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in air


Jonathan Charles , June 09, 2007; 01:04 P.M.


Nice balletic pose and the colours work surprisingly well but I think the slightly oblique line of the floor and the electric socket detract from the image.

Image Attachment: 2773981-mod.jpg

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Jonathan Charles , June 09, 2007; 01:55 P.M.

... I hope you don't mind if I show what I mean (I also thought it would have more impact with a bit more contrast). I shall delete it in a few days unless you would like it left up for discussion.

Best wishes, Jonathan

Image Attachment: 2773981-mods.jpg

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David Sygall , June 09, 2007; 05:00 P.M.

leave it here

i would have NEVER thought to correct the parralelism of the tiles. and it works to improve the shot. thanks

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