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Paula Grenside , September 18, 2005; 08:10 A.M.

My models accepted to pose in fron of the window, but asked me for a watery background. Very easy as I have recently shot some 200 shots of the spillway.

Then, I cloned out the window and left naked them and nature. Which one?

Image Attachment: couple.jpg

Amar Khoday , September 18, 2005; 09:06 A.M.

Paula, I definitely like the version with the windows better- partially because they are more silhouetted here than in the second version. The darkness adds a sense of quiet solitude for the couple as they enjoy the scene before them.

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Andrea Endisch , September 18, 2005; 09:19 A.M.

I'd vote for the window-version, too. The light and skin-colours look more like 'inside' and you did such a nice work with the reflections...

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Colin Carron , September 18, 2005; 10:55 A.M.

Another vote for the inside version. The composite works well.

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Fabio Ficola , September 18, 2005; 01:22 P.M.

Nice post proc work I think the version windowed is the best.

good idea and realization. Congrats. Fabio

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Paula Grenside , September 18, 2005; 02:08 P.M.

Amar, Andrea, Colin, Fabio

Thanks lots. I, too, am more for the windowed version, gives more the sense of the inside outside, and they wee at the window when I shot.

Manuel Balea , September 18, 2005; 03:38 P.M.

Image loaded with sensuality. Very beautiful

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Pnina Evental , September 18, 2005; 04:10 P.M.

Paula, with the window scene wins... a better composion, and nice background . I like the line of light on the silhouettes. Pnina

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Martino Balestreri , September 18, 2005; 04:42 P.M.


mi piace molto, poi...la tua creativita si vede! Questa immagine mi ha catturato...quasi come se fossi veramente alla finestra!

non sono sparito... Brava!

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Alessandro Rocchi , September 19, 2005; 03:11 A.M.

Preferisco questa con la finestra che contestualizza l'immagine. Ottimo lavoro ..creativo come al solito. Ciaoo

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Paula Grenside , September 19, 2005; 03:45 A.M.

Buona mattina, Alex. Grazie per il commento. Sembra proprio che la finestra faccia la differenza.

Paula Grenside , September 19, 2005; 03:47 A.M.

Manuel, thank you. Have not shown it to the models yet.Hope they'll like it.

Pnina, with window it will be:-) Thank youso much.

Martino, hey, dove ti eri nascosto? Felice di vederti qui e grazie infinite per i tuoi commenti sempre apprezzati.

Cherlyn . , September 19, 2005; 03:55 A.M.

Definitely vote the window version too. The seem contented looking out at the beautiful silky falls.

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A.K. Sircar , September 19, 2005; 08:08 A.M.

Very good composition & creation. The window makes the figures look more beautiful. I vote with the majority.

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Jay Patel , September 19, 2005; 08:18 A.M.

The first one definately. Because their dark bodys are well balanced against the bright outside (as a person would see standing behind them). The windows also give a sense of depth. Excellent execution.

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Ferrando Flores Rafael , September 19, 2005; 05:27 P.M.

Agree w/ every1

The window version makes it, I like very much the left illuminated side in contrast with the dynamic water, very nice artwork Paula, regards

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Chee Hong Peow ( CHiPs ) , September 20, 2005; 01:02 A.M.

I'm with the majority ....

Beautiful atmosphere created. Good work ....!

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Adolfo Valente , September 20, 2005; 08:48 A.M.

Hi Paula. Lovely atmosphere in this original shot! I like it. Well done!

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Paula Grenside , September 20, 2005; 09:01 A.M.

Cherlyn, A.K., Jay ( see? I listen to you;-), Ferrando, Chips, Adolfo
Thanks lots. It seems my frist choice was the right one; keeping the window frame does give the picture a different balance and depth. Thanks again. Grateful.

Pulok Pattanayak , September 20, 2005; 11:54 A.M.

Definitely 1st version wins. Excellent work.

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alexandra rauh , September 22, 2005; 02:46 A.M.

Paula,beautiful how the fascination shows, what the couple has towards the water.The water has light and souns. Good picture.

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Lionel Dupre , September 23, 2005; 12:21 P.M.

Wow. This is a piece (peace ?) for mind. An impossible picture, the description of true, naked love ? Or real human nature ?

That is not for me to answer, but I appreciate a lot.

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Paula Grenside , September 24, 2005; 05:09 A.M.

Pulok, always welcome your comments. Thanks.

Alix, glad you liked; thank you so much.

Lionel, where you been? It's true, true...they say.:-) Thanks lots.

Alec Ee , September 24, 2005; 08:38 A.M.

Nicely done Paula.

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Lee Jianmin , September 24, 2005; 11:20 A.M.

Window version i prefer, How i wish i can have a waterfall in front of my window and love to hear the sound of the waterfall too.

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Paula Grenside , September 24, 2005; 01:55 P.M.

Alec, thanks.

Spencer, I adore waterfall, would place one inside my room if I could. Was so glad whrn the models asked for a water background. Thank you lots.

Daily Photograph , June 01, 2007; 06:26 A.M.

Impressed by the power of imagination ...

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