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Ken Williams ... , August 29, 2004; 03:04 P.M.

Chapter #3 .....

This is Chapter #3 from the 'Slonaker Method' of wildlife photography ............... Chapter #1 covered Kim's 'stalking attire' - bathrobe, flip flops, hiding behind trees from passing cars and from the neighbors. And getting killer shots in the process .................. Chapter #2 covered the male version of 'stalking attire' - black, silk boxers and furry slippers -- and not giving a shit what the neighbors think - In fact a few of them are much friendlier now (!?!) ....................... This is Chapter #3 and takes things to an entirely new level of wildlife photography ............ This shot was taken in the late afternoon - it is my front yard. We live on the side of a narrow valley so yes - the road is quite steep ..... hence the extreme 'angle' of the shot. The cat is the only other male member of my household - he is less than one year old and loves to hang out with the deer in my front yard. He occasionally touches noses with them <especially when the camera is put away> and in this case they are male deer. I'm hoping he is not gay but with my luck - who knows. I finally get another male in the houshold and he would turn out to be - different - it figures ..................... As for the shot, it was taken from the window just behind my bed - in the basement dungeon. The windows are about a foot above the ground - hence the perspective you see here. The unique thing about this shot is that it required no clothing at all and my ass never even left the sheets -- merely turn and shoot ........ So this little token was taken with no Bathrobe, flip flops, furry slippers or black boxers. The cat was sitting with them and had just stood up - he is a little out of focus as my attention was on the deer unfortunately. Slow shutter speed and shallow depth of field due to the time of day and 100 speed film ....

-- Buck Naked .

Knicki ?!? , August 29, 2004; 03:13 P.M.

Holy smokes Ken you have 2 bucks grazing in your front yard. Is the cat their look out?

...more comment on it later ..

addendum- call me crazy but I like the light on the telephone pole. Naked, hmm havent tried shooting that way.


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Kim Slonaker , August 29, 2004; 03:31 P.M.

Well, I can honestly say I've never shot in the raw before - well, wait a sec - yeah, I have, but it's RAW, not raw. You are very lucky to have this view from your bedroom window! As for the cat, well...it's a little weird that he has a thing for bucks.

Enjoyed the story again, Ken. :)

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Ken Williams ... , August 29, 2004; 03:53 P.M.

Is not as good of a shot as the previous one but considering one did not have to put on clothes or get out of bed ............ something to be said for that - methinks.

Cristina Fumi , August 29, 2004; 04:04 P.M.

it seems to be quite busy outside your bedroom in the morning!

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Ken Williams ... , August 29, 2004; 04:34 P.M.

Smiling out loud .............. Yes, much busier than inside I'm afraid .


Cristina Fumi , August 29, 2004; 05:08 P.M.

well, I must think so, if you sleep with your camera close to your pillow!

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Regina Chayer , August 29, 2004; 06:36 P.M.

Interesting that you keep a loaded camera by your bedside table...interesting as well that these fellows were so close to your home and the street. Are you luring them with deer feed?

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Ken Williams ... , August 29, 2004; 09:43 P.M.

They are frequent visitors to my front yard <3-4 times a week> ......... Soon I'll upload the wild turkeys shots - frequent visitors too !

Pitman Lee , August 29, 2004; 10:47 P.M.

wow! i wish i had these visitors on my lawn :)

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Becca Cockrum , August 29, 2004; 11:37 P.M.

Hi Ken, This window has a pretty good view an both sides! These deer look pretty comfortable lounging in the yard. What a magical place it is where you live...

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Bente D.-Nielsen , August 30, 2004; 12:49 A.M.

Yesterday afternoon I suddenly found myself in a very unexpected situation - I was standing right in the midle of a hunter store ... with a dish with red deer and salat ... and eating it. The store were full of hunters .... making time go with buying guns, clothes, knifes discussing how the comming season would be while they were waiting for the big day to come ... 1st of sept...start of the hunting season. The air was filled with male hormones and blod thirsty men only waiting for the moment they could begin the shooting ... and at the same time I enjoyed eating the red deer on my dish... very contrasty feelings ... I know. I'm happy you only are hunting the deers from your bed with your camera.

And it is good to know I'm not the only one having a cat not being cooperative.

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Ken Williams ... , August 30, 2004; 01:04 A.M.

Pitman and Becky - yes it is a pretty cool place to live ......... Spent the better part of my life looking for it - having lived in Key West, Fla., Boulder, Colo., Austin, Tx., Coeur D' Alene, Id., to name a few places, along the way. Climate is mild year round and the biggest crime is probably me running around in my boxer shorts. We have other animal visitors too -- last night the dog took off after something in the dark. I supposed it was a cat or a racoon. She came back after a short time and it was painfully obvious what she had chased after ................. a skunk. OH GOD GET HER OUT OF HERE !! ..... Poor thing spent the night outside. Another downside of having wild game in your yard with some regularity is having the predators follow them down into the city - namely mountain lions. This was a problem along the Front Range in Colorado and probably still is. Several joggers have been attacked there and the reason is the cougars following their natural prey into the city - makes sense.

Ken Williams ... , August 30, 2004; 01:15 A.M.

Interesting story Bente - glad you shared it ...

I remember the 1st rabbit I killed with a pellet gun - so proud was I - about 12 years old. Had my picture taken with it. After the picture, I asked my parents "What do I do with it ?" ......... They said - "Throw it away" ...... obviously we were not going to skin it and cook it. I was stunned - I have never killed anything since and I will never forget that moment and the sorrow I felt.

