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The nOOd nude...

Just a bit of fun.

Feedback appreciated.


Matt Brandon , November 03, 2005; 09:35 A.M.

Its original, just not creatively very strong.

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Bernard Tessier , November 03, 2005; 09:42 A.M.


I believed that you were living Photo.net...

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E. J. , November 03, 2005; 09:53 A.M.

I'm sending a note to Brian... and Monty Python...

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Owen O'Meara , November 03, 2005; 09:54 A.M.


It will be interesting to see the response to this one, I love it and think it is one of your stronger images. We shall see my friend, we shall see.


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David Bradley , November 03, 2005; 10:37 A.M.


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Jim Hayes , November 03, 2005; 11:40 A.M.

I have always enjoyed reading between the lines David. JH

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David McCracken , November 03, 2005; 12:00 P.M.

In reply...

Matt, Thanks for taking the time to comment. Our opinions differ.

Bernard, I am not leaving P.N. I said I was looking for another site to display my work. Perhaps I should have been more specific stating I was looking for another site to display the work that was deleted. It seems you are disappointed that I am still here!

John, Just Monty Python will do. I don't think Brian wants to hear any more about me.

Owen, It would appear publicity is not a bad thing. Quite a few ratings and comments and I have only just uploaded it. Thanks for the kind words on this image. I might post the untouched torso later.

David, Thanks!

Jim, Perhaps you understand me more than I understand myself. Thanks. You made me smile.

Mark Boyer , November 03, 2005; 12:26 P.M.

At least you didn't forget to cross the Ts and dot the Is. Clever as usual.

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David McCracken , November 04, 2005; 12:50 A.M.


There are no t's or i's in nude or nood... I worry about you sometimes! Thanks for the look.

Amitai Schwartz , November 04, 2005; 01:12 A.M.

Glad you stayed. Nice to see your work.

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David McCracken , November 04, 2005; 03:26 A.M.


Thanks Amitai, I will try to show as much of it as I can.

O. I. , November 04, 2005; 12:38 P.M.

David, I am offended that there is no beer in this photo! I demand Brian remove it immediately!

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Jim Hayes , November 04, 2005; 02:50 P.M.


I am drinking a beer so that should do. I am just glad David didn't put a period at the end.JH

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David McCracken , November 05, 2005; 03:14 A.M.

Owl / Jim

Owl, Sorry for the omission of beer, be it warm or cold. I have emailed you a beer which I hope you will enjoy!

Jim, I am deeply offended. How could you possibly look at my work while drinking beer.....

Thanks guys!

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY , November 05, 2005; 05:48 A.M.

When I first glanced at this image, I thought it said "Food" I'm still giggling. I can only explain that our daughter-in-law just stopped breast feeding their 4 month old :) When I realized it was an alternative spelling for "Nude" I really did laugh. Living in KY, misspelling capital of the world, (of which I am guilty too), it becomes even more funny. Well thought out and executed.

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David McCracken , November 05, 2005; 06:03 A.M.


Maybe I should do a 'FOOD' follow up. If I do I will dedicate it to you. Thanks for the comment and the support.

Laurie M , November 05, 2005; 06:36 P.M.

David, I'm glad to see no moss is growing under your feet! While I've been stewing about the removal of your photos, you've been shooting. Well, that's not entirely true, I went out with the intention of shooting this evening. I just wasn't inspired.

Anyway, I think this is very creative and reminiscent of the current trend in fashion photography (at least based on what I see at the check out stand at the grocery store).

Compositionally, I like your decision to push the edges of the N and D right up against the frame. It may be my monitor but I'd like to see this just slightly brighter. My only other suggestion would be to eliminate the little strands of hair creeping in at the top of the frame. They interfere,slightly, with the very clean and balanced composition.

I'll also take this opportunity to congratulate you on not allowing the recent events to slow you down. I'm afraid I wouldn't have been as graceful had it been my portfolio that was slashed.

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David McCracken , November 06, 2005; 02:38 A.M.


There is no moss growing under my feet. There is something there though. Maybe I should see a doctor.

The deletion of my photos has not and will not stop me. However, am not sure where to post them. As said, I am more saddened by the loss of debate which involved quite a lot of your time which I appreciate.

I hear you on the strands of hair issue. I did think of removing them but I tend to post things untouched.

This is actually two photos taken with 2 cameras. The NOOD came from a frosted glass wall on which were written 'The Noodles Bar.'

I guess if I had just used PS, it would have been much easier and more appealing. Hey ho! Thanks for the honesty and thanks for the time.

Jim Adams , November 27, 2005; 08:36 P.M.

Having killed too many brain cells in my youth, it actually took me a moment to get this one. I kept looking at it and thinking "Huh? What's he up to now?" Duh. But I got it now.

Effective image, and creative wordplay. I like it a lot.

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David McCracken , November 28, 2005; 03:28 A.M.


It is good to know that you stopped killing your brain cells when your youth was over. I am still killing mine.

Thanks for stopping by.

Owen O'Meara , December 11, 2013; 03:06 P.M.


I don't think I have to tell you how much I love this.


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