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My first attemp at glamour and modeling!!!

Mariana is going into the 12th grade this August, she is gifted academecally and a very hard worker. I met her at my elderly relatives home were she serves as a homehealth care worker with her mother. Her mother does not speak English and Mariana is the official translator. This was a Sunday morning and as all her family she is also a Jehova Witness and was on her way to church. She ask me details about the 40D and we started tallking and shoting. It was lots of fun and she love her images. Thank you for looking. Comments/rates appreciated.


jorge fernandez , July 25, 2010; 10:00 A.M.

She is very down to earth and friendly.

Mariana was basically shy and slowly started moving with confidence.

Mariana is exploring many posibilities for her future carreer, she will complete a Bachelors degree in Science with the intention to attend Medical School. However she is also looking at the Physician Assitant program in the local college, which could be an alternative to he medical career. Her mother works for a clinic as a HealthHome care worker and Mariana helps her out.

jorge fernandez , July 25, 2010; 10:07 A.M.

The audience which include her mother, Neni and Popi help her out with encouragement!!!

Her movements started flowing after all the positive attention.

Popo keep saying that she was the must beautiful girl in the world and that made her smile and make different expressions.

jorge fernandez , July 25, 2010; 10:12 A.M.

As the session progressed her mother keep saying that next time she will ware a more attractive dress!

Her hair was a big attraction to me!!!

I was in heaven with such a wonderful gorgeous girl modeling in a moments notice!

Bob Kurt , July 25, 2010; 10:15 A.M.

Very interesting picture!

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jorge fernandez , July 25, 2010; 10:18 A.M.

I was not about to end the session!

Yes we all have to say goodbye at one time, nothing is for ever!!!

I keep shotting until her mother insisted for the 5th time that she needed to go, that they were late for Church, she stay a little longer and I follow her to the car!

jorge fernandez , July 25, 2010; 10:21 A.M.

One more!

Goodbye Marianita!

Ya enough!!! What a great shooting session and many more to come!!!    YES!!!

Aivar Susi , July 25, 2010; 10:57 A.M.


Very nice work ,beautiful she is very .

Take care my friend !

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Iftikhar Ahmad , July 25, 2010; 01:15 P.M.

The main picture is the best, Nice relaxed pose. Nice light on the face. Good sharp eyes. Very good detail of hair and  perfect skin tone. <P> Light on the white blouse is too much and distracts. It is over sharpened and shows in her eyes and particularly eye lashes.  <P> Rest of the pictures are snapshots in harsh light.  Some can be cropped and salvaged. Regards, Ifti

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Ruud Albers , July 25, 2010; 01:55 P.M.

Really beautiful work, Jorge!

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Gail Harmer , July 25, 2010; 02:12 P.M.

Lovely shot jorge....very beautiful girl....and looks much more mature than one in grade 12...........congrats, well done, Gail

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Sumon Mukherjee , July 25, 2010; 03:14 P.M.

Marianita is beautiful. Our friend, master-photographer Jorge has made her more beautiful and really attractive. Very good compositions  with wonderful tonal quality. Best regards.

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Holger Stelljes , July 25, 2010; 08:57 P.M.

Jorge this is a very nice presentation. I like the way you string together a story with the photos. Its well done and she is a lovely subject. You make me feel like I now know her and I wish her the best in her future. Excellent work by you. Take care my friend.



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El Porte-Bonheur , July 26, 2010; 05:50 A.M.

Que te voy a decir.... me impresiona tu trabajo. Magnifica!!!

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Valentyn Odnoviun , July 26, 2010; 02:30 P.M.


All photos excellent! Great model help You a lot with that nice pictures! Great job! With respect, Valentyn

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Rajat Poddar , July 26, 2010; 09:50 P.M.

wonderful photographs! ... charming girl... your photo essays are really a pleasure to browse... i hope you keep them coming

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Alberto Quintal , July 27, 2010; 03:02 P.M.


Muy bellas fostos de Marianita, es muy bella esta chica, muy buen trabajo.

Un abrazo.


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Jayanti Basu , July 28, 2010; 02:25 P.M.

Perfect portrait - she is full of life. Regards.

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Koushik Ray , July 29, 2010; 06:30 A.M.

