery.

Rajeev Thomas , September 18, 2004; 01:59 P.M.

Thanks everyone for your comments I really appreciate your time!

Peter Flynn Niznansky , September 29, 2004; 01:55 A.M.

Amazing portfolio! I like your shots.

Domenico (Domiad) Addotta , October 06, 2004; 05:34 P.M.

its' very beaufitull!!!!

Your photos are indeed beautiful!! I adore your kind, and as you will have been able to notice I adore the sunsets!!! best!!!!!

Suman L , October 10, 2004; 09:17 P.M.

Excellent photos Rajeev, specially those from maroon bell.

Goutam Mitra , October 22, 2004; 12:45 A.M.


Your work inspires me. I will keep returning.

Rajeev Bector , October 25, 2004; 02:03 A.M.

Beautiful Pictures

Hi Rajeev, Your pictures are quite inspiring. I especially like the b&w tree shots.

-- Rajeev

RICHARD BOXALL , October 25, 2004; 10:03 A.M.

Thanks for your comment on my shot, But it's far from as good as your portfolio. love your work! Thanks again!

Katja Faith , October 27, 2004; 01:09 A.M.

your pictures are wonderful!

Sam Bal , November 05, 2004; 12:13 A.M.

An amazingly beautiful portfolio! Thanks for your appreciation of my picture of a curious boy.

Krishan Gonzalez , November 11, 2004; 01:32 P.M.


Incredible pictures, Rajeev!!! Something special those landscapes!

Sriram Varadarajan , November 22, 2004; 11:44 P.M.


Sometimes I feel that I must delete/update my previous comment on your portfolio...its been a while since my last comment...I keep coming back to visit your portfolio and your technique and style is getting better all the time! Well done! The story behind your trip to the Windy Ridge and your growing portfolio epitomises your determination to pursue excellence!

Gerald Mace , November 27, 2004; 12:47 A.M.

Very Nice!

Rajeev, you have a very nice portfolio. I particularly think the Windy Ridge and Garden of the Gods images are stunning! Good work and thanks for the comments on my recent postings.

Steve J Murray , December 13, 2004; 04:26 P.M.

Your're really getting a bunch of beautiful photos here, Rajeev! You have a good eye for composition and lighting.

Best regards, Steve

Rakesh Dhareshwar , December 15, 2004; 02:17 A.M.

U have a very cool portfolio.

Deepak Balakrishnan , February 01, 2005; 01:47 A.M.

You ve got some beautiful landscapes there...Love your Colorado and Maroon Bells folders esp. I am on a browsing spree on PN and am learning every moment from people such as you. Thx and hope to see more

deb cloud , May 21, 2005; 10:16 P.M.


Thank you for taking the time to comment on my squirrel photo.

The images in your portfolio are real treasures and I know they hold great memories for you. I hope someday to capture some of the beauty you have been to capture with your photography.


Gustavo Orensztajn , May 25, 2005; 06:35 A.M.


You have a very wonderfull portfolio, very powerful colors, thanks for comment on my photo by the way. Rgds and great job.

Jason wolffe , May 28, 2005; 01:18 P.M.

Fantastic, fantastic, fantastic. I will be checking in often to see what comes next.

Ryszard Tychawski , May 28, 2005; 02:31 P.M.



Allan Ryder-Cook , June 04, 2005; 01:45 P.M.


Thanks very much for your recent comment on my photo, "Jill". You have a very impressive portfolio, yourself and I thoroughly enjoyed looking at it! Allan

Rajeev Thomas , June 09, 2005; 01:44 P.M.

Jason, Ryszard and Allen, thank you for taking your time, I loved pictures too, I am glad you liked mine....inputs from all of you helping me to continue learning and take more pictures...regards, Rajeev.

conor garmon , July 20, 2005; 07:33 P.M.


Thank you very much for your feedback. I think your photos are great.

Dieter Biskamp , July 21, 2005; 07:01 A.M.

Rajeev, you are presenting a wonderful protfolio, which I enjoyed very much. I will certainly come back to your work. regards, Dieter

Brian Ernst , August 22, 2005; 01:53 P.M.

Hey Rajeev, your portfolio of landscapes is fantastic! You have a great eye to capture magic moments in beautiful areas.

Rajeev Thomas , August 23, 2005; 05:02 P.M.

Brian, thank you for your comment and I think you know that I am big fan of you work as well.

Halina Lewandowski , October 07, 2005; 09:33 P.M.

Hi Rajeev

Very beautiful photos. CONGRATULATIONS. Halina

Ashutosh Rajekar , November 10, 2005; 03:38 P.M.

Wow! Great eye, and beautiful photographs!

Rajeev Thomas , November 22, 2005; 12:54 A.M.

Thank you Ashutosh..thank you for your time, regards, Rajeev.

Emmanouil Vitalakis , December 05, 2005; 07:59 P.M.


Your entire portfolio speaks by its self. I admire every single photo of that . What I like most of that is the simplicity & the composition & framing.

Rajeev Thomas , December 11, 2005; 02:13 A.M.

Thank you Emmanouil, I enjoyed your pictures too, regards, Rajeev.

Gianluigi Albanese , December 11, 2005; 04:37 A.M.

Very nice

I like the "Aspen" and "Dunes Of Colorado" Sections.

Rajeev Thomas , December 11, 2005; 03:04 P.M.

Thank you Gianluigi, I like them as well :)), regards, Rajeev.I loved seeing your part of the world.

David Gesink , December 30, 2005; 03:20 P.M.

