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Legs apart.



Amar Khoday , March 23, 2004; 09:04 A.M.

My goodness, even with the caption, I was visualizing something altogether different. Interesting work.

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alberto silvestri , March 23, 2004; 09:10 A.M.

great image ,great tone

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David Roossien , March 23, 2004; 09:27 A.M.

I like the symmetry, lighting, mood. Even the darkening in the corners contributes to the feel. I don't do this kind of work, but I wonder about the bench being so visible. If there was a way to minimize its presence I think it might make this better.

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Daniel Luechtefeld , March 24, 2004; 05:58 A.M.

This is one of the five most erotic shots I've seen on photo.net.

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Jeremy Smith , March 24, 2004; 10:04 A.M.

OK, I'm moving to Russia.

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Dana Chiafalo , March 24, 2004; 07:46 P.M.

This is amazing. I admire your skill of portraying the female body in so many poetic and creative ways!

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Claude R. - Luxembourg / EU , March 25, 2004; 09:46 A.M.


It's some time now that I look at your work in quiet admiration, but I really have to say something now...
You are one of the only photographers on PN who with every nude manages to avoid any cliche, showing consistently with every shot a truly original view!

Your artistic vision is simply incredible, as is you consistency in producing technically perfect pictures, with a meaning, evoquing thought and feelings! Not many artists do achieve that...

This is one of the shots I like best, you have to look several times at it to see what it depicts, even after reading the title! The pose is perfect, as is the lighting and the set

If you would like to critique my pictures (even if they are completely diffrent than what you do, and by far don't have the artistic value of your work) I would feel very honored


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Igor Amelkovich , March 25, 2004; 11:30 P.M.

Thanks, but my English very bad to correctly criticize pictures. But I shall tell one - at you very sharp eye.

O. I. , April 23, 2004; 03:09 P.M.

Игор это является единственной фотографией нагой женщины с её распространением ног, открытым, я когда-либо видел, что не является непристойное или порнографическим. Вы - законченный художник сэр, и я приветствую Вас! Фото.нет оказывается перед необходимостью прибывать с более высокой системой аттестации для ваших фотографий. Ваше видение экстраординарно! И ваши модели превосходны! Они походят на профессиональных атлетов или балерин. Фантастический! Igor this is the only photo of a nude woman with her legs spread open I have ever seen that is not obscene or pornographic. You are a consummate artist sir and I salute you! Photo.net is going to have to come up with a higher grading system for your photos. Your vision is extraordinary! And your models are superb! They are like professional athletes or ballerinas. Fantastic!

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Igor Amelkovich , April 24, 2004; 12:24 A.M.


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