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Kent Gibbs , April 04, 2005; 11:29 A.M.

Overall it's a good portrait. I would like to see more or less of her left arm though. Perhaps some different cropping? Beautiful model.

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Martin Salvador Greco , April 04, 2005; 12:07 P.M.

i like the lightning... what did you use here?

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Martin Cieslar , April 21, 2005; 09:17 A.M.

gratuluju! velmi povedene barvy.

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Lucian Cionca , May 11, 2005; 07:19 P.M.

The skin on the arm and chest is a bit overexposed but otherwise it's beautifull photo.

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Todd Kowalski , May 19, 2005; 01:54 A.M.

I would have to agree with Kent in that the cropped arm is a bit troubleing, though overall this is quite a nice image, and yes, a very beautiful model. Regards, Todd

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Calderon Erick , January 29, 2006; 12:32 A.M.


Your work is very inspiring. Your technique, your lighting, your visual expresions, everything is so amazing! In my opinion, your images exceed most fashion magazines in the Americas.

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