Light Master


I spent an afternoon looking through your portfolio. It was an afternoon well spent. I am a 34 year native of Colorado who has just recently moved to Iowa, needless to say I miss the endless beauty (and memories). I have been to every place in Colorado you have photographed and I am stunned at the beauty of the photos. You captured the magic, and for that...thank you!

Rajeev Thomas , January 05, 2006; 07:06 P.M.

David, thank you for your comments, it was wonderfully felt.I love Colorado, I hope I can bring in more beautiful pictures from this magnificient place. Till then take care and thanks again, regards, Rajeev.

Julius Jebamony , January 27, 2006; 06:33 A.M.

Thank you for your kind comments on my work. You have a very nice portfolio. Especially the photographs from Kerla.


Tim Everett , January 27, 2006; 05:59 P.M.

Excellent Work

You have some Brilliant Landscapes Rajeev, I wish I lived near to such Wonderfull Land, its quite flat and dull where I live, the nearest decent place is the Yorkshire Dales. I can see you have a real Passion for it, keep up the excellent work.

Rajeev Thomas , January 29, 2006; 04:41 A.M.

Julius and Tim, THANK YOU for your time and encouragement. I love your work too, regards, Rajeev.

Vallabh Vengurlekar , February 02, 2006; 02:04 A.M.

Thanx for the comment on one of my photo's. Your portfolio is one of the best on this site. Great work!!

Rajeev Thomas , February 03, 2006; 01:14 A.M.

Vallabh, thank you for your encouraging words, I loved your pics as well, thanks again, regards, Rajeev.

Kathy Wilson , February 16, 2006; 02:55 P.M.

Do you live in Colorado, or just come through one day and fall in love? :) You've taken some wonderful shots everywhere, but I really like your CO pictures. I'm a bit partial though! Thank you for your comments on my Door picture - I look forward to seeing more of your work!

Rajeev Thomas , February 19, 2006; 02:49 P.M.

Kathy, thank you for commenting , I live in Colorado Springs, CO. It's been wonderful three years, really love this place. Thank you again, regards, Rajeev.

Mike Stacey , April 01, 2006; 05:29 P.M.

You have some very original shots here Rajeev and have captured some great light. I'll be back here to check out your new shots. Keep shooting!


Rasmus Lindersson , April 04, 2006; 03:39 A.M.

Absolutly stunning landscapeshots! Wonderful!

Rajeev Thomas , April 07, 2006; 04:18 A.M.

Rasmus, thank you, I love your pics too... regards, Rajeev.

apurba B , April 30, 2006; 05:19 P.M.

hey all ur photographs are amazing . all i will say that there is a lot to pick from u and get inspired-thanks for sharing -peace

Biswajit Pandey , May 01, 2006; 05:51 A.M.


Grrrrrrrrrrr8, what a marvellous portfolio you have, you are a great artist photographer, I love all your photos. ~Regards.

Rajeev Thomas , May 01, 2006; 02:02 P.M.

Apurba, Biswajit, thank you for your comments, thank you for your comments....more picture are always coming :)... regards, Rajeev.

Eddie K , May 09, 2006; 09:11 P.M.


All I can say is, I envy you, in a good way of course. All of them are choice photos. Thanks for making me enjoy your work. Eddie

Rajeev Thomas , May 10, 2006; 02:18 P.M.

Eddie, thank you ...your time is appreciated.

Giovanni S , May 15, 2006; 06:13 A.M.

Hi Thomas

Thank you for your comments. I have discovered your portofolio. Very nice and pleasant photos indeed. I will come back often to give them due attention. Cheers

Rajeev Thomas , May 16, 2006; 04:17 A.M.

Thank you Giovanni....regards, Rajeev.

Kevin Fan , May 21, 2006; 05:14 P.M.

Thank you!

Hi Rajeev,

Thanks for reviewing my photo and the positive comment. I am a beginner and find out you have excellent portfolio here. Love your captures of magic hours and some wonderful earth tone. Kind regards.

Gianluigi Albanese , June 06, 2006; 04:38 A.M.

Very nice shots!

Chris Sloan , June 19, 2006; 10:24 P.M.


You have the most amazing folio! Such beautiful photography. Thank you for sharing your awesome talent.


Rajeev Thomas , June 28, 2006; 03:37 P.M.

Chris, thank you so much for the comment, I loved your pics as well... thank you for visiting, regards, Rajeev.

Ram Thakur , July 12, 2006; 04:19 A.M.

Fabulous portfolio, Rajeev.

Rajeev Thomas , July 13, 2006; 04:59 P.M.

Ram...thank you..

Thank you for visiting..I am honored that you have watched my pictures and enjoyed them, regards, Rajeev.

A.K. Sircar , July 30, 2006; 08:48 P.M.

Rajeeb,you have travelled and found what you wanted. Light and colors are the two most conspicuous qualities of your excellent images. I like your images very much.

Rajeev Thomas , July 31, 2006; 02:44 P.M.

Thank you Mr. Sircar for your compliments.... regards, Rajeev.

Ramón Vaamonde , August 08, 2006; 02:29 P.M.

Rajeev thanks for your comments in my photo "50 seg". Tou have a worderfull portfolio, your landscapes are amazing, you have a great work done here, congratulations.

Michael Lyons , August 08, 2006; 03:07 P.M.

Rajeev--a very beautiful and impressive portfolio indeed---thank you for your comments--ML

Rajeev Thomas , August 09, 2006; 03:24 P.M.

Thank you

Thank you Michael and Ramon, thank you for your kind words...regards, Rajeev.

Christine Sweet , August 14, 2006; 04:12 P.M.


thanks for your kind comments on my Peppers 2 photo. You have a really wonderful portfolio!! - Christine

Jarvis - Atlanta , August 14, 2006; 07:57 P.M.

