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Photographer's Request for Critique

'Honey'I'm Horny!'

Please give an honest opinion of this image stating where it could be improved, and your initial feelings on viewing it. Thanks & regards


Hugh Hill , October 20, 2004; 05:59 A.M.

Re: H.I.H

This is just a candid shot while I was out photographing in London. please give me your views.

Mark Loraine , October 21, 2004; 06:32 P.M.

Great Stuff !

Another cracking shot Hugh ! - did you shoot this thru the train window ?



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Kim Slonaker , October 22, 2004; 11:01 P.M.

Pretty funny, Hugh. A little different than your usual shots, although it still is in the nature of a candid street photo.

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David Orea , October 23, 2004; 03:23 P.M.

Superb capture, Hugh. I like the green + blue toning. The shape of both poses is unique!

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Hugh Hill , October 23, 2004; 10:50 P.M.

Hi Mark, how are you doing (hope well!) yes it was through the window of a circle line tube just pulling out of Paddington.

Hello Kim, yes it is a little different but the shot was just too <cheeky> to miss.

Thanks for your comment David.

Pnina Evental , October 27, 2004; 12:52 A.M.

That is great!!!Hugh. Different, funny, another part of life....( I wrote you at my folder).O-7++ Pnina

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John Crosley , October 27, 2004; 06:58 A.M.

Wonderful capture

This proves the maxim that you can't take the photo if you don't have your camera with you at all times and you can't take the shot if you have the lens cap on. Also, excellent caption. Too little attention on PN is paid to captions. I love it. With respect. John (Crosley)

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Gerry H , October 27, 2004; 01:37 P.M.


Hugh - long while no natter - excellent shot - just had to comment while I was checking your recent submissions. apart from it being a great shot because of what you captured - I just love the natural occurance of the lines generated by the arms and legs and the back of the ladies pants. If you turn your head sideways they are more pronounced. Great work - professional and creative - as usual. 7/7

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Judy Ben Joud , February 09, 2005; 10:45 P.M.

That's very funny, including your title. Judy

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Alex S. , February 12, 2005; 07:16 A.M.

The title says it all. Great shot.

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Lee McLaughlin , January 05, 2006; 07:23 P.M.

simply divine!

Great to catch the fleeting moments of joy and yearning...god work..you are sooo cool doing the 'on the sly' shots. Lee

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Alex S. , October 04, 2006; 08:31 A.M.

Honey, "I'm getting satsisfaction!"

A second thought.

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Alexander Mandl , May 23, 2007; 04:43 A.M.

cool shot

but IMO the coupple is a bit to centric... cheers alex

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