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Larry Lowe , February 12, 2003; 11:11 P.M.

Great play of the light on the water drops, your composition and mastery...who am I kidding? Those are fantastic breasts and a very erotic photo. Very nice.

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artistic nudes , March 04, 2003; 04:27 P.M.

this is a great shot. her breasts, the water on her breasts, the background, the cropping, it's all great. the only thing i would change is the hair. i think this shot would be as perfect as the shot of her bottom if the hair had been pulled out of the way.

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David Montroy , March 20, 2003; 03:14 A.M.

Classic photo. It reminds me the journal "PHOTO" in the 80ths.

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Frunze Verdi , September 13, 2004; 02:20 P.M.

+ + +

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Angel Pena , February 03, 2005; 06:47 P.M.

Sexy to death.

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robert stefano , April 09, 2005; 08:40 P.M.


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Pete Scott , April 09, 2005; 09:54 P.M.

Great Photo

This photo is fabulous. Could I get a high res full size copy ? Also, love the waterfall photo, very erotic.

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Hassan Asgari , September 06, 2005; 09:46 A.M.


Very Butiful

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Jacynthe Harel , April 16, 2007; 12:52 A.M.

Very nice

Beautiful photograph

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Raymond Borg , June 01, 2009; 05:37 A.M.

I have gone through your portfolio and I can say you have so many great shot. This one is my favorite. I like the play of light the droplets and the tight crop. The only thing I would consider is to change the position of the hair. I would prefer to remove the hair form the chest. Congrats.

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