Outstanding portfolio!

Thanks for your comments on one of my photos, Rajeev. As a new member of photo.net, I'm in awe of the beauty of your work and will return often for inspiration.

MUHARREM TEKIN , August 15, 2006; 03:47 P.M.


Woderful portfolio ! Thank you for your comment. Regards, M.Tekin

Gabriele Fratta , August 16, 2006; 12:06 A.M.


A very impressive portfolio...


Alec Ee , August 19, 2006; 02:02 P.M.

Absolute perfection

Rajeev, your landscape images are a sight to behold. Your patience is well rewarded. Thanks for sharing.

Rajeev Thomas , August 20, 2006; 02:44 A.M.

Thank you....

Alec, thank you for your comment, Gabrielle thank you for your time, regards, Rajeev.

Manoj P Mohamed , September 06, 2006; 12:26 A.M.

woww... simply mind blowing landscapes. i wish i could take pictures like this.. :-)... kidilam.

Rajeev Thomas , September 07, 2006; 02:54 P.M.


Manoj, thank you , the word kidilam adds to it all, really funny conclusion,a nice surprise, thanks again for you time, regards, Rajeev.

Niki Lustica , September 23, 2006; 05:01 P.M.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, yeah...better late than never, yeah!? So, the first thing that I have to say is WOW!!!! I was definitely impressed when I was scrolling through, but one really caught my eye!! The one that's entitled "GONE"!! OHHHHH MAAAAAN!!! Yeah, these pictures are INCREDIBLE, mister!!! The world through your eyes is AMAZING!!! ...And by amazing, I mean...ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL!!! Thank you so much for sharing this with me!!!

Niki Lustica , September 23, 2006; 05:09 P.M.

Oh, and just to let you know...I got an account JUST to comment your pictures!! Oh, and you're welcome!! =)

Mathew Cook , September 24, 2006; 03:04 A.M.

Very nice portfolio Rajeev. I'm particularly impressed with the different POV's you use for your photos. It believe it gives them nice perspective, making for pleasing images. Cheers, -Mathew Cook-

Rajeev Thomas , September 24, 2006; 03:16 A.M.

Niki ...

Thank you for your time, I am glad you like my pictures, GONE is also one of my favorites...now that you have an id you should look around for others portfolios and pictures too...regards, Rajeev

Rajeev Thomas , September 24, 2006; 03:17 A.M.

Mathew...Thank You..

Mathew...I really appreciate the time....I am glad you like my pictures, I like your pics too..regards, Rajeev

Pep Mir , September 26, 2006; 05:51 P.M.

Thank you for your words Rajeev. My english is limited.

zahangir kabir , September 29, 2006; 11:54 P.M.


nice portfolio.

Rajeev Thomas , October 01, 2006; 04:10 A.M.

Zahangir and Pep...

Thank you so much for your comments which are so much appreciated....regards, Rajeev.

Amanda Lock , October 09, 2006; 02:39 P.M.

Rajeev- thank you so much for critiquing one of my photographs. I wanted to take a look at your work, and I am completely, absolutely blown away by it. Your landscapes and use of light and color are phenomonal. Your composition is incredible as well. I have a great deal of respect for any one that takes pictures of landscapes (inanimate things)- anyone can take a good picture of a person but it takes a real artist to capture the beauty of something that doesn't move. You are a wonderful photographer and I will definitely watch your portfolio for new pictures.

Rajeev Thomas , October 16, 2006; 02:45 P.M.


Thank you so much for the nicest comment, it really makes my day, I will look for your pictures too, I do not think I can capture intimate moments as you do though, regards, Rajeev

Chris Stachura , October 23, 2006; 08:06 A.M.

Hi Thomas, I have been browsing your photos for two years and today I noticed that one, from your portfolio, is on the main photo.net site! I looked into this and I'm totally impressed! You have achieved a great improvement locating you now among leading landscape photographers on this great site! Wish you more and more superb photos that will delight thousands people around the world.

may matysik , October 24, 2006; 12:36 P.M.



Your photos of Utah should be placed in a tourist magazine for that state. They convey the amazing beauty of their landscape. Arizona has 'ARIZOINA HIGHWAYS' , YOU SHOULD CHECK AND SEE IF UTAH HAS ONE LIKE IT AND GET YOUR PHOTOS IN IT. Everyone needs to see that state through your eyes. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL. GLAD I'VE GOT YOU LISTED AS ONE OF MY FRIENDS. It makes it so much easier to see your photos, Thanks again for showing all this beauty, May Matysik

Micheal Kraml , November 18, 2006; 09:36 P.M.

Beautiful compositions and colours...feast for the visual cortex. Cheers, Micheal

Sac Bee , December 01, 2006; 12:57 A.M.

Thank you

Thanks Rajeev for commenting on my photograph. You've got amagzing portfolio.

Star Phire , December 01, 2006; 10:12 P.M.

You do amazing work Rajeev. I love your landscapes.

Rajeev Thomas , December 02, 2006; 05:20 A.M.

Sachin and Star...

Thank you so much for your comments!! I loved your pictures too...thank you for your time and this mean a lot to me,thank you for making my day, regards, Rajeev.

Rajeev Thomas , December 02, 2006; 05:22 A.M.

Thank you!!! :-)

Chris, May and Michael, did not mean to ignore you!!. Chris I am big fan of your eye also!! May.. your pictures are also inspiring. Michael, thank you for your comment and time, regards, Rajeev

Deidre McNamara , December 06, 2006; 08:06 P.M.


