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Solar - Lens Flare with Pink Bubble Burst

Flare and bubble burst are combined effect of tiny lens and SMaL imager with an extended dynamic range - a direct download from raw on camera to jpg (no processing other than undeciphered SMaL conversion of patented raw to jpg).


Norman Perkel , February 01, 2005; 01:14 P.M.

Nice photo... My only criticism is the tilt of the frame which could be fixed in photoshop or another editor. 5/6

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Ray Fraser , February 01, 2005; 04:40 P.M.

Thanks, Norman. I'd rather not need to fix tilt, but in this case after looking through viewfinder and being temporarily blinded, I managed to tilt camera 2 degrees. For my photos demonstrating SMaL technology I have tried to avoid any post processing (I did try to tilt this before posting - but it squeezed ring on right and pink burst on top and bottom so I just left as is). The real flaw was due to a blinded brite_eye - my linux-hacker pseudonym.

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