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Photographer's Request for Critique

Scarecrow Series (click and see more photos)

They say it is there to protect from the wolfs. It may well be there to protect from evil spirits also. The grandfather got an award from the government for hunting more than 300 wolfs. High up in the remote Altai Mountains of Mongolia. Looking forward for your comments and rating. Thanks for your time. Karl


Karl Schuler , December 11, 2011; 12:23 P.M.

Scarecrow Running for the Life


Karl Schuler , December 11, 2011; 12:35 P.M.

Scarecrow Flying like a Kite


Karl Schuler , December 11, 2011; 12:36 P.M.

Scarecrow Begging Pardon


Erik Thomson , December 11, 2011; 05:04 P.M.

Hi Karl, I like 'flying' best out of these fine shots - it seems to have a more pleasing cloud formation and composition for me (I like the solid feel that the bottom right pile of rocks give to the picture). I haven't been around the forum for a while - we left Mongolia last Feb. :-( Regards, Erik

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Jeff Grant , December 11, 2011; 05:22 P.M.

Karl, i agree with Erik. Flying appeals most to me.

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Adi L. , December 12, 2011; 09:10 A.M.


Why would someone make a scarecrow on a "desert"(place) where you find only rocks, not fertil earth?

 if it was only for the sake of taking a photo....or just for fun....that someone rest there for a while....i understand....i think :P

interesting photo anyway.....

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Karl Schuler , December 12, 2011; 02:50 P.M.

Dear Erik, we too left Mongolia this year for good. It is out of home sickness that I reworked these photos :-).

Dear Jeff, as a photo "flying" may be more appealing but the other three photos express more what I wanted to show: the surreal culture of scarecrows (or scarewolfs or scareghosts) in the remote Altai mountains.

Hi Adi, it was just there, near by two lonely nomad tents in this waste mountain valley.


Michael Aanji Crowley , December 12, 2011; 10:36 P.M.

this one

this one is the one that dances for me - great series

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Adi L. , December 18, 2011; 04:14 A.M.

Ow..i see

Thank you for your answer, now its clear.

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Karl Schuler , February 09, 2012; 09:27 P.M.

Found in the net with this picture
A poet of ancient times who still reigns from the corner of the field, it is difficult to describe the scarecrow: an impostor, a bogeyman, an ogre, a phantom, a protester, a crucifix, a nothrough sign, a tower, an hourglass...
For me, a scarecrow is both a touching and contradictory figure, a lonely soldier of terror who has never scared anyone. He belongs to the imagination. This vertical being is man’s double, a self-portrait that does not speak its name, a no-through sign, and a protester who opens his arms to us when he is not hanged, crucified or bound. This is a being of abandonment, in abandonment.
Giving life to a scarecrow is to become alive again, to revive, reconstruct, and to relearn. Trying to reach that place where the dual movement of vertical falling and elevation is produced, a contradiction vital to a living being.
The difficult birth of a body and a word that are linked and which begin over and over again, in perpetuity.
Karine Ponties

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