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Lambert Castle

This castle was built in 1892 on the rolling hills at the foot of the steep cliffs of Garret Mountain in the Clifton/Paterson New Jersey area. It was built by its owner Catholina Lambert. He was a silk manufacturer from England who did very well here from the years 1858 to just prior to WW1. It is said he had this built because as boy he would walk past these type of castles in England and it was time he had one of his own. Comments, ratings and critiques are always welcome. Viewing larger is also recommended. Thanks for your time.


Alf Bailey , December 04, 2010; 09:18 P.M.

Hi Holger

I love the photo and the story, shame I didn't get to see this on my last trip to New Jersey, it really is a magnificent structure. I think it suits the B & W conversion too! And it would be a perfect subject for HDR if you ever fancy giving it a try.

Nice work Holger!

Best Regards


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Holger Stelljes , December 04, 2010; 09:22 P.M.

Thank you Alf, it's always good to here from you. I'll keep in mind what you said about HDR.

Mehmet Akin , December 05, 2010; 01:31 A.M.

very good light and bw.tones here...congrats

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Rajat Poddar , December 05, 2010; 03:28 A.M.

a well chosen, composition... an interesting back-story... i would never have imagined such places existed in NJ as you have shown us with your recent captures... nice work, Holger!

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Ruud Albers , December 05, 2010; 04:24 A.M.

A beautiful shot with very nice details, Holger!

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Rashed S , December 05, 2010; 04:54 A.M.

Good Morning

Outstanding place and so well exposed, the details are so well gained and the b/w with such contrast ad tone adds a great impact to this fine composition.

Thank you my friend for sharing it and wishing you all of the best. 

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Falak Sher kakar , December 05, 2010; 07:54 A.M.

Very nice capture , beautiful composition and light , good tons .................... Best regards.

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Warren Kaplan , December 05, 2010; 08:12 A.M.

I like this photo quite a bit. I especially like the perspective you obtained. Black and white is the perfect choice here. Next time I cross the Hudson into NJ, I'll have to look for this.

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Tony French , December 05, 2010; 10:56 A.M.

Holger, the low angle from which you shot this and the closeness of the framing really enhance it's grandeur. The detail and the B/W treatment are great. 

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Pierre Dumas , December 05, 2010; 11:54 A.M.

Wonderful spectacle!

The house is great looking, something between a castle and luxury house!


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Alberto Quintal , December 05, 2010; 12:25 P.M.


So beautiful castle, excellent details and b&w, I love it.


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Hamid Reza Farzandian , December 05, 2010; 04:35 P.M.


Magnificent presentation of this beautiful and strong building, with very suitable b/w conversion. Your choice of the best angle to depict its grandeur and 3D appearance augmented the power of it. Bravo.


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Patsy Dunn , December 05, 2010; 06:33 P.M.


  Thanks for the history on this image.  Beautiful b/w image with amazing details.  Take care, Patsy

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harry tsappas , December 05, 2010; 06:38 P.M.

Perfect conversion to BW for such an interesting building,great detail,very nice work Holger

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Kaushik Chatterjee , December 06, 2010; 02:22 P.M.


Nice and detailed castle. Like the clarity, sharpness and the light. All the best. Regards.

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Holger Stelljes , December 06, 2010; 09:13 P.M.

Thank you all very much for looking and commenting on this image. 


Cosmin Lucian ALBA , December 07, 2010; 04:52 A.M.

Beautifull castle and very well composed shot. I love the B/W tones. Regards

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Aivar Susi , December 11, 2010; 06:51 A.M.


Great b/w tones and beautiful composition ,best regards .

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Bobby Karimipoor , December 11, 2010; 09:01 A.M.

Hi dear Holger,

This is a great b&w shot with fine view point and beautiful details!

Best regards(Bobby).

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Bill Symmons , January 18, 2011; 11:02 A.M.

Hi Holger. I really like your chosen viewpoint in this shot, it definitely adds to the feeling of majesty this building envokes.

Nice job

All my best,  Bill

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Maria Bostenaru , July 19, 2013; 01:32 A.M.

good angle to catch this castle.
Like the stone texture!

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