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Woman behind the dune?

Her name is Namibdune and she's in Namibia


Dennis McKenzie , November 06, 2004; 01:28 P.M.

I like this

You handle the black space very well one wonders were the nude begins and ends.the bright area of skin on the left of the image is a bit bright or makes a to strong of a contrast with the black above it looking like a PS tool was used. PS is fine with me I use it all the time. The trick to using PS is make the edges of contrast look like they were not used in PS. Any way a very nice compostion and nice job. 6/6

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Dennis McKenzie , November 06, 2004; 01:33 P.M.


After looking at this again in larger format that edge looks a lot better. What I feel is that the black above the "dune" is the same tone as below the dune. Anyway something to think about.

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Cobus Wassermann , November 06, 2004; 04:02 P.M.

Very nice

I like the photo. Namib light is just so rich in colour. You certainly fooled Dennis in believing there is actually a nude here.

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David Bradley , November 06, 2004; 05:29 P.M.


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