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Brunette beauty with green eyes in black hood

By: Jean-Michel Cabanis  |  View Full Portfolio (44 images)

Equipment: Nikon D3X

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Photographer's Request for Critique

Green eyes in black hood

All comments appreciated, thanks.


Vincenzo Corbo , September 01, 2010; 04:41 P.M.

A really nice portrait, perfect skin tone and wonderful eyes, they really catch my attention, even if the whiteness of the theeth is a bit distracting.

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Gail O'Keefe , September 01, 2010; 07:58 P.M.

Beautiful Portrait.. Great eyes and skin tones.  Gail

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Esteban Rios , September 01, 2010; 09:19 P.M.

Wonderful portrait 7/7

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Pierre Dumas , September 01, 2010; 10:15 P.M.

Really wonderful!


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C. G. , September 01, 2010; 11:05 P.M.

Love love love the eyes, I do not find the whiteness of the teeth distracting.  I wonder though, is this a true hood or one created or modified by editing?  the strong line above the right eye looks drawn in.


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Rashed S , September 02, 2010; 12:31 P.M.

Good Evening

Such teeth are the sign of beauty, wonderful portrait work all of the  best.

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