And once we were driving across Texas during deer season. We pulled into a 7-11 market at about 4am in the middle of nowhere. Every single car there (maybe 8 cars) had a dead deer strapped to the hood. Was quite disgusting looking and the blood thirsty testosterone you mentioned was prevalent as well ........... smile

"The air was filled with male hormones and blod thirsty men only waiting for the moment they could begin the shooting ... "

Love that comment Bente ......... (-;

Bente D.-Nielsen , August 30, 2004; 02:27 A.M.

LOL Ken ... do you believe me if I tell you the double meaning was unintended .. this time.

And thanks for sharing (another of) your hunting story too...

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Cristina Fumi , August 30, 2004; 04:04 A.M.

Bente & Ken

thanks for sharing both your nice stories...

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Knicki ?!? , August 30, 2004; 11:07 A.M.

oh, Ken that is sad. You eat what you kill. and if youre not willing to kill it you shouldnt eat it. Tofu is so much easier to kill and eat. says she who fell off the wagon. why cant fake bacon taste like real bacon?

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Krista Yates , August 30, 2004; 11:10 A.M.

I really like this one Ken. It shows them in complete lazyness which is to true to deer. The cat is a nice touch, would love it if he would behave and let you catch him touching noses with them. Nice how domestic animals fall into place with wildlife. I think it's a bit unfortunate that you had rocks infront, but understandable since you didn't have a choice, and I'm sure the neighbors might have had a thought of you out there naked, wether or not that be a good thought. looks like the elder buck is looking at the cat too which is nice.

Now keep your thingie in the blankie and shoot some more! ;)

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e e , August 30, 2004; 01:22 P.M.

Nude Photography lol,

This is amazing that they come and rest/graze in your front yard. And your cat... he is special, this is wonderful, great stories. :-)

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Hans Koot , August 31, 2004; 04:02 P.M.

Well, these deer, after hearing an unbelievable story, came to see a strange looking ... in black .... and furry ... I notice a very dissapointed and bored look on the left one, the other, well, makes the best of it. I think the cat just waits for you to come out of your hiding place (nothing seems to happen there!) before starting his show.

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Bente D.-Nielsen , September 01, 2004; 04:26 A.M.

Hunting Season!

....starts today.

Interesting that the first objects allowed to be hunted are the male deers... the season for hunting the female deers first starts in 14 days.....you see.. after all I did learn something in that Hunters' Store among all those hormones ... (0;

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Michael Chang , September 01, 2004; 05:15 A.M.

You're so lucky to have wildlife in your yard, Ken. With the ever expanding suburbs, even skunks are a rare occurrence around here. They were once plentiful, and you'd often see families crossing the road - Mommy in front, 3-5 little skunks following in a row, and all the cars would come to a halt.

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Ken Williams ... , September 01, 2004; 11:56 P.M.

Bente and Christina - thanks for sharing your thoughts - yes ...

Knicki - We can put a car on the Moon but we can't make fake bacon taste like real -- )-;

Krista - Being *hogtied* by the strict guidelines of the 'Slonaker Method' <of wildlife photography> ..... To remove the rocks from the scene, would have required my ass to have left the sheets -- a no no of course ....................... I managed 4 shots of this scene - The Buck's eyes never left the cat - all 4 shots ...... <note to self - keep my thingy in the blankie>

ee - thank you for taking the time <means alot> ........ Very nude photography - yessss. The cats name is 'eH bUTCH'. It started out as 'Butch' ...... and some how we started saying it with a New Jersey accent - Slyvester Stallon sounding accent ....... 'EH BUTCH' .

Hans - what you say makes complete sense -- don't you ever get tired of that ? ......... sol

Bente - smile ...

Michael - as I mentioned, I spent several years living in different places and yes - this is a special place. There is a trade off - Good jobs are not as plentiful in a town of 20,000 ppl. For example, knowing what you do for a living <deep sea diver>, you would have to learn lawn care if you moved here - at a significant pay cut ..................... Seriously, I try not to take any of it for granted.

Ken Williams ... , September 02, 2004; 12:40 A.M.

Regina - They seem to like the grassy area I keep watered. Across the street - where you see the sprinkler mist - is the University. I rarely see them on campus so my street seems to be the edge of their territory. Two vacant lots behind my house are like a miniature wilderness area within the neighborhood. Am always glad you stop by Regina - thanks.

Michael Chang , September 02, 2004; 03:10 A.M.

Astronaut, Ken, astronaut. I gave up deep sea diving for something more uplifting.

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Leann Greene , September 22, 2004; 02:15 A.M.

Lucky for these young fellows that it is a cat's yard instead of a dog's. Lucky for you to own such a yard.

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Ken Williams ... , September 22, 2004; 02:51 A.M.

Very lucky Leann ........ And the dog of the house is inside with me - and she has a much different relationship with the deer than the cat does - as you noted ........ (-;

Bente D.-Nielsen , December 12, 2004; 02:17 P.M.

Still like this very much ... so unusual ... and strange to think of it only is a few month ago ... strange, Ken.

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Jim McConnell , December 14, 2004; 12:10 A.M.

You took advantage of a great opporunity, very good shot, 6/6

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Ken Williams ... , December 14, 2004; 06:05 P.M.

Thank you Jim and Bente -- racoons are all I've seen at the new place - 8 blocks down the street .......... And it appears they have taken my baby girl kitty - she has been missing for several days now ..... sigh.

The big male in the picture seems better able to take care of himself ...

Ken Williams ... , September 22, 2005; 07:57 A.M.

H A ...

Special Image ...... Special Place ...... Special Day


Leann Greene , February 14, 2006; 05:34 A.M.

IAYHVD###----> ;-}

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Ken Williams ... , February 14, 2006; 07:36 P.M.

Buck Naked ...

KTLFOOY - bas ...

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