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Excellent background for a macro shot. Everything that needs to be in focus is. Creative image that has a lot of thought and work committed to it. Good depth of field , capturing the reflection in the water drop makes for a shot that makes most people look twice, as photography is a visual medium, the photographer has captured the viewers interest and has achieved what was intended. (Read Discussion)


Subramanian Narayanan , November 25, 2002; 09:36 P.M.

Aesthetics 7/ Originality 6

Excellent - I couldn't find a better word to describe it.

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Scott Bulger , November 27, 2002; 11:26 A.M.

Truly remarkable that you actually did this without the aid of any software. Nice set up. Nice image.

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Henry Domenici , November 27, 2002; 02:07 P.M.


What a fantastic idea.

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Timo Hartikainen , November 27, 2002; 02:55 P.M.


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Gary Durington , November 27, 2002; 04:21 P.M.

Once in a lifetime.

That's almost the way a fairy tale begins. This is almost a perfect shot. Of course, I could be wrong, It maybe perfect. Great, great shot. It really takes a good eye to see this one.

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J C , November 27, 2002; 08:27 P.M.

1141753 Ant

Well there goes any hope of me getting photo of the week !!! What a great shot ! Did you shoot and find all the elements later ??? Just kidding ;=) Great job, I still have to look twice to believe it.. Jim

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Miroslav Chmel , November 28, 2002; 10:23 A.M.

Unbelievable, beautiful shot!

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Fed Sanchez , November 28, 2002; 10:50 A.M.

Finding a great background like this in a macro, and then including it as a main subject as well, is quite an achievement!! Perfect DOF to get the background in enough focus to allow recognition, but out enough for a nice blur. The only thing I'd critique, though, is that I'd like a little sharper focus on the ant.

Just a suggestion for a title, how about 'Ant Daisy'?

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Gerard Maas , November 28, 2002; 12:29 P.M.

Really GOOD stuff! I seldom see such creative macro work. It's also a real eye-releaf from the recent Photoshop invasion. Keep the good work!. PS: I find the ANT in perfect focus. Agree that the back antennae is not sharp, but it's not needed neither. I'd like to know if you planned the shot... did you wait for the ant to be on place???<BR> GREAT! <br> Regards,

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Camilla Cherry , November 28, 2002; 04:13 P.M.

Very original and good!

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dalibor talajic , November 28, 2002; 04:42 P.M.

A very good idea!!

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Mark Plonsky , November 28, 2002; 07:08 P.M.

One of a kind shot. The bug or the drop alone would make a fine image, but together (and with sharp focus) they are fantastic.

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Julien ANDRZEJCZAK , November 28, 2002; 07:59 P.M.

Great macro, very well seen for the droplet reflection ! Julien

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Simone Maria Navarra , November 28, 2002; 08:08 P.M.

This is outstanding

Really an incredible shot, great work!

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randolph . , November 28, 2002; 08:42 P.M.



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Gaetan Chevalier , November 28, 2002; 09:56 P.M.

Great art work! Superb idea.

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Robert McGee , November 28, 2002; 11:22 P.M.

sticks out

this one just stuck out from the rest

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Dominique Dodge-Wan , November 29, 2002; 12:37 A.M.

Well spotted - terrific photo - it proves that some people are not just very good but "wizards" ... when you think of all the flower photos out there, this one has so much more going for it.

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-Monis Bangi , November 29, 2002; 10:23 A.M.


wow! is all i can say.. manipulated or not

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Vicente Vazquez , November 29, 2002; 11:55 A.M.

Just incredible!!! Great idea!

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Allan Wallberg , November 29, 2002; 01:09 P.M.

This is a very creative work, very well done, I ´ve tried to rate this picture severel times, A 6/ O 7, but the server hasn´t taken it,sorry about that.

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tommi b , November 29, 2002; 02:34 P.M.



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John Thorne , November 29, 2002; 04:25 P.M.

absolutely incredible

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Luca Baldassarre , November 29, 2002; 05:44 P.M.


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Bim Paras , November 29, 2002; 09:57 P.M.

I love this image!!! One of the few images I have seen lately that has absolutely floored me.

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Michael Hanford , November 30, 2002; 01:41 A.M.


