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Chautauqua, NY

Any comments or ratings are appreciated! :-)


Lou Ann Aepelbacher , June 02, 2005; 06:56 P.M.

I wish I had a greater DOF here ... I think that I had it set to F8 because I was wandering around snapping shots of my nephews. BUT ... this is one of the more artsy shots that I brought home, and thought I'd share it. My favorite thing about being near a small lake is the way the water ripples. The details in this image are relaxing for me just with a quick glance........ What do YOU think?

Sondra Kicklighter , June 02, 2005; 07:12 P.M.

Lou Ann, I like this photo, shows details, and yes it is calming with the ripples. Cheers, Sondra

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Amar Khoday , June 02, 2005; 08:48 P.M.

Levels adjusted

Hi Lou Ann. I think the image could use some level modifications. I took the liberty of making some. I also cropped the bottom portion out.

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Amar Khoday , June 02, 2005; 08:51 P.M.

In Sepia

I also tried one in sepia...

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Lou Ann Aepelbacher , June 02, 2005; 08:56 P.M.

HI Amar!! Thanks for playing with my pics. I definitely tried to saturate the colors a bit, and for once, liked the muted look a bit better. But I LOVE what you did with the sepia. I didn't even think to try it in B&W or some other mono/duotone because I was so captivated by the blue in the water. It was later in the evening ... just before dusk ... and the light was perfect on the water. I also considered taking out the bottom plank (I have another, similar shot without it), but it seemed to add a nice frame. Did you find it distracting?

Amar Khoday , June 03, 2005; 12:42 A.M.

Hey Lou. Re- the bottom plank, I think the reason the image would benefit without it is because there seems to be a slight tilt. For whatever reason I didn't bother using the measure tool to bother even straightening it. I think I liked the image of the poles just in front not looking like they are attached to the bottom plank. Of course I realize they are in the water, but it was one of those instinctive things.

You're probably right about the water in the original having enough saturation. I did like though how the wood got more colour as a result. But I suppose an alternative would be to use the soft brush and darken the wood while keeping the water as is.

Glad you liked the sepia. These days with most of my images, I try to do them in colour, B&W and some sepia and/or some variation. It's amazing what the results might be.

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Wilson Tsoi , June 03, 2005; 08:36 P.M.


Lou Ann, nice place with delicious clouds. The vertical lines protruding above horizon is very good in communicating scene depth. I also like how you proportioned the sky & water. IMHO, this might be a tad over exposed however. I'd add some warmth, increase saturation a tad, and control the sky with split ND (or do it in PS.) The forground pier at bottom of frame is a bit strange to me. Perhaps showing the entire structure will lend the image some interesting, repeating element? ^_^

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Howard Dion , June 04, 2005; 07:58 A.M.

I think Wilson's comment is a good one. However, your version reflects the reality of the light. In any event, good composition.

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Dennis Jones , June 04, 2005; 10:18 A.M.

Wilson is right on..or you can change the white balance in your camera to Daylight-cloudy for the warmer colors. Looks like you caught this one while the sun was behind a cloud causing a little cooler or blue color cast... Like the patterns.

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Colin Carron , June 04, 2005; 12:02 P.M.

I like the dynamic verticals and horizontals of the contrasted with the calm ripply water. Nice idea! Going for the pick'n mix I like the timber colour of your original and Wilson's tweak. Wilson's foreground jetty thing makes a difference.

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Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY , July 01, 2005; 08:45 A.M.

I have to agree with Colin, the dramatic vertical and horizonals are supper here. When ever I try this I end up with a jumble. You have done well in capturing an eye pleasing combination.

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Vi P , July 11, 2005; 03:45 A.M.

My first thought - cool shot! what if one makes it b&w?

Then I saw the comments..... %))

So finally I would like to say, Lou Ann - this is a lovely shot, not oversaturated colours make it look summer/easy, that's cool. Still curious about black and white, but that's ok :)

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Landrum Kelly , July 11, 2005; 09:53 P.M.

I really like it, Lou Ann, but not as much as your new hair-do and bio shot.

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