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Albino Donkey (not pony) in HDR (best viewed full-sized)

By: Kristian Klima  |  View Full Portfolio (233 images)

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Photographer's Request for Critique

Albino Pony in HDR

The pony really has blue eyes.


Linda Davidson , March 17, 2011; 10:29 P.M.

This is magnificent. You did a wonderful processing job. This is a donkey BTW, not a pony;  a truely magnificent donkey. 7

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Pierre Dumas , March 18, 2011; 02:45 A.M.

Nice shot!

I don't use HDR and have no experience, some pictures made with it I like, some I don't! This is one of those which I like, but must ask if the glowing around the ears could be avoided by adjusting of the parameters of the HDR!

BTW, this looks like a donkey to me!



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Kristian Klima , March 18, 2011; 12:27 P.M.

Mea culpa

Of course, it is a donkey. And I'm an ass for not recognizing the species :-) Thanx to everybody for a reminder.

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