Wonderful portrait. compliments -koushik

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Husain Akhtar , July 29, 2010; 07:45 A.M.

Very cheerful portrait!

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Bora Benic , July 29, 2010; 01:12 P.M.

Very good photographs they are looks filmatic.Congrats.

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Ektor Coughanour , July 29, 2010; 01:46 P.M.

Bella mujer!...excelente trabajo fotografico!!



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George Trakakis , July 30, 2010; 03:48 A.M.

Lovely photos!!!! Well done!!!! Best regards, George

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Mari R , July 30, 2010; 07:56 A.M.

Muy linda, una damita bella, inteligente y de gran corazon, piensa en ayudar a la gente en su carrera como su bondadosa madre, las hojas no caen muy lejos del arbol.  Le hiciste justicia con tus fotos, te quedaron muy buenas y naturales. Felicitaciones a ti y a Marianita y suerte en su mision.  Saludos. Mari

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Paolo Bevilacqua , July 31, 2010; 08:01 A.M.

it expresses the freshness and joy. Good.

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Julio Segura Carmona , July 31, 2010; 07:20 P.M.


Magnífico retrato de gran Belleza, Excelente TOP-MODEL. Saludos Amigo.

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Gallego Caldas Jordi , August 01, 2010; 04:43 A.M.

Me la había perdido, buen retrato, bella modelo y perfecto documento. SAludos

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Bobby Karimipoor , August 01, 2010; 05:51 A.M.


Hello to my dear friend,Jorge...This is a nice portrait with fine tones and well light managing.

I really enjoy the history about her and she was very cute too!...You catch it very well as always and injected me the power.

Take care,my friend!


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Alberta P. , August 01, 2010; 12:56 P.M.

Beautiful girl, stunning photos. Great job!


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Tore Nilsson , August 02, 2010; 05:50 A.M.

She is a great looking model, hope you got the chanse to work with her again. a great serie.

Best regards Tore

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Ricardo Diaz-Granados Zabarain , August 03, 2010; 05:34 A.M.

Hola Jorge,

el trabajo realizado es excelente, no solo por las tomas y las diferentes perspectivas, sino también por su contenido, una descripción de los hechos fantásticos. Marianita posee una atractiva personalidad y un natural talento para posar.

Muchos Saludes y felicitaciones por mostrar este excellente trabajo.


PD: A mediados de Agosto o un poco antes voy a comenzar a mostrar mis fotos nuevamente después de una pausa indeseada de mis trabajos, gracias por tus alertadoras palabras.



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Ricardo Diaz-Granados Zabarain , August 03, 2010; 12:27 P.M.

Jorge (corrección)

PD: A mediados de Agosto o un poco antes voy a comenzar a mostrar mis fotos nuevamente después de una pausa indeseada de mis trabajos, gracias por tus alentadoras palabras.


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Mehmet Akin , August 05, 2010; 02:11 A.M.

really very beautiful portrait...congrats.regards.

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Monte Stinnett , August 05, 2010; 11:02 A.M.

Beautiful model, and portrait and the story is good too.

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Florin P , August 07, 2010; 02:14 A.M.

Marianita is gorgeous !

Great portrait !

Love the other photos of her as well.

Finally, having a gorgeous model is the key to success.

The talent of the photoman is to catch the natural moments.

You did it masterfully !

Congrats !


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Birte Ragland , August 14, 2010; 02:17 A.M.

Stunning shot Jorge, light is wonderful in this one.

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A.K. Sircar , August 15, 2010; 12:37 P.M.

Jorge, beautiful portrait.She is photogenic and has bright future. All the best to both of you.

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Alec Ee , August 17, 2010; 12:34 P.M.

A good start indeed Jorge.

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Janice Rickert , August 18, 2010; 08:23 A.M.

What a beautiful series of images. This photo has beautiful detail and depth of field, and great lighting. I love your story, too.

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Amir Ayalon , August 19, 2010; 08:56 A.M.

Excellent photographs jorge! 

charming girl, and beautiful frames

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Afshin Azizi , August 17, 2011; 04:42 A.M.

Great results for your firs attemp!
Well done... 

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Raymond Elstad , December 26, 2011; 12:26 P.M.

A charming and lovingly made portrait my friend! She has the whole world ahead of her, may this life bring her many smiles such as this one.

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