...for the rating & comments. You are too kind. Your mountain shots are awesome. Thanks, DMc

Rajeev Thomas , December 07, 2006; 01:26 A.M.

Thank you Deidre...

I love your style of intimate photography and thank you for commenting on my portfolio, still working on it :) regards, Rajeev

Fernando Monreal , December 08, 2006; 04:04 P.M.

Outstanding portofolio full of beauty and creativity, congrats. f.

Rajeev Thomas , December 09, 2006; 12:48 A.M.

Thank you Fernando... I am reallt grateful for your time and comments, regards, Rajeev

Steve Augle , December 12, 2006; 01:23 A.M.

Your Work are wonderful in every way so much life in your images and great colours. I will be back soon. ~ Steve,

Rajeev Thomas , December 14, 2006; 12:34 A.M.

Thank you Steve...

Thank you so much Steve, comments like yours make me come up with more pictures, thanks again, regards, Rajeev

Alexander Mandl , December 31, 2006; 04:13 A.M.

Hello - wow you have a lot of very good shots in yoour portfolio... regards alex

Sasa Jamsek , February 01, 2007; 02:19 P.M.


Your portfolio is a beautiful simplicity as you have named part of it. It is a pleasure to see so many outstanding pictures. Great job. Regards, Sasa Jamsek

Dale Erickson , February 16, 2007; 10:33 P.M.

Hello Rajeev, Thanks for sharing a very impressive portfolio! Beautiful images and keep up the great photography. Best regards, Dale

Suzi McGregor , March 05, 2007; 11:51 A.M.

Rajeev, Do you know my friend Branson Reynolds in Durango? If not, you should connect with him. You have a lot in common, especially your love of the landscape in the four corners area. His phone number is: 970-247-5274. Just tell him Suzi sent you. You both do spectacular landscape shots. Best, Suzi McGregor

Brian Barker , March 07, 2007; 09:23 A.M.

Wonderful portfolio Rajeev. You should be very proud. You have a fantastic eye for color and composition!

Rajeev Thomas , March 07, 2007; 08:00 P.M.

Thank you very much!!

Suzi and Brian thank you for your time and comments. Suzi, I have seen Branson's website very impressive too. Thank you for his number I will contact him... regards, Rajeev

Brian Goodman , March 28, 2007; 09:27 P.M.

Excellent portfolio Rajeev. Did you ever get up to the flattops? Again, excellent images.

Rajeev Thomas , April 02, 2007; 11:05 A.M.

Brian, thank you so much!

Hi Brian, thank you for your comment!!!! I did go up to Flat Tops, let me admitt, if you are living anywhere close to that place you are lucky.I live in Colorado Springs, so Flat Tops is pretty far, but I did make it up there once. It was just heavenly, I think I have to be there like 10 more times to see atleast a bit of it :) I just loved it, I will go back in Spring time to see flowers Brian. Thank you so much for stopping by Brian, I think you know that I enjoy your pictures too, regards, Rajeev

Marc Loiselle , April 11, 2007; 10:21 A.M.


Hi Rajeev...i've been looking at your pourfolio and it's obvious to me that you have a special way to look at things.Your portfolio is interesting to look at.

You are a talented photographer Rajeev...Keep shooting nice images.

Thank you...Marc Loiselle

Rajeev Thomas , April 12, 2007; 04:07 A.M.

Thank you Marc.

Your comments mean a lot to me.. I love your pictures too, keep shooting... :), regards, Rajeev

Antonio Da Re , April 12, 2007; 09:00 A.M.

Thanks for your much appeciated comment.

Rajeev Thomas , April 12, 2007; 01:59 P.M.

Thank you Antonio....

Thank you for stopping by :-), regards, Rajeev

Fernando Jorge Costa , April 25, 2007; 12:51 P.M.

Uau. Amazing.

Breathless landscapes. Very good portfolio.

Rajeev Thomas , April 27, 2007; 02:38 P.M.

Fernando....thank you :-)

Thank you so much. I love them too :-), regards, Rajeev.

Marjan Krebelj , May 03, 2007; 06:46 P.M.

You make really breathtaking landscapes! It is so hard to find tem... best wishes!

Rajeev Thomas , May 06, 2007; 09:49 P.M.

Marjan... :)))

Thank you so much... regards, Rajeev

Richard Gale , May 07, 2007; 10:55 A.M.

Rajeev, you have some stunning images in your folio I've very much enjoyed looking at them. Kind Regards Rich.

Rajeev Thomas , May 08, 2007; 02:17 P.M.

Richard!!! :-)

After seeing your portfolio, I am honored to have you commented on my picture, thank you Richard, I really appreciate it...regards, Rajeev

Shahdat Hossain , May 08, 2007; 09:08 P.M.


Excellent Portfolio Rajeev! I am going to Grand Canyon in June, and your pictures are giving me a lot of inspiration!

Raj Nandwana , May 16, 2007; 11:57 P.M.

dear Rajeev

very good portfolio! You have an artistic eye. keep it coming!


Rajeev Thomas , May 20, 2007; 06:34 A.M.


Thank you for your encouraging words. I certainly am planning to post more :-)), regards, Rajeev.

Sergio Fabbri , May 21, 2007; 06:20 P.M.

Hi Rajeev

Thank you for comment, You have a fantastic portfolio, amazing shots!

Adrian Studer , May 27, 2007; 06:00 P.M.

Great and creative landscapes, gives your comments lots of credibility. Thanks

Paul Duffy , May 27, 2007; 08:38 P.M.

A true master

We all have alot to learn from you.

Rajeev Thomas , June 06, 2007; 03:06 P.M.

