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Tony Hadley , September 23, 2010; 01:41 A.M.

I am thinking that some noise reduction may be required - What say you? Other than that,  a fine image

Is this comment helpful?

Jerry Matchett , September 23, 2010; 12:09 P.M.

Reply to Tony,

Since my personal life in photography includes many experiences with those talking about reducing grain in film-based images, only for history to decide that the grain is part of the classical beauty of such images, I honestly wonder if digital noise may not someday receive the same conclusion.  

Some liked grain; some did not.  Some like digital noise today; others do not.  No doubt digital images of the future will have a quadrillion pixels of information and nearly infinite resolution and students of the subject may look back at the simple digital cameras of today as having a historical distinctive and perhaps nostalgic look.

Even though I have a Cannon 7D, this was taken with my old 60D (6.6 mpixels)

I think I will just leave it as is.


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