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Sunset in the Monument Valley

I took this image in the Monument Valley on a warm April evening. I was staying in The View hotel on the Navajo Indian Reservation and noticed a promising trail just behind the hotel. I hiked for about 15 minutes and got approximately 100-150 meters above the parking lot level. From that vantage point I had a fantastic view of the Valley in both eastern and western directions. The sun was very low, it was maybe 20 min. before the sunset. I saw this beautiful scene and all I had to do is to wait for the clouds to move in to complement it. The wind was howling in the rocks around me and I had to hold on to the tripod and the camera but at the same time, I was soaking what I saw in, humbled by the beauty of the Nature.


Kombizz Kashani , June 05, 2011; 01:05 A.M.

a beautiful capture of this nice scene with good composition - althouhj it was nicer to crop out little of the sky

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Xavier Corcobado , June 05, 2011; 04:51 A.M.

Very nice composition. Best regards

Xavier Corcobado xcorcobado.blogspot.com

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Rashed S , June 05, 2011; 07:37 A.M.

Good Morning 7

Both the technical quality of this image and the about well deserve the 7 here, I also appreciate the fine details you brought out of this place and the late afternoon original tones to complete one superbly designed composition.

Thank you my friend for sharing it and wishing you all of the best.

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Ricardo Maximo Lopez D'Angelo , June 05, 2011; 12:14 P.M.

A beautiful & classic escene very well captured ... great textures & colors. Good work !! Regards

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Alf Bailey , June 05, 2011; 12:58 P.M.

Hi Ralph

Superb Landscape, the low sun and fluffy clouds in the right place at the right time, the large view reveals some excellent details, definately a keeper!

Best Regards


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Steve Gumbiner , June 05, 2011; 01:04 P.M.


We were there the week before you.  You have done justice to a marvelous place.  

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Gary Payne , June 05, 2011; 02:06 P.M.


Exceptionally crisp and clear - a beautiful shot.

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Alex Elias , June 05, 2011; 03:04 P.M.

oh my. What a fantastic image you got there. Tremendous compositions and awesome colors.

What a beautiful sunset .



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Helge Brandal , June 08, 2011; 07:39 P.M.

Just beautiful composition, I love the colours and the nice evening mood.



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Raghuveer Makala , June 11, 2011; 06:53 P.M.

Whoa, beautiful light and clouds. Great shot!

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Start your own photography business - Free video , June 12, 2011; 10:18 A.M.


Hi Ralph;

Captivating simplicity

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James Wilson , August 17, 2011; 10:57 A.M.


I love your work. I have been to Monument Valley and stayed at Gouldings Lodge....this place has a beautiful, timeless look to it and you've captured it beautifully.


Thanks for sharing


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