THANK YOU!! :-))

Thank you everyone... your kind words are my inspiration and my tool to learn more and more...regards, Rajeev

Adrian Stoica , June 12, 2007; 02:30 P.M.

Thank you very much for your kind words Rajeev. You have an impressive portfolio, a pleasure to look through. Keep up the good work!

Rajeev Thomas , June 15, 2007; 02:54 P.M.

Thank you...!!

Adrian...thank you for your time!! I love your picture and I am glad you liked my collection too... regards, Rajeev

roberto g , August 18, 2007; 05:17 P.M.

Rajeev, thanks for taking the time to comment one of my pictures. You have a fantastic portfolio! It is one of the very few where one can enjoy seeing beautiful real landscapes (as opposed to the usual "stone in the water at sunset" which seems to be so popular on photonet). Personnally, I think that your pictures deserve much higher marks than those they happen to get when you submit them to rating.

Gary Loveless , August 18, 2007; 06:53 P.M.

Thank you Rajeev!

Thanks Rajeev, for commenting on and rating my photo (Sea of Dreams). You have such a great portfolio and much talent!

Best Regards,

Raj Nandwana , August 19, 2007; 01:48 A.M.


from my preiovus visit to your folio many months ago, i have noticed an array of beautiful images added. compliments. Bryce , i believe, changes in scenic beauty from month to month. in taking this picture my greatest problem was being without a tripod. despite which i am satisfied for what i gave got, the rating it receives from "unknowledgeable anonymous experts 3/3" is always an eyesore for me,like many better photographers at PN. happy photographers day and best wishes from mumbai

Dennis Aubrey , August 23, 2007; 07:58 A.M.

This is a beautiful portfolio ...

... suffused with your own love of the subject matter. Nature has few better at capturing her moods thanyou, Rajeev. My sincere congratulations.

Rajeev Thomas , August 24, 2007; 02:10 P.M.

Thank you Dennis and Raj....I appreciate your comments...regards, Rajeev.

Jocke Nilsson , August 25, 2007; 05:46 A.M.


Fantastic portfolio!!! regards//Jocke

Eugenio Pastor Benjumeda , August 25, 2007; 06:14 A.M.

Hello Rajeev. You have a great portfolio. I like the way you have to take landscape pictures. I like the balance of colours and the tones. It is for me a satisfaction to have critiques from you. Regards.

Rajeev Thomas , August 26, 2007; 02:23 P.M.

Jocke and Eugenio...your comments made my day!! thank you very much :-), regards, Rajeev.

Jay L , August 31, 2007; 12:24 P.M.

Nice work

Thanks for commenting on a couple of my photos Rajeev. You have an amazing portfolio. Cheers, J

Roberto Lamberti , August 31, 2007; 02:11 P.M.

Thanks for your kind comment... I am really happy to have a comment from a great photographer like you!

Thanks again and I hope you'll come back to check some new one of mine..

Greetings from Italia.


Rajeev Thomas , September 04, 2007; 02:30 P.M.

Thank you!!! Thank you!!!

Roberto and Jay thank you so much!! I love your work too!!! regards, Rajeev.

Jens Christoffersen , September 04, 2007; 03:27 P.M.

Great portfolio!! Thank you for shared it. You are great !! ;O)

vh Jens

Terry Gilroy , September 04, 2007; 05:26 P.M.

Hi Rajeev, Great portfolio.I like solitary trees as well, your Aspen shots are superb. Regards from Scotland

Kamran Zahabi , September 06, 2007; 09:38 A.M.

Dear Rajeev

Thanx for your nice comment on my portfolio. Your photos are marvelous and very professional. great colours and great sceneries. They show that you have travelled a lot. I have so many new photos to send for photo.net but unforutnately I have not been able to upload any photo since 5 months ago because my upload page needs macromedia flashplayer 8 but I could not install it. Please inform me if you have any solution for my problem.

Matt Laur , September 11, 2007; 08:14 P.M.

Lovely work.

Rajeev: Beautiful portfolio. I've just come back from Colorado, and your images from out west took me right back again. I really like your visual sensibilities, and the fact that you get OUT there, and do what you do. Thank you for sharing your excellent work with us.

Rosanne F-B , September 13, 2007; 09:50 A.M.

Thank you

Rajeev, thank you for taking the time to comment on my photo. I am flattered that someone as talented as you are, likes something that I did.

Rafal Rataj , September 13, 2007; 02:43 P.M.


Thanks Rajeev for your time... to comment my pic. Just look few your shots and i`ve been amazed your talent... must take more time and see all of your shots on your portfolio :)

Zsolt Simay , October 09, 2007; 01:16 A.M.

you have an excellent portofolio here, with respect, Zsolt

Pim de Ruijter , October 17, 2007; 04:36 P.M.

7/7 for this portfolio

Excellent landscape and travelphotography! Your photos are of a great quality, stunning landscapes and wonderful views. Very good! Regards, Pim

Neville Hammond , October 17, 2007; 04:49 P.M.

Hello Rajeev,

Thank you for your kind comments on my recent photograph, "Fas-sea-nation". They are most encouraging and appreciated. Your comments have led me to your portfolio which.to say the least, is most impressive and I enjoyed it very much. Your talent,enthusiam and enjoyment for your photography and your art really shines through. I am a newcomer to digital photography and while I have always enjoyed taking nice photos it has only developed into a more serious hobby since I have retired. I enjoy this site and am learning heaps from people like yourself who take the time to provide comments and encouragement. Kind regards, Neville H.

Henri Manguy , October 19, 2007; 05:14 P.M.

One of the more beautiful landscape portfolio on Photo.net. On each of your photos, your love of the world is flagrant.

