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Sunbathing Beauties

it reminds me of ladies lying side by side on the beach, bronzing their skins under a tropical sun :-)....TimeCatcher.com


Wayne Willis , April 02, 2005; 12:20 A.M.

Great lines

the patterns in the sand catching the shadows are what makes this photo. Well done

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Rachel Torino , April 02, 2005; 12:28 A.M.

Astonishingly beautiful ... perfect shot! :)

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Robert Vine , April 02, 2005; 05:02 A.M.

Good use of light & shadow. The lines in the sand are interesting too. 6/7

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Otto Boehr , April 02, 2005; 07:31 A.M.

perfect 7/7

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Pioles Cramponis , April 10, 2005; 05:47 A.M.

Excellent capture!

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Henri Manguy , April 15, 2005; 11:23 A.M.

Nice dunes, nice light.

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Maria Bostenaru , May 05, 2005; 04:20 A.M.

Excellent eye

I first thought it is a dine picture reminding of the novel with the same name, but then I saw the ladies, especially the third from the four.

It is so rare to see in photography something like this - more common to drawing.


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J Montgomery , May 24, 2005; 09:37 P.M.

Francis ... I find this submittal the most interesting of these submittals. The shadows and the back-and-forth is a wonderful composition.

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