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A M65 Atomic Cannon, also known as Atomic Annie

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Tags: artillery atomic cannon cold m65 war

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A M65 Atomic Cannon, also known as Atomic Annie

This is a M65 Atomic Cannon, also known as Atomic Annie. It is a 280mm or 11 inch artillery piece that was towed by a front and back prime mover, it fired a 800 pound nuclear projectile up to twenty miles. It was successfully test fired once in 1953 using an atomic projectile. A total of 20 were produced, and only 8 remain, none in firing condition. This one is under the watchful eyes of the First Infantry Division, Fort Riley, KS. During the cold war, this was the big gun.


brother soulnier , January 14, 2012; 10:43 A.M.

for scale.

Do you have one with a person standing next to this for scale, not getting the full kick of size without a reference.


Is this comment helpful?

Don Hauschild , January 14, 2012; 11:54 A.M.

M65 scale

This cannon is located on top of a tall, steep hill, no one would climb it with me.

It weighs 83 tons and is 84 feet long by 16.5 feet wide by 12 feet tall with the barrel stowed. A crew of 5 - 7 men was required to operate it. Most went to Europe and some to South Korea.

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