Regards, Henri

Cristina Pricop , October 31, 2007; 07:35 P.M.

astonishing portofolio

keep up the good work

Rajeev Thomas , November 10, 2007; 03:01 P.M.

Thank you everyone!!! :-)

Thank you everyone for your comments...your comments and support are my inspiration...I love your works too... Neville, Henry, Christina, Pim, Zsolt, Rafal, Rosanne, Matt, Kamran, Terry and Jens... thank you all very much for commenting here... regards, Rajeev

Rajeev Thomas , November 11, 2007; 02:00 A.M.

Thank you Antonio...

Antonio, thank you!! You are so kind to leave a comment here.. I would love to see more of your Madrid scenes!! :-) regards, Rajeev.

Jan Reurink , November 13, 2007; 03:16 P.M.

Thanks commenting.It is nice to look in to eachothers portfolio`s Your Portfolio have stunning captures.

Rajeev Thomas , November 17, 2007; 12:45 A.M.

Thank you Jan for your time and for commenting here ... I am greatful for your opinion...regards, Rajeev.

Eva Mojave Cerna , November 25, 2007; 07:13 P.M.

You have very beautiful portfolio! I feel flattered you commented my pictures - thanks. I like your work very much - these locations are wonderful places and the images you make are powerful :-) Cheers Eva

Rajeev Thomas , November 26, 2007; 01:02 A.M.

Eva...thank you!!

I love your work also... I think your skills are obvious and waiting to see more of your works...regards, Rajeev.

Sergio Fallucca , November 29, 2007; 07:24 A.M.

Hello Rajeev, thanks for your kind comment on my photo "Lights before the heure bleu in Porticello". I appreciate very much your words :)) I've just had the occasion to discover your portfolio. You've a great eye for composition, lights and colors. I'll return here soon, just to find new and important inspirations for my photos. My preferite is "Morning Light on Garden of the Gods GOG": really fantastic! Best regards, Sergio

Rajeev Thomas , December 01, 2007; 03:02 P.M.

Sergio.... I appreciate your comment :-)

I love your pictures too... thank you for your time. People like you are my inspiration thank you again, regards, Rajeev.

Kenneth Fugate , December 06, 2007; 06:00 A.M.

Hello Friend!

Well here it is another year is passing away and we are coming into the holidays. I think time starts to go faster as we get older, it was just yesterday I wished my friends Happy Holidays and here it is again the end of a year. The holiday lights are starting to be put on some of the trees here in Dallas, we were out last night and some were lighting the trees. I wish for you all a holiday season with family and friends, after all is said and done all we have is each other.

I want all of you to know just what your comments and ratings on my work means to me, your words are my motivation, my drive to discover, to learn this art that we all love, thank you for taking time and thank you for caring about my works. At the same time thank you for letting us see your world, our lives are so much the same, we all care about our families and friends and we all share the same things, maybe someday our photos will help make for a lasting world peace. May you and your family be blessed this season.

Happy Holidays and Happy Shooting


Rajeev Thomas , December 06, 2007; 03:03 P.M.


Kenneth, thank you so much for your kind comment. That is a treasure...thank you for visiting...regards, Rajeev.

Stan Koga , December 20, 2007; 01:26 P.M.

rajeev, thanks for your encouragement! i just got done with your porfolio--very, very nice work. your eye is outstanding. i especially love "portrait of the ancient" and "glowing sand" . im marking you as one of my favorites and am looking forward to seeing more of your stuff. stan

Rajeev Thomas , December 20, 2007; 02:30 P.M.

Thank you Stan!!!

Stan, I love your work too...thank you for the comment, it means a lot...regards, Rajeev.

Paweł & Grażyna Hachaj , December 20, 2007; 04:03 P.M.

Thank you for your feedback on our photos.

We wish you happy Christmas holidays and a new year flourishing with fresh photo themes!

Cordial greetings!

Raymond Banfield , December 20, 2007; 09:03 P.M.


First, thank you for your nice comment on the Bodega Church. I'm glad you commented because it gave me a chance to visit your folio. Awesome Rajeev! Your colors are so vibrant and your subject matter is presented so well. Kudos my friend. Will be checking back to see your latest captures...RAY

Rajeev Thomas , December 21, 2007; 01:43 A.M.

Thank you very much for your comments!! :-))

Pawel and Raymond, thank you for your comments... your thoughtfulness and photographs you have shared, inspire me, thank you and Happy Holidays!!! :-) regards, Rajeev.

Joseph Darmenia , December 21, 2007; 02:05 A.M.

I checked out your portfolio, you have some great images. Well done.

Rajeev Thomas , December 21, 2007; 02:17 P.M.

Thank you Joseph!!

Joseph...thank you so much!!! I appreciate your comment and your time...regards, Rajeev.

Saurabh Deoras , December 24, 2007; 02:44 A.M.

Simply great

Rajeev, your portfolio is amazing. Keep up the momentum. I know I will back often to see more of your work.


Rajeev Thomas , December 25, 2007; 02:41 A.M.

Thank you Saurabh and Merry Christmas to you!!! take care and I loved your seascapes... regards, Rajeev.

Douglas Brill , January 04, 2008; 03:52 P.M.


Fabulous portfolio Rajeev! You obviously love to travel and you do the places you visit justice in your images. Thanks for bringing them to us.
Thanks for the kind comments on my images too.

Rajeev Thomas , January 05, 2008; 02:01 P.M.

Douglas...you are welcome and thank you for this kind comment...regards, Rajeev.

Julie Kumar , January 17, 2008; 08:06 P.M.

Very very beautiful photos...........good eye...just beautiful...

