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Photographer's Request for Critique

Nude on the Rocks 7

Very chilly day at the Shut-Ins but we both braved the cold water and went for some shots, got some wonderful ones. Johnson Shut-Ins at Missouri is not exactly an easy place to do nudes.


Howard Foto , February 27, 2005; 05:11 P.M.

the idea for this and the setting are as attractive as the model. I would have preferred to see her other hand, and more space under her feet.

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Jim Adams , March 01, 2005; 12:11 P.M.

I like it

I like the way you have composed this image. The eye goes down to the human figure, which, to me, conveys the sense of insignificance of humans compared to the power of the natural world. The only things that bother me about this image are the dark border and the studio logo and copyright imprint. To me, the dark border constrains the image by taking away the sense of openness, and the text is just simply intrusive, in that it draws the eye away from the image.

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John Williams , March 01, 2005; 02:33 P.M.


Sorry but the logo is a must, I have had people try to sell my work on Ebay before and the logo was the thing that saved me, if this was a print the logo would simply be cropped out.

Thank You for your critique.

Angel Pena , March 01, 2005; 11:38 P.M.

I love everything is this pic . Comp, light, pose. What I cant stand is her boring facial expression.

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John Williams , March 03, 2005; 01:10 A.M.


Thank you but I love her expression, her face is not what you should be focused in this shot. Her face is just blank, staring off into the distance so not to change the mood of her surroundings...anyway that is how I see it :)

Thank you for taking the time to critique the image.

Angel Pena , March 03, 2005; 09:13 A.M.

The most important thing here is, do you like it? this is what matter...If you do like it,its cool 'cause your having fun. Don't let my or other people opinion change your tastes.

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John Williams , March 03, 2005; 10:08 A.M.


Trust me, nobody can make me change my likes or dislikes, they can point things out I may not have seen. This is one of my favorite images and I love everything about it...

Pioles Cramponis , June 07, 2005; 02:00 P.M.

Excellent composition and detail.

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