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Old Mill

Another different image of the Old Mill at Babcock State Park. All comments are appreciated. Cheers, Sondra


Paul Oberlin , September 11, 2005; 09:58 A.M.


Very nice, Sondra. I like all of the mill photos very much.

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Dimitris V , September 11, 2005; 10:18 A.M.

Very nice composition, color, and texture. How would it be with a longer exposure? Overall very nice.

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Renny McGovern , September 11, 2005; 01:02 P.M.

A lovely place and well captured!

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Colin Carron , September 11, 2005; 01:28 P.M.

Good saturated colour and I like the vantage point. My only suggestion would be to try to get a slightly wider view to include more of the foreground waterfall to the right. The composition would then work more diagonally. Very nice shot though!

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Alec Ee , September 11, 2005; 01:33 P.M.

Lovely Sondra. Will look great during fall.

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Brian Brooks , September 11, 2005; 04:33 P.M.

This is absolutely beautiful. Wow!

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Gerry Bridge , September 11, 2005; 08:53 P.M.

Beautiful shot, Sondra. Plenty of atmosphere and character.

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roger -- , September 11, 2005; 10:10 P.M.

A very nice shot that has most of the elements to make a "wallhanger" in my estimation of things. I have to wonder how a polarizer and a bit longer exposure might have smoothed out the water a bit. Maybe it would not be a huge improvement?

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Daniel Rappaport , September 12, 2005; 12:09 A.M.

Very nice composition and colors. The red wheel really makes this special. 6/6

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Jim Kerr , September 12, 2005; 12:31 A.M.

Oh Boy, Sondra, although I probably have been the first to comment on one of your great shots, I always sit here kind of speechless trying to find the words to say what I really am thinking. Ok, I've got it. What everyone else said.... No, really, you have done justice to one of the world's great scenes.....Jim

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Danny Brannigan , September 12, 2005; 03:43 A.M.

A super image giving us a bit of history..Nice saturated colours and great detail.

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Paul Pinkley , September 12, 2005; 07:12 A.M.

Nice work, there is some great detail in the mill itself, very defined

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Sondra Kicklighter , September 13, 2005; 08:52 A.M.

Thanks everyone for your comments and support. Cheers, Sondra

Krzysztof Hamerla , October 15, 2005; 12:23 P.M.

This is indeed very nice photo. Congratulations.Krzysztof

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Jason Williams , January 20, 2006; 06:46 A.M.

I can't decide which I like better, the color or sepia, both are awesome! Thanks for sharing!

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