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Photographer's Request for Critique

A beautiful model

Do you like what you see?


Glenn Stear , December 21, 2011; 07:57 A.M.

I certainly do like Art! Stunningly beautiful model. Well posed, composed and lit. Well done.

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David McCracken , December 23, 2011; 08:17 A.M.

Indeed I do!

It is difficult not to like. 

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Osincev Anatoly , December 23, 2011; 10:39 A.M.

A beautiful model


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Tore Nilsson , December 29, 2011; 08:24 A.M.

It works great, the light goes well together wit the low saturation and tone.

Her expression is spot on and the pose works great.

Best regards Tore

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Per-Christian Nilssen , December 30, 2011; 02:30 P.M.

Well done!  The pose and the content look of the model complement each other.  Nice lighting.  Only one thing is annoying me:  The white something on the back of her left thigh.  Thanks for sharing!


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