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Photographer's Request for Critique

thank you

thank you


Mark Harris , December 17, 2011; 06:02 P.M.

I very much like the idea of people participating in athletics, especially in areas like yoga, acrobatics and gymnastics, nude. There is something quite beautiful about the athlete's body especially when well lighted as you have done here. I hope these images are the beginnings of a new series, Hataiiia.

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Mike Stemberg , December 17, 2011; 06:24 P.M.

Your images take a beating from one to the other to the extent that I am quite incapable of rating them coherently, to the standard I expect from you.  You are undoubtedly one of the class-iset 'nude photographers' displaying in photo.net.

best wishes - mike

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Hataiiia Hataiiia , December 18, 2011; 12:53 P.M.

Dear Mark, thank you, I hope so too.

Dear Mike, thank you for your feedback, for high expectations, perhaps I am further from them than it seems. I welcome all critique.


Ben Huybrechts , December 18, 2011; 03:01 P.M.

Very interesting and creative work.  I like it a lot.  I am just wondering if the picture would be even stronger if the hair would not be behind the arm. 

Well Done,


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Meir Samel , December 18, 2011; 05:30 P.M.

this is a great series

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Bob Kurt , December 18, 2011; 07:05 P.M.

Love your photos very, very much!


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giovanni pellegrino , December 18, 2011; 11:36 P.M.


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C B , December 20, 2011; 01:19 P.M.


Well done Photographer and very well done to the models (and well done to nature for making them so beautiful)

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Starvy Goodfellows , December 20, 2011; 02:50 P.M.

I find this visually stunning. Lovely composition, lovely tones and above all, really good exposure.

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Michael C , December 20, 2011; 04:41 P.M.


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Mario Lopez , January 23, 2012; 04:07 P.M.


I would like to stand out the words said by my previously colleagues Harry and Mark,I complete agree with them and my thoughts going in the same line.Best regards & Good job


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Dominick Marino , January 24, 2012; 11:19 A.M.

Exceptional composition.

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Antonio F , February 06, 2012; 03:45 A.M.

excellent portrait

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