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Carson Jones , April 21, 2001; 02:41 P.M.


I have to tell you that I really don't know what to make of this image. Take that as a good thing. It stopped me in my tracks and it made me look again.. and again.. trying to figure out what it was exactly, that I was looking at. Whatever the story is 'behind' it, I'm sure it's one of interest and intrigue.

Carson Jones

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Tony Storey , April 22, 2001; 12:32 A.M.

I've seen this pic knocking around the web, are you really the photographer? Bizzare shot.

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Scott Gardner , November 28, 2005; 05:02 P.M.


I'd really like to know which Photoshop tricks/tools were used for *this* one!

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Steve Ward , June 11, 2010; 10:30 P.M.

No bama here

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