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Golden light

Comments are welcome!

Best regards,


Ken Thalheimer , September 30, 2010; 06:14 P.M.

Beautiful light on this landscape. Very nicely done!

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Lester A. Garcia , September 30, 2010; 08:04 P.M.

What a wonderful landscape! The snow-capped mountains are just fantastic and even the clouds are so dramatic to compliment the beautiful tone. Congratulations!

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Robert Charity , September 30, 2010; 09:07 P.M.

The clouds are lovely, nice composition

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Michelle Johanson , September 30, 2010; 11:31 P.M.

Heavens Above

What a sight to see. I can place myself there, in that spot at that moment.

How privileged you must have felt to have been witness to such natural beauty.

Just have to ask....Is that really what the sky looked like? Was that sky added as a background?

If it was not, then again, what a lucky person you are to have seen that.

Best wishes



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Bob Belanger , October 01, 2010; 12:43 A.M.

Fantastic shot!  The best of the best really.  The landscape by itself is beautiful enough but with that sky, it's truely amazing.  I'm really imperssed.

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PJ Gaule , October 01, 2010; 02:32 A.M.

It's a great capture of a beautiful mountain with a beautiful sky above. The golden light adds magic to the scene. What is the name of the mountain?

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Raymond Borg , October 01, 2010; 02:43 A.M.

Beautiful lighting and composition. Well done.

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Engela Vermeulen , October 01, 2010; 05:27 A.M.

Beautiful!  Very well captured.  Beautiful clouds, that adds a darker mood to the picture.  A very well deserved 7!  Regards, Engela

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Ernest Wong, CA , October 01, 2010; 06:03 A.M.

well done

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Fernando Salas , October 01, 2010; 08:20 A.M.

Wow !

Perfect shot, well seen, excellent composition, the tones are just perfect. This is a beatiful landscape. I would like see a flower or a rock like a first point, this is just my opinion. Congrats. 6.

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Ricardo Maximo Lopez D'Angelo , October 01, 2010; 10:30 A.M.

Wonderful landscape shot, Marianna ... great processing work. Best regards.

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Pamela Franklin , October 01, 2010; 01:15 P.M.

Natural occurance?....either way it is well executed and presented. What a beautiful snow capped mountain and almost perfect in its shape. The magical lighting, shadows and sky are killer!

Warm regards, Pamela

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Wendy de Kok , October 01, 2010; 01:19 P.M.

What a beautiful view with an amzing cloud formation above the mountain.

Beautiful, thanks for sharing :)

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Art Lionse , October 01, 2010; 02:13 P.M.

Truly amazing light and composition! 7

Like how the clouds seem to prey on the white unsuspicious mountains. Beautiful contrast of the two elements.

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Jose Orozco , October 01, 2010; 02:29 P.M.

Maravillosa composicion,con una genial luz y atmosfera,a la vez de un bello cromatismo,me encanta sobre todo las nubes has logrado,un gran contraste entre la montaƱa y la nubes,gracias por compartir,estas genialidades con todos nosotros,felicidades por la imagen,un saludo.

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Juan Carlos Bretschneider , October 01, 2010; 05:55 P.M.

Sensational scenery, and fantastic light,  this is a remarkable landscape indeed.  Your choice of colors is really eye catching; you're really honoring the place with your photo.  Where is this?  I don't remember ever seeing photos of this odd peak.


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Brendan Trewartha , October 01, 2010; 06:49 P.M.

The clouds amonst seem to form an extension of the mountains, nice capture!

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Hamid Reza Farzandian , October 01, 2010; 07:00 P.M.

Hi Marianna!

Very exceptional scenery and well executed artful shot. The warm hue over the capture is pleasant here, as viewer feel a sunset time, but white balance is slightly defected here to see snow with such warm hue. Its just an opinion and still a superb capture. My best regards.


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Ali Bagherzadeh , October 02, 2010; 03:54 P.M.

Perfect exposure and composition


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Alastair Jamieson , March 07, 2011; 03:38 A.M.

Warp factor

Beautiful light and clouds, but it is very disturbing to see a familiar landmark (Mt Ngauruhoe in New Zealand's Tongariro National Park*) distorted so far from its natural shape.  Ngauruhoe volcano is steep, but no volcano in nature can be as steep as this has been warped in this image.

To give others an idea of how much this landscape has been altered, here is a view from a similar angle,  showing the true proportions of the mountain.

*Known to some as "Mt Doom" in the Lord of the Rings film trilogy.

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