I wonder if the antenae and borders (between ant and background and green stalk and background) look unfocused because it's a JPEG format...from what I recall this format is bad at rendering very sharp contrast regions (eg, cartoons are not saved as JPG images because their sharp distinctions between bordering [usually primary] colors).

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Jacques Henry , November 30, 2002; 11:26 A.M.

great shot indeed!

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Siegfried Burgstaller , November 30, 2002; 12:08 P.M.

Most impressive.

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Cnaan Liphshiz , November 30, 2002; 03:56 P.M.

Old habits

Acid flashback... 0-7 a-7 (although... a sharper focus on the ant would'nt hurt. I like it so much, though, that I can't be bothered.)

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Mads Hammerich , November 30, 2002; 07:22 P.M.

An excellent folder. only the best for us at the net! Thank You.

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Massimiliano Eleota , December 02, 2002; 07:56 A.M.

Bellissima foto

It's a best photo. Massimiilano

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Luke Fields , December 02, 2002; 09:36 P.M.


Pardon me, I'm speechless, I need to have my jaw reattached!

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Marc G. , January 16, 2003; 02:17 A.M.

I must say... This picture is really something special... Not the kind of shots I would hang on my wall, but the 7 in originaity is certainly deserved. Excellent - and funny...:-) Cheers.

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Nikolay Smolyak , January 16, 2003; 11:25 P.M.


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Bert Armijo , February 21, 2003; 02:00 A.M.

I'm a bit of a fan for water drop shots and I LOVE what you've done with this. Excellent work.

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Daniel Diniz , March 13, 2003; 12:47 A.M.

Same flower as subject and background. This ant must be so proud of being in a set like that :)

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Matt L. , March 20, 2003; 12:46 A.M.

Yes. Nearly Perfect. Awesome!

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Rachel Suffian , May 04, 2003; 07:48 P.M.

great shot, great composition.

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A.B. van der Weide , May 12, 2003; 04:53 A.M.

if this is not a painted PS-shot than this is perfect photography

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Piotr Smolarek , June 05, 2003; 04:57 P.M.


Sunny and funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Kastaniotis Dimitris , June 17, 2003; 04:53 P.M.


Just a question . How did you manage to get the ant where you wanted it? :)
I have tried to shoot bugs but they just don't seem to stay put.
They are really nasty those little buggers.

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gisela prishker , June 22, 2003; 09:49 A.M.

gisela prishker

Love this picture.Exellent..WOWWWWW

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Armindo Lopes , June 27, 2003; 09:07 A.M.

The droplet is the sherry on the top of the cake...

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Janice Cheung , June 27, 2003; 11:29 P.M.


I love the rain drop flower. Great shot!

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Ron Chappel , July 07, 2003; 04:47 A.M.

After looking at this for awhile i can easily see how it was done and that it was really quite easy-without manipulation or even 'insect glue'.All the more credit due for the great orriginality of thought!!!very well done!

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Sourin Mukhopadhyay , July 24, 2003; 01:16 P.M.


Man u have a great creative sense, and a easy way to express it!!!!!

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Steve Armstrong , July 31, 2003; 06:24 P.M.

WOW from me too!

And something to aspire to...

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Kristian Hernström , September 07, 2003; 03:12 P.M.


I´m amazed :) 7/7 without no doubt :)


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deepesh shrestha , November 09, 2003; 11:25 P.M.


I just want to say,its just too good.

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Arash Jayhun , January 04, 2004; 08:12 A.M.

Very nice! The moment has been hunted.

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Kate Temple-Taylor , January 31, 2004; 11:23 P.M.

I am new to this site & until now have been reluctant to comment on any photo's as am unsure if they are digitally enhanced or not. This is a great shot and shows great creativity & skill. Well done

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Alex Uchôa , February 14, 2004; 11:16 P.M.

Simply the best insect macro shot that I have seen in my life. True inspirational. 7/7.

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Erin Albertson , March 10, 2004; 09:41 P.M.

Great eye. I commend you for such a fantastic shot!

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Bill Owens , April 01, 2004; 04:47 P.M.

An all time great photo.

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Valeriy Solovey , May 18, 2004; 02:26 P.M.

Great picture!

Amazing shot!...I could name it " song of Summer". Thank you! Valeriy www.vsolo.com

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Scott Perino , July 03, 2004; 12:21 P.M.

I bought a postcard of this photo recently. Then I stumbled apon it on photo.net just now. Great Job.

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