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Two Students, One Love

...I'd really like to read your impressions on this one, thank you!


Charo Diez , November 01, 2003; 10:57 A.M.

Hello Luca, I like the unpossed look of this shot, and the way the woman is lying on the table looking at what he is doing... But I find a little bit distracting what seems to be a neon lighting on the top on the shot, and the white line on the man´s shirt. Since you title "two studends one love" I´d rather see the focus on the woman´s eye.

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Michele Perone , November 01, 2003; 11:48 A.M.

Mi piace molto per il rilievo che da alla mano e alla matita. L'attenzione va tutta sul punto dove poggia la matita nella speranza, inconscia, di riuscire a leggere cosa c'è scritto e ritrovare la Fisica studiata tanto tanto tempo fa. Prova a tagliare qualcosa sui bordi, soprattutto in alto.

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Asim H. , November 03, 2003; 06:52 P.M.

i enjoy the feeling of trying to figure out what the girl is thinking. i too agree that cropping out the light above would make this pic even more "dreamy".

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