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"Black" Ibis

Rare sight in the North of Portugal.......... Funny, to the naked eye it looks like the Ibis is black. And I was convinced it was......Only after seeing the pictures at home, the beautiful colors were revealed........Amazing, but that is probably why it is called "Black" Ibis!!


Herman Roes , May 07, 2012; 04:30 P.M.


Beautiful black ibis (with all its colors) well seen, the mirror in the water ads great to the image. Thank you for sharing.
Kind regards,

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wobby slotboom , May 08, 2012; 09:14 A.M.

Thank you for your contribute. Very much appreciated.
Kind regards

Grayham Allott , September 04, 2012; 02:11 A.M.

Hi Wobby............

Yes, black is seldom black, when it comes to nature.
This is a lovely capture and reflection........ You could give movement to the image with less space on the left and more on the right. Difficult I know, if your actual frame is as presented....... something to think on for your next shoot, perhaps!
Well done.........

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Grayham Allott , September 11, 2012; 05:21 A.M.

Hi Wobby........

Grayham, thank you for the time and trouble to comment on my pictures.
The original RAW has the bird centered, I made the crop as a sort of "artistic" touch (don´t laugh now lol) - The bird has the right leg up and stirs the water. It is in movement and the way I thought about the crop, was that is is almost running out of the picture on the right side.......... and at the same time keep that "stirred" water behind it. But do appreciate your point....
Thanks and best regards

Thanks for your Pmail (above)............
My apologies.............I did not see the ripples across the left side of the image, now that you have mentioned it, your "crop" appears more reasonable, or should I say effectual.
Thanks again for your interaction......
Best regards

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