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The Ugly Duckling

Thank you !


Ruud Albers , June 29, 2013; 10:49 A.M.

A very nice result with a funny title, well seen, Florin!

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Gail Harmer , June 29, 2013; 02:44 P.M.

Isn't it wonderful how 'abstract' things resemble images in our minds. You are right about this one, but for some reason I am seeing a BEAUTIFUL SWAN !!!
Good eye Florin!! There is magic all around us, we only have to open our 'eyes' and 'field of vision' to see it!
Sincere regards, Gail

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Florin P , June 29, 2013; 03:10 P.M.


Thank you so much !

Florin P , June 29, 2013; 03:14 P.M.


It really is !
In the European culture, this tale is a milestone !
Thank you so much !
Photography is extremely complex ranging from documentary to poetry.
I almost always embrace its right end :)

Electric Picture , July 01, 2013; 02:25 P.M.

MAXIMISATION of the minimal

minimisation of the MAXIMAL.

i like it. epd

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Pierre Dumas , July 05, 2013; 06:21 A.M.


I agree with you in one thing Florin, it is ugly, ha! But original!

Best regards


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Florin P , July 05, 2013; 05:49 P.M.


"Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought." - Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

My Credo.

Thank you dear friend !

Florin P , July 05, 2013; 05:51 P.M.


I agree with you in all that you said :)
Thank you dear friend !

Mari R , July 24, 2013; 06:20 P.M.

Well done, Florin. Saludos.

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Electric Picture , October 02, 2013; 06:57 A.M.

these days...

one might make a nutritious, appetising soup from such as this. epd

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