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Photographer's Request for Critique

... xxx

... xxx


Abel Teddy , March 25, 2005; 05:33 P.M.

Very sexy pose and perfect depht. Tne result realy catch eyes is so different ! 7/7

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Yuri Bonder , March 25, 2005; 05:48 P.M.

77 Excellent

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Reza Shadpay , March 25, 2005; 06:00 P.M.

left foor

Youri is one of professional photographer in this site and he gave u 7/7, but I think light on left foot in forgraound bothers eye, and if u didn't show what is there (details!) it would be better, from my opinion. 6/6

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Al Li , March 25, 2005; 08:13 P.M.

I think the image is excellent. The foot adds a bit of fun into the shot, almost taking the attention away from the XXX area. Nicely done, great light.

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Frunze Verdi , March 26, 2005; 02:27 A.M.


this is her right foot. She is right footed. Just kidding......+ + +

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Ján Hronský , March 27, 2005; 11:42 A.M.


this is really what I personally expect... Vagina shot but decent and tender... Thanks :o)

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Curt T. , March 28, 2005; 02:45 P.M.


and tasteful. 7/7 christopher

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Isaachar Bates , March 30, 2005; 08:59 A.M.


The out of focus foot detracts from an otherwise interesting photo.

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John Webster - Modesto, CA , April 02, 2005; 11:55 P.M.

out-of-focus foot? in the composition is distracting, the lines of the back are confusing--maybe a different arm position to help define the back---or crop out the right 45% & the left 15%.

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Chris Atkins , April 05, 2005; 10:47 A.M.

Pic of the bunch and definitely classy art book quality

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Jeroen Schouten , April 06, 2005; 01:58 A.M.

Borders on pornographic. Good balance!

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Zack Peck , May 01, 2005; 03:20 P.M.

THX for sharing

this is defenitly one of the best images I've seen here in weeks if not month.

Regards Zack

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tommy culbreth , July 21, 2005; 11:09 P.M.


anything less than a 7/7 for this one is a crime.

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Alessandro Della Casa , November 04, 2006; 03:35 P.M.

So provocative but so tasteful. Excellent picture. regards Alessandro

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Stavrositu Iuliana , November 07, 2006; 10:05 A.M.


Beautiful lighting, great composition. A beautiful dramatic nude photo! Julia

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sergio perillo , September 26, 2007; 08:31 A.M.

questa e' quella che fa girare il mondo

Image Attachment: sposa.jpg

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Alex R. , November 15, 2010; 11:21 A.M.

Incredible perspective and very original nude.

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