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Natacha (6)

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Bob Kurt , June 11, 2011; 09:06 A.M.

I really like this photo.

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Mike Palermiti , June 11, 2011; 03:12 P.M.

Hi Alan,

This woman is certainly beautiful. It almost appears as is the  reflected light from her red hair adds a slight tone to her skin.

Her expression is meaningful, too.

Very nice composition.

Best Regards,  Mike

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David Nichols , June 11, 2011; 03:12 P.M.

Very nice pose and expression... love the hair. The light is soft and nice sharp eyes. Great work!

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Saad Salem , June 11, 2011; 04:32 P.M.


very nice and lovely portrait,good colors and fine pose.

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Czarek S , June 12, 2011; 11:18 A.M.

Very appealing.

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Peter O'Hara , June 13, 2011; 12:32 P.M.



You did an amazing job here portraying this woman's natural beauty by accenting it with a natural background, excellent light, great pose and the little or no make up! You have captured her essence perfectly. It seems to me that any other handling of this portrait wouldn't have done this woman justice.

Best Regards,


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Starvy Goodfellows , June 15, 2011; 08:40 P.M.

There is such a forlorn sense of contemplation in this composition. Very attractive in every possible way.

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Tore Nilsson , July 11, 2011; 11:27 A.M.

I love her hair color against the desaturated background, great balance in the light and the sharpness is spot on.

Best regards Tore

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Richard Lau , January 26, 2012; 11:01 P.M.

Recognized your work immediately

Alain -- As soon as I clicked on this photo I recognized it as being by the photographer who did Rachel 16, a photo for which I left a comment a number of months ago.  I can't verbalize what it is that makes your work identifiable, but I obviously appreciate the result of your skills.  Perhaps the way the eyes of many of your models draw in the viewer? 



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Luis Borges Alves , January 27, 2012; 04:40 A.M.

Splendid portrait

Regards, Luis

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