Rajeev Thomas , January 21, 2008; 02:35 P.M.

Thank you!! :-))

Julie, thank you for comment.... regards, Rajeev.

Gorm Rudschinat , January 30, 2008; 03:27 P.M.

You have a greate portfolio!

Rajeev Thomas , January 31, 2008; 04:11 A.M.

Thank you Gorm!!

Gorm!! Thank you for your kind remark....regards, Rajeev.

Bertrand Lauga , February 10, 2008; 03:35 P.M.


Rajeev, light is in the title of your portfolio, and is the essence of your photography. Beautiful images. Thanks for sharing with us !

Rajeev Thomas , February 11, 2008; 02:46 P.M.

Bertrand.....thank you for your comments and for your time...regards, Rajeev.

Anca Robu , March 20, 2008; 07:59 P.M.

Hi Rajeev! Thank you so much for your wonderful comment.

I really enjoyed your portofolio, when passing by. You have some great shots here. I especially like the color contrasts you're using.

Rajeev Thomas , March 22, 2008; 02:52 P.M.

Thank you Anca.... :-)

Becki Pino , May 12, 2008; 09:06 A.M.

Thanks for your comment on my photo. It led me to your page and your work is breath taking. For a moment it made my want to shoot landscapes... But no way I could compare!! Bravo!!

Hugs, Becki~

Rajeev Thomas , May 12, 2008; 11:35 A.M.

Thank you Becki :-)

Thank you Becki for the kind comment..... I really appreciate your time...regards, Rajeev.

Ricardo Gomez , May 17, 2008; 05:07 P.M.


I want to thank you for the kind words you said about one of my photos. I am grateful that someone with a talent like yours appreciate it. I�m really impressed with your landscapes. The way you compose your photos and the light and color are incredible as well .I will visit your portfolio frequently.



Rajeev Thomas , May 18, 2008; 02:56 P.M.

Thank you! :-)

Ricardo...thank you!!! What a nice comment.... I appreciate that..regards, Rajeev

Mauno Vanttaja , June 03, 2008; 12:54 A.M.


You have really a collection of stunningly beautiful images in your portfolio. It's pure enjoyment to see your work. I will be your regular visitor, also for the purposes to learn from your unusual angles of view to produce something extraordinary out of ordinary scene.

Best regards.


Rajeev Thomas , June 12, 2008; 12:29 A.M.

Thank you VERY MUCH! :-)

Mauno.... it is so kind of you to say that. Thank you Mauno.... regards, Rajeev

Daniel Ewert , July 21, 2008; 02:29 A.M.

Your portfolio is beautiful -- I enjoyed looking through it.

Rajeev Thomas , July 21, 2008; 02:23 P.M.

Thank you Daniel...

Daniel.... it is an honor that you have commented here. I admire your vision and gallery..regards, Rajeev.

Rob Hart , November 24, 2008; 10:20 P.M.

Outstanding composition! Stunning images, light, and thoughtfulness!

Rajeev Thomas , November 25, 2008; 01:36 A.M.

Rob!! Thank you!!!

I appreciate your comment Rob. I love your photography as well...regards, Rajeev.

Jim Cowan , December 07, 2008; 09:14 A.M.

You have truly captured that extraordinary light that we photographers cherish so much. You have a beautiful collection landscapes.

Rajeev Thomas , December 08, 2008; 01:17 A.M.

Jim.... :-)

Thank you for commenting. I appreciate your opinion.....regards, Rajeev.

Tom Wiggins , December 10, 2008; 07:41 P.M.

Rajeev: Thank you for commenting on "Sunset over Chicoteaque". Your comment led me to your portfolio, you have many excellent photos. I really enjoy seeing the brighness of the colors. Tom

Rajeev Thomas , December 11, 2008; 10:32 A.M.


Thank you I love them too :-) I loved your art and looking forward to see more of your work..regards, Rajeev.

Ken Stoecklin , December 11, 2008; 02:12 P.M.

Thanks for commenting on my photo...your landscapes are incredible..I really like the ones shot in portrait...I think I'll try some of that.... Ken

Rajeev Thomas , December 11, 2008; 03:07 P.M.

Thank you Ken...

Ken...thank you for your comment and for your time..regards, Rajeev.

Nebojsa Radojevic , December 24, 2008; 04:47 A.M.

Hello Rajeev, excellent work...all compliments. Best wishes, Nebojsa

Rajeev Thomas , December 24, 2008; 05:33 A.M.

Thank you and Merry Christmas Nebojsa!!

Nebojsa...thank you. Happy Holidays to you. Thank you for your kind comment....regards, Rajeev.

William Hogg , January 22, 2009; 09:19 A.M.


Thanks for your kind words on my portfolio. Your work is terrific. Best wishes from Scotland. Bill Hogg

Rajeev Thomas , January 23, 2009; 02:27 P.M.

Thank you William.... :-)

Thank you for looking through my pictures and commenting. I really appreciate your comment...regards, Rajeev.

Sacha De Carlo , June 20, 2009; 04:44 P.M.

Thank you

For your kind comment on my Seattle "postcard" shot. I am glad you did leave a comment, because it gave me the opportunity to see your amazing portfolio. Just love all the vertical portraits, I am a big fan too! Amazing colors, you really know how to wait/look for the best light!

Cheers, S.

Rajeev Thomas , July 29, 2009; 05:07 P.M.

I appreciate the comments......

Sacha.... thank you for kind words and for taking the time to look through my posts..... regards, Rajeev.

Roberto Lamberti , September 28, 2009; 03:19 P.M.


Thanks for viewing and commenting one of my photos!

Great portfolio!



