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glamour file ..


Maurizio Guarino , April 06, 2013; 05:20 P.M.

Excellent work!! (6)

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T. Carlos , April 06, 2013; 05:59 P.M.

Great Work

Excellant capture John, very simple and very real!

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Les Berkley , April 06, 2013; 06:00 P.M.

The light, color and especially skin tone are beautifully done. There are, IMO, some posing problems, but to go further could be construed as 'criticism of the model'.

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Ramon Martinez , April 07, 2013; 08:57 A.M.

Another sensual and lovely shot. The model is gorgeous.

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Warren Kaplan , April 07, 2013; 09:05 A.M.

Phew John! Your photos do generate a lot of heat!! Nice photo of a very sensuous model. I think the position of her left shoulder could be a little "softer" (if anyone is actually looking at it).

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Mike Palermiti , April 07, 2013; 11:34 A.M.

Hi John,
Elegant my friend. A TEN.....................................
Best Regards, Mike

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Alberto Quintal , April 07, 2013; 06:12 P.M.



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Raymond Elstad , April 07, 2013; 10:37 P.M.

Nice glamour work John. Its like she was surprised by a visitor who was not unwelcome but unexpected. Nice pose and the revelation caused by a slipped strap. The somewhat bemused expression is perfect too.

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Michael C , April 08, 2013; 12:05 A.M.

Great glamour shot John... love the Teddy!

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Colin McLatchie LRPS , April 08, 2013; 03:52 A.M.

Love the image, but IMHO the background is a little distracting, looks like your backdrop paper has a crease or two in it, plus the line at the bottom between the lighter and darker blacks seems to be all over the place, that said, stunning model, pose is fine by me and agree with previous post regarding the semi startled look.

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John Peri , April 08, 2013; 04:30 A.M.

Thank you and many thanks for the comments and critiques friends, much appreciated.

Two explanations as to how the photo was taken ... : -). First the model was dancing or moving to the music. Secondly, this is the opening to a doorway (picture taken from the balcony with terrace daytime lighting), the background being the room (no creased papers, I don't work in studios). Both the door and the dance are more evident here ..

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