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Photographer's Request for Critique


Dear photographers, thank you for viewing, commenting and rating this photograph. Best regards. hen Ry


Raymond Elstad , January 16, 2013; 04:35 P.M.

Nice work with a frame within the frame... Fun!

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nicolaie costel , January 17, 2013; 01:30 A.M.

I feel that the processing is lacking somewhat, the model's skin could use some retouch and the lighting is rather simplistic a bit too harsh, burning her left shoulder. This could have also be adressed in PP.
Other than that, the image has mood to it and I enjoy it.

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Hen Ry , January 17, 2013; 12:54 P.M.

Dear Nicolaie

Many thanks for your feedback. This helps much to see, how other look on the photograph. I agree with you in the question of the light (compared with the photograph 'Joana' of Alfred Weissenegger) the light is here simple. In the question of the skin I like sometimes to have the real skin and not a digital make up. So many thanks for your helpful thoughts. Best regards. hen Ry

Hen Ry , January 17, 2013; 12:59 P.M.

Dear Raymond

Many thanks for your comment. I like that you see the funny idea in this photograph. Best regards. hen Ry

Maurizio Moro , January 17, 2013; 03:22 P.M.


Very well done my dear friend, also the model is clever!

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Michael C , January 17, 2013; 04:12 P.M.

Another beautiful shot of Helga Hen Ry!

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