Rajeev Thomas , September 29, 2009; 02:01 A.M.

Thank you Roberto....

Thank you for leaving a comment.... really like your diverse collection...regards, Rajeev.

bruce macleod , October 07, 2009; 01:06 A.M.

Wow Great portfolio

You have some amazing shots capture here. Well done.

Rajeev Thomas , October 07, 2009; 03:13 P.M.


I am glad you have liked them... thank you for your comment and for your time... regards, Rajeev.

Huseyin Gurses , October 07, 2009; 03:34 P.M.

An amazing portfolio Rajeev. You don't have to look too long to notice. Thanks for looking at my picture as well. Regards.

Rajeev Thomas , October 08, 2009; 02:33 A.M.


Thank you sir!!! I loved your pics as well... thank you for your time leaving this comment....

Ivan Dan-Gabriel , October 08, 2009; 03:37 P.M.


Absolutely great images!

Rajeev Thomas , October 09, 2009; 02:03 A.M.


Thank you very much for your comment....I loved your images as well....

Jon Basaguren , October 10, 2009; 09:36 A.M.

Hi rajeev, thanks for your kind comments. I see you´ra a Master od Light and landscapes. Regards. Jon.

Rajeev Thomas , October 11, 2009; 03:03 P.M.


Thanks Jon.....

N Gio , October 11, 2009; 04:21 P.M.

Great work

Amazing portfolio!!!

Thanks for stoping by mine :)



Rajeev Thomas , October 12, 2009; 03:02 A.M.

Thank you Nino....

Thank you for your time Nino...regards, Rajeev.

George Trakakis , October 19, 2009; 04:43 P.M.

Your photos are absolutely fantastic!!!! Congratulations!!!!! Best wishes, George

Sadegh Miri , October 31, 2009; 03:23 P.M.

Hi Rajeev,

Fantastic collection of outstanding landscape images. I really enjoyed my time here.Thanks for sharing and your comment on my recently submitted photo. Best regards Sadegh

Midan Smith , November 01, 2009; 01:56 P.M.

magnificent landscapes!!

thanks for your kind comment!

best regards


George Tetradis , November 04, 2009; 12:32 P.M.

A sunlight school Rajeev,bravo.

Ryszard Tychawski , November 07, 2009; 04:32 A.M.

golden hour...

...this beautyfull time...and nature

Pedro Olivo , November 08, 2009; 03:14 P.M.


Dear Rajeev; Thanks for your comment on the lighthouse shot. Saw your portfolio and it just blew me away! Quality shots all around. Love the star trails picture a lot.

Kind regards


Steve J Murray , November 21, 2009; 07:58 P.M.

Rajeev, thanks for your generous comments! When are we going to see some new work from you?

Rajeev Thomas , November 22, 2009; 02:22 A.M.


You are right..I haven't posted for a long long time. I am not doing much photography now-a-days. Life is taking me through some rough patches and hopefully I will get through them and will starting taking pictures again soon. But It is always so nice to see your work my friend...take care of yourself and regards, Rajeev.

Adrienne Garden , December 05, 2009; 02:17 A.M.

Rajeev, thanks for commenting on my image. Adrienne is a good name, and I hope your Adrienne is a good friend. I love the colours and composition of the images in your portfolio. I will look out for more. Regards Adrienne

Diane Hooper , December 06, 2009; 07:28 P.M.


Thanks for your kind comments and suggestion on my California Sunset. Your portfolio is just a stunner! Just the kind of shots I hope to be taking...... I hope you get back to shooting soon.

Best reagards, Diane

Kartik Pashupati , December 13, 2009; 12:51 P.M.


Thanks for visiting my portfolio of Indian classical musicians, and for taking the time to comment.

Your landscapes are quite spectacular. Congratulations, and keep up the good work!

Paweł & Grażyna Hachaj , December 19, 2009; 04:10 A.M.

Thank you very much for your support and your nice comments during this year!
We wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Andrew Campbell , December 24, 2009; 06:41 A.M.

Merry Christmas and all the best in 2010.

Sesham Sampatirao , May 23, 2010; 07:45 A.M.

Thank u for u r comments.u have great nature work.

Attilio Peschiera , May 24, 2010; 02:18 A.M.

Hi Rajeev !

Beautiful portfolio! Great photos with nice light. Good Compositions!


Rajeev Thomas , May 24, 2010; 03:04 P.M.

Thank you very much...

Thank you for the comments. I really appreciate your time.....it is great to see there are others who appreciate photography as well as I do.... 

Sadegh Miri , July 13, 2010; 03:37 A.M.

Hi Rajeev,

Thanks to your comment on one of my recent submitted photos I came to see your excellent portfolio and I have to say that I'm really impressed by your outstanding works.

You  technical perfection is really admirable! Thanks for sharing and once again thank you for your nice comment.


Best regards Sadegh

Ajayan Poyyara , July 29, 2010; 05:13 P.M.

Brilliant color sense Rajeev. Perfect compositions. Your folder is amazing .


Sal Alvarez , February 11, 2011; 02:49 P.M.

Wow!....Such Beautiful and colorful landscapes...very impressive port...Now I'll go and pick some faves, which it will be tough just to pick a few.


Thank you for the comment on my photo, much appreciated.

joao barros , March 05, 2013; 04:10 P.M.

Rajeev, I must say that your portfolio is beautiful. You have a very deep feeling of space, colour and light, thanks for share it with us! Best regards!

orsi csík , March 16, 2013; 05:11 P.M.

its a honor to be the 9980 visitor in your pf:) its clear that u often find that light u are looking for....ur pics are beyond imagination Rajeev! congrats

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