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alexander ketelaar , June 15, 2005; 06:44 A.M.

very very nice, I don't have any comment, my first reaction was: oh my God is it ok to have a beer during work :) it really made me want to grab a beer... Realy nice picture for commercial purpose, nice color of the beer and the water, thumbs up!

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Roberto Roseano , June 15, 2005; 06:44 A.M.

Great refreshing shot

Bravo. 7/7 How did you get the splash? mandi. Roberto

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Alejandria Net , June 15, 2005; 07:30 A.M.

You've got the objetive: make us feel thirsty :) Stunning splash!

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Vlad Gansovsky , June 15, 2005; 08:40 A.M.

Nice shot. Pro level

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Benjamin DeJong , June 16, 2005; 03:47 A.M.

Wonderful lighting. Everything is perfectly sharp and crisp. I don't think I've seen a better liquid/glass combination. I feel refreshed just looking at it. Bravo!

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Martin Karlsson , June 16, 2005; 06:59 P.M.

I would kill for one of those! :) Fantastic work!!!

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Timothy Eberly , June 17, 2005; 06:10 A.M.


I don't like beer all that much.....nevertheless this photo rocks!! It's so perfect.

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Chris Harrison , June 17, 2005; 08:08 A.M.

Every Aussie would love this. 7/7

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Justin St. Pierre , January 30, 2007; 04:42 P.M.


Beautiful, stunning shot and perfect lighting. I am studying commercial photography in a college course and would love to inquire as to how you lit this and got the nice dual highlights on either side of the glass, as well as how you got the backdrop pure black. Keep up the great work. I'm having a glass of beer as I write this, but mine doesn't look nearly as good. ;-)

Cheers, Justin

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