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Barisal - Bangladesh 8 am

Lot of Rickshaw in Bangladesh...Thanks for your comments...


Luis Argüelles , May 17, 2004; 03:37 P.M.

Sin comentarios, Fred.

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Marina Poblacion , May 17, 2004; 04:16 P.M.

Pulguita .......... chapeau!!

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John Orban , May 17, 2004; 10:43 P.M.

Original...artistic...creative...fun to explore visually.

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Guillermo Lobera Temes , May 18, 2004; 03:04 A.M.


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Frederic Pascual , May 18, 2004; 04:03 A.M.

Thanks for your comments and rating,,,this is the first of a serie I will upload after my trip in Bangladesh..

Allan Wallberg , May 18, 2004; 04:15 A.M.

Excellent composition and light.

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Charo Diez , May 18, 2004; 05:49 A.M.

Fred, I am afraid that this time I have nothing to suggest you... it´s simply great.

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Imanol Gabilondo. , May 18, 2004; 09:26 A.M.

7 / 7


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Frederic Pascual , May 18, 2004; 10:28 A.M.

Hey...that's too much....thanks a lot ..you made me red....

edmo . , May 18, 2004; 10:46 A.M.


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Mauricio Alcaraz Carbia , May 18, 2004; 12:57 P.M.

Esta foto tiene que llegar lejos....muy lejos! Impresionante e inteligente foto.

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Frederic Pascual , May 18, 2004; 01:37 P.M.

Mauricio,,,Gracias...no creo...pero porque no...

Roumen Koynov , May 18, 2004; 02:57 P.M.

!!!!! Excellent , Bravo!

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Tim Holte , May 18, 2004; 09:23 P.M.

This is an image that tells me that I have not been wasting my time here on PN. This is something that I would have loved to have taken. Would I have seen this quickly enough? Would I have been ready? I doubt, it but I sure can appreciate it when someone else does it this well.

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Antonio C. , May 18, 2004; 10:08 P.M.

So essential and elegant, this is simply great.

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carmen lafuente , May 19, 2004; 11:07 A.M.

La linterna mágica.

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Virgil Mlesnita , May 20, 2004; 09:31 A.M.


Just wonderful. It seems to be the illustration to a Gothic story. Well done!

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Sarah Underhill , May 20, 2004; 11:50 A.M.

Great capture!

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Els Wetting , May 20, 2004; 12:15 P.M.



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Frederic Pascual , May 20, 2004; 01:16 P.M.

Thanks again..... I hope one day, this people will go from the shadow towards the light and no like this photo....

mike werkhoven , May 21, 2004; 05:42 P.M.

Beautifull composed capture in planes, lines, clor and contrast of shadows. mike

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Moushumi Nandy , May 25, 2004; 06:31 A.M.

there is so much to this picture that i dont know where to begin!this is amazing.

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Linda Keagle , May 25, 2004; 03:13 P.M.


Awesome shot!!

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Frederic Pascual , May 25, 2004; 07:32 P.M.

Zoo..Don t think too much,,that s a single street shot,,,Thanks Linda... ¨linda foto¨ = traduction of your comment in spanish,,,,

Antonio Baiano , June 05, 2004; 03:57 A.M.

I had not very much time for going to internet in these days and I lost thisone. One of your best from Bangladesh!

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Tawhid Uddin , June 05, 2004; 08:37 A.M.

Hi Frederic Pascual, Very nice image of a Rickshaw puller. I am a Bangladeshi and visit several times Barisal. This image is very nostalgic for me. Thanks.

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mondiani . , July 08, 2004; 11:47 A.M.

this is art

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Theo Keijzers , November 28, 2004; 05:23 P.M.

Bravo! Great picture, there is so much to explore here at photo.net, and again a perfect picture.

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nipon intarit , February 09, 2005; 05:50 P.M.

No more word just say " Bravo " !

Very regards

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Dragomir Vukovic , March 20, 2008; 10:31 P.M.


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