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Header at "Point Blank!"

Dolphins forward Bart Bangert (#21) tries to head the ball pass Sasquatch goal keeper Hawk Mummey (#1) while other Spokane defenders provides much resistence, most notably Jake Crowley (#11) goes for the legs down low. Spokane defeats Shoreline 3-2 and advances to NWAACC semi-final (lost to the eventual champ Wenatchee Knights 3-1.)


Kah Kit Yoong , November 22, 2005; 10:26 P.M.

Well captured sporting moment.

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Ken Beilman , November 23, 2005; 12:02 A.M.


Great action shot; nice to see, so far, ratings that reflect the true quality of this image.

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Allon Kira , November 23, 2005; 07:44 A.M.

Excellent sport shot, Wilson!!!

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Howard Dion , November 23, 2005; 04:35 P.M.

It was worth the time invested to look at each and every picture. DO MORE!

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Renato Diaz , November 23, 2005; 08:40 P.M.

Great shot

Great shot and color mix, excellent timing and focusing

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Frank Melchior , November 24, 2005; 04:32 A.M.

Awesome shot Wilson,nice color in the goal keepers shirt, great frame.

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Sarah Underhill , November 24, 2005; 07:39 A.M.

Great action! Good composition here and I love the lone yellow shirt.

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Daniel Basili , November 24, 2005; 11:04 A.M.


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martin forget , November 25, 2005; 12:46 A.M.


perfect moment, great intensity and emotion. Great souvenir to. Like the info you put on the picture. Thanks. P.S. Dont mess w. the goaler no.1.

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Lee Jianmin , November 25, 2005; 03:30 P.M.

Wilson. Congrats on your achievement. Excellent!!!

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Lou Ann Aepelbacher , November 25, 2005; 06:11 P.M.

Love the mohawks! You really have the capture down to the split second!!

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wally raynes , November 28, 2005; 10:42 P.M.

Good action shot, Wilson. The hairstyle makes it even more interesting!

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Chee Hong Peow ( CHiPs ) , November 29, 2005; 09:41 P.M.

Best hair style .....!
Action with a cut.

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Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY , November 30, 2005; 07:42 A.M.

Super action shot. Pardon my ignorance, but why is the one guy wearing a yellow shirt? :)

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Brad Kim , December 01, 2005; 03:28 A.M.

This is super.... Excellently captured and composed.... Great work!!!

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Colin Carron , December 08, 2005; 03:29 A.M.

Good diagonal composition from bottom right to top left (or the other way round).

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Jon Thornton , December 11, 2005; 03:14 A.M.

Excellent composition.

I really like your sport shots and I understand that it is necessary to immerse yourself in a genre to push the boundaries of that genre, BUT it has been way too long since you showed us your non-sporting photos! Please, please, please show us something different.

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Wilson Tsoi , December 21, 2005; 02:07 A.M.

Thanks everyone,

KAH: Thanks for your comment.

KEN: Thanks for your kind words!

ALLON: Appreciate your visit, Allon.

HOWARD: Hey, thanks. Didn't know you're a soccer fan!

RENATO: Glad you like it.

FRANK: The keeper's shirt does help, thanks!

SARAH: Thanks! I often wonder about what uniform the teams will be wearing. Don't really want to ask the team that since they may think I'm nuts!

DANIEL: Appreciate it.

MARTIN: Thanks, Martin. I always think the more info about an image, the better. No, don't want to mess with this goalie, that's for sure.

SPENCER: Thanks for your kind words, Spencer.

LOU ANN: Thanks, Lou Ann. Close, but not entirely yet.

WALLY: Thanks, Wally. Appreciate your feedback.

CHiPs: You put it best.

JAYME: Thanks. The goalie, with the yellow shirt, needs to be differentiate from other players for easy identification by referees as he's the only one on the field who can use his hands to take control of the ball.

BRAD: Thank you much for your feedback, Brad.

COLIN: Thanks for your keen observation, Colin.

JON: Thanks for your comment, and for snapping me out of it!

Wilson ^_^

Jason Jimerson , September 19, 2006; 08:51 P.M.

Wow. What an incredible photo. It looks like you were standing right behind them.

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