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Photographer's Request for Critique

Satan's Little Helper

It has eeeeevil grin, but makes a great pet (if somewhat short-lived).


Frank Melchior , December 01, 2005; 02:07 P.M.

Great work, tack sharp, nice comp.

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martin forget , December 01, 2005; 04:39 P.M.

Wow, Great shot !!!

Use to see macro of those creepers, but so nice details in the antenas and overall, wonderfull lights (almost look like a wax reproduction, did you cheat ;) ). Great colors, well composed. So the excellency of the aesthetics boost the originality in my view. 7/7

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Naftali Raz , December 01, 2005; 10:05 P.M.

another excellent and anthropomorphic bug shot. this one also is dressed funny. an excelent series!

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Birte Ragland , December 01, 2005; 10:09 P.M.


Simply fantastic

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bryan thornhill , December 02, 2005; 01:42 A.M.


totally wild, awesome....I tried this one time with one that I caught and it would not let me get near it without taking off...I need to get your lens added to my pack.

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Jim Goldstein , December 02, 2005; 03:41 A.M.

Incredibly sharp!

Such an evil looking little creature. Your photo is impressive. Great macro work.

Oh and btw I came across a cousin of this guy on a hike recently. I went to take a photo and I was surprised to find out how fast they can run up ones leg. No photo was taken, but my little friend was quickly flung off my leg in a short but mad panic.

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fabio gattone , December 02, 2005; 05:13 A.M.

incredible!!! great shot, and great subject!!!

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Alec Ee , December 02, 2005; 06:06 A.M.

Wow! Never seen before. Love the antennae

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zulfiqar ali , December 02, 2005; 07:37 A.M.

Exquisite!...great detail...perfect shot..>congrats!

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Aivar Mikko , December 02, 2005; 08:09 A.M.

What a feature! Great details and sharpness.

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Juan Ramón D. Pintado , December 02, 2005; 01:22 P.M.


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Ben Neptun , December 03, 2005; 11:43 P.M.

Wow! I would not want to pick a fight with this guy. Great shot. I'd give you a higher score for aesthetics if this guy wasn't so scary-looking. 5/6

I was unable to comment on your portfolio, so I'll do it here... Your work is excellent. My favorites are titled Treefrog, Chessboard, and Larva-thingy. You've got a real photographic eye.

How do you like that 100mm macro lens? Is it worth the money?

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Huy Tran , December 08, 2005; 12:43 P.M.

great details. Beautiful color and composition.

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Tim Nichols , May 11, 2006; 04:53 P.M.


But I believe it anyway! Absolutely fantastic.

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Kombizz Kashani , May 28, 2010; 04:05 A.M.

GREAT macro capture with fantastic sharpness

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