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Jack McRitchie , December 05, 2013; 04:13 P.M.

There's nothing I can say that doesn't sound banal or obvious and yet the picture remains in my mind, snared by the gravity of this lonely, blue-mooned planet. Sorry for the purple prose but I've been reading a little Kerouac lately and I think that has infected my comments a bit. Having said that, there is a little of the Kerouac spirit in many of your photos.

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Lex Jenkins , December 06, 2013; 02:58 A.M.

Jack, you have your namesake's flair for putting words together. Much appreciated.

BTW, this was outside a stripper bar not far from my apartment. The light was great and I waited around for a few minutes, hoping to persuade one of the dancers to pose for me. Then I realized it was nighttime in February, pretty darned chilly (for Texas), they wouldn't recognize me because I've never been inside, and they weren't likely to be in the mood. Even by my reckless standards, I might have been pushing my luck a bit